Private Appointments

2017 Intake Form

2017 Intake Form and Agreement
Private Phone Appointments with William in 2017


Please read the following formation carefully.  To schedule Private Phone Appointment(s) with William in 2017, you must submit this form to us.

By submitting your information and request for assistance from William by use of the form at the bottom of this page, you confirm that you understand and agree with all that is shared herein.  Before submitting the form, please review the information to ensure its accuracy and that you have selected all of the appointment times shown in the form’s schedule that are compatible with your schedule.

After submitting the form, a web page will open up on your browser acknowledging receipt of your request and within three (3) business days, you will be contacted with your appointment information.


Private Phone Appointments

During Private Phone Appointments, William is working one-on-one with you as if you were seated in the room with him.  He is working beyond space and time as he is presented with your light-realms; you within and throughout all levels of creation, to assist with releasing and dissolving all of the density, debris of misperceptions and conflicts within the physical, as the higher levels of you – your creator levels, your manifest levels, your light bodies – are merging, marrying, integrating and emanating into this realm through your physicality as you so immanently expand, emanate and express within and throughout your world and creation as a whole.  He offers tools, guidance and clarity to any and all issues that you wish to present.  There are no boundaries to what may take place for you during and after your appointment with William.

Please note, all phone appointments with William are scheduled for one hour and you may structure your call any way you like, with a list of prepared questions and/or let the conversation flow as it is presenting for you.

William will be waiting to receive a call from you at your scheduled appointment time. He does not phone you. A time zone conversion link is included in the form to assist you in selecting appointment times that are convenient with your schedule and assisting you in placing your call to William.

Recordings of Your Phone Appointment

As a reference of where you’ve been, where you’re going and to avoid any need of taking notes during your call with William, you may request a .mp3 recording of your session for an additional $5.00, available by a download link emailed to you.

Appointment Reminders & Cancellations

An appointment reminder will be emailed to you approximately one week prior to your scheduled call with William. Please confirm your appointment right away. If we haven’t received a confirmation from you within 48 hours prior to your appointment, it will be given to someone on our waiting list. Although you will receive a reminder, please note your appointment dates and times on your calendar and phone William at your scheduled appointment time. William will be waiting to receive your phone call.

Please note that there is a $75 cancellation fee if you confirm your appointment and you do not phone William.


William’s hourly rate has stayed steady since 2013 and it has increased this year to account for the increase in operating expenses over the last few years.

A Request for Your Assistance – When William is assisting you, time and space do not exist for him. You are his exclusive awareness. For this reason, we ask for your assistance to keep your call to one hour to provide space for William to focus into his next scheduled appointment. We suggest that you set a timer for your phone appointment and begin wrapping up your call about five minutes before the hour ends.

Each hourly phone appointment is $225 per hour (USD). As an incentive to keep your call to an hour, each additional minute after an hour will be charged at an increased rate as follows:

  • 61-68 minutes will be charged at an additional $3.25 per minute
  • 69-75 minutes will be charged at an additional $7.00 per minute
  • 76 minutes and over will be charged at an additional $10.00 per minute

Payment Methods for All Requests

We accept Visa, MasterCard and PayPal. You may arrange your payment with Mary when you respond to your reminder email; payment information is usually gathered from you over the phone after your appointment. Mary will bill you after your appointment takes place.


The assistance that Universalis, Inc. and William Linville provide through private appointments, events, energy work, products etc., are tools to speed up the process of your remembering, embodying and expanding into your Creator Essence. Nothing William Linville shares is intended to be, nor should be construed as professional advice in the areas of medicine, psychology or psychiatry. Individuals with possible or diagnosed medical, psychological, or psychiatric conditions are advised to consult licensed professionals.

Please complete the following information, review your selections, and select “Submit” to transmit your request to us.



Please select as many days and times from the following list that we may use to schedule your appointment with William. All of the times shown for William’s appointments are Pacific Time. To locate your time zone, use this link to the World Clock Time Zone Converter.