A Coming Of Age Within Your Brilliance

Dear Hearts,

What a beautiful new year it is with so many prosperous opportunities and so many beautiful dear ones reclaiming their body, their mind and their world, without of course, all of the interesting old archaic clutter, all the busy-ness and the mental idle egoic and emotional chitchat that has been playing out throughout 2017. Congratulations dear ones for overcoming it, superseding it and of course going beyond it.

You’re becoming a much more heightened and vibrant instrument and conduit that is continually opening up, amplifying, coming to heart and coming into fruition. Congratulations for picking your head up out of all the density and intensity to see the whole Universe getting to work for you and through you, to serve you and to compliment you; and of course to open up your whole world and your whole life out of the repetitive cycles that no longer serve nor complement you whatsoever. Congratulations for stepping into all sorts of new, brilliant unfoldments, clarities, insights and divinitizations that are happening within you and through you – all of course to honor you with great love and great passion, to celebrate you, to assist you, to steer you and of course to guide you within and throughout the whole physical incarnational journey.

It is so beautiful how you as creator are embodying and animating through creation, and how the mental and emotional levels are purifying and going through so many different forms of divinitization, clarities and realignments, which is why so many symptomatology’s have arisen and arisen within the last year or year and a half. They have arisen to be so beautifully and so clearly exposed to show you that within this brilliant trinitization you’re not having any bounds, any barriers, any holding back or being tugged on in any way shape or form. There are no bounds or barriers holding back the full embodiment of your higher levels that are in motion, merging and integrating within your physical presence, and of course your physical world that is constantly arising. Your higher levels are merging and integrating to support you, to communicate and to complement you on all levels, all realms and all dimensions, all the way down through the physical manifestational choice of picking up an embodiment on this planet. Especially now, through these times of such brilliant change and emanations that you’re running through, of course you’re being supported, steered, journeyed and also given so much more, to assist you to remember and to assist you to arise within the physical incarnational journey that is truly just beginning, for there is no real concrete end. It’s just the end of all of these interesting markers of having been there and done that, that you’ve experienced and that you’ve also woken up from to see how much lighter, clearer and also how much more vast you are, rather than just being a body on a planet.

The majesticness that is opening and permeating within each and every cell and atom of your physical form is also that beautiful brilliant yearning within and throughout the physical form to be fulfilled and filled with more radiance, divinitization and the awareness of how much more there is to you, that is not just about a thought. It’s really your benevolence and your brilliance arising and arising. It’s your benevolence and brilliance coming of age if you will; coming into all these multitudes of states of remembrance that are arising within you, as well as that beautiful benevolent passion and radiance that is arising within you and becoming stronger and stronger. It’s also the calling for personal, individual and even at times planetary and Universal complementary changes to speed up, so you no longer feel as though you’re waiting around, but most definitely stepping up, arising and coming forth to begin to activate more and more of yourself.

More and more of the dimensional planes are unanimously opening so that all the walls and barriers that kept these planes as being perceived as if they’re way out there and unreachable, are opening up and unveiling themselves within you and through you. They’re opening and unveiling to where you’re no longer being, let’s just say sucked in and sucked down, so that you’re no longer creating all these falsivities of identifications within you and throughout your physical embodiment and world. You’re continually becoming lighter, clearer and also more directly seeing all the old ways of being a physician, or being a clerk, a manager or whatever, as being that of labels, but having nothing to do with who you are and how you’re branching out, amplifying and opening. You’re opening from all the labels with such great love and great ease that’s emanating, permeating and growing; and of course, you get the great opportunity to flow rather than being what we’ll call tied down, bunkered down and prepping for impact.

In the last quarter of 2017, all of these interesting borders and interesting barriers have been dissolving, collapsing and un-rooting, to where now you’re in a state of so much more enjoyment, fruition, fluidity and amplifiedness, to complement you, to move with you and of course to arise and arise, ascending vibratorily, which is another way for saying speeding up. You’re speeding up and ascending all the dense levels of sex, power and greed consciousness, including all of the lower attributes and lower facets of the dense mass collective consciousness. You’re watching hearts open new arenas including new 401(c) 3’s and new sponsorships. Dear ones are starting to look around themselves and ask how best can I assist with complementary change that’s not my way, but the way to move forth and to run forth, expanding and expressing with great ease and great light beingness, that takes you out of a perception of being in a solo world. It opens you up to letting and allowing the rest of you and all the beautiful camaraderies around you to open, to move and to amplify lighter, brighter and clearer.

So in this beautiful unveilment of 2018, let’s put our hands in the air and open up our hearts to where there is no me, there is no you, there’s only your uniqued creator consciousness emanating, permeating and radiating through the physical embodiment, honoring it, being honored by it and being able to enjoy it, celebrating all of the new unfoldments that are already en route to move and merge into your life stream easier, easier and easier.

We love you – Happy New Year – Namasté and have a blast!

William & Mary Linville and the Universalis Team