A Celebration of the Crystallis State of Consciousness

Dear Hearts,

What a beautiful time it is; December, and the celebration of the birthing of the Christ consciousness, the crystallis state of consciousness of infinite brilliance and infinite love that is constantly flowing.

The birthing of the Christ consciousness was the bringing forth of such a beautiful, passionate, omnipotent loving state of consciousness that is about the giving and the receiving of love. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or other holidays in December, it really doesn’t matter. It’s still the celebration and acknowledgment of unconditional love; love as a whole being birthed into and upon the planet, love to be so beautifully given and expressed through your beautiful, uniqued physicality and your beautiful, uniqued mental and experiential level.

From all of your incarnational journeys to right now, and all of the interesting impacts upon you, you’re bringing what you do, and how you feel when you do what you do, through this beautiful celebration and communion of the heart and the crystallis states of consciousness. You’re birthing through all of the density to really begin to break it up, from underneath it, all the way through it and above it, which in turn is the higher and the lower levels of consciousness coming together. It’s the communion of the higher and lower levels of your consciousness reaching such a beautiful, passionate clear state; a clear slate of consciousness to move forth, to run forth, to open, to amplify and of course activate within each and every cell of your physicality, within all the fabrics of your physical form, as well as all the fabrics within and throughout the whole planetary matrix.

Because the veils are so open, especially at this time and this marker of the year, the celebration and communion is a purification and state of being able to receive and connect with the whole Universe, your higher levels, angelic, archangelic and ascended host realms. So much love is emanating, even in the ethers. The light beingness, the love and the presence in the air is so embracing, so caressing, that it is of course activating and opening the heart level more and more to assist you to see absolutely everything and every circumstance within your life stream for what it is; and seeing through it for what it is, to where at this time you have no phantoms overtaking you. At this marker, through the beautiful emanations of the Universe, the angelic, archangelic and ascended host realms, as well as the gift of the light of crystallis states of consciousness and love, you have so much more of a beautiful harmonance within and throughout the heart level, that is continuing to grow and to support you to where you can open, emanate and be in communion the dear ones around you, regardless of who is sitting at the table with you through the holidays, or however you choose to celebrate.

It’s so interesting how you get to see through all the personality levels, all the beautiful multitudes of diverse life streams, and see through all the egos, to where you completely, thoroughly, totally, get to honor and connect with the dear ones through the heart rather than the perspective of who plays the sister, who plays the aunt, the uncle, the parent, the brother and so forth. You really get to see their purification of their divine essence, with more walls being down rather than up; because remember, they too are creator incarnate and wanting so desperately and passionately to go through the heart. Of course some have their inhibitions and their blockages as well; but isn’t it brilliant, as you see beyond all of that, how you become such a beautiful attribute, instrument and a body of light, emanating and clearing out everything in the way of a true connectedness. Just by tuning in, seeing and acknowledging the creator incarnate within all these brilliant dear ones around – including yourself – isn’t it amazing how you start to bring forth such a whole different energy, a whole different level of consciousness into and through a gathering and through all the situations that are going on around. Even for some, who choose if you will, to celebrate alone, it’s interesting how you’re never really alone; and what a beautiful opportunity it is to arise and arise so much more heightened, so much clearer within yourself and throughout your physical form that you get to explore without any, let’s say interruptions, interactions or whatever it may be for you.

In this beautiful celebration and communion of the heart, what a beautiful opportunity it is to arise and arise, so much more heightened and so much clearer within yourself and throughout your physical form. You get to celebrate the full embodiment of the crystalline structure and all the bodies of light that are opening, that are initiating, activating and still growing and growing.   Regardless of where you’re at, what you choose to do, or whatever presents or unfolds for you, you’re in a beautiful radiance and resonance, beyond simply being in a body on a planet, but really being the level of consciousness that started opening up and is now becoming stronger and stronger into and through a body on a planet.

We wish you a beautiful, gracious, emanation of love, with the most joy and blissfulness through this beautiful opportunity of amplifiedness.

Namasté – Have a Blast and Happy Holidays!

William & Mary Linville and the Universalis Team