Who We Are


Who are we?  All of Brother Humanity is so much more than the names on pieces of paper used to identify us.  In looking at who William and Mary Linville are, it may serve to wonder about what makes the application of a name possible.  Are we our bodies (our physical structures) or is the body a tool and instrument facilitating a presence In A Body On A Planet?

December 20, 1996 is the marker in which the presence of William as we know him today, embodied on this planet for the first time as a walk-in during a surgical procedure. The one leaving the physical body knew he was complete, left his body and William stepped in.

To be clear, the embodiment of William was a medical enigma as the body went through heart attacks, blindness, a paraplegic state and inability to function in optimum health. Through sequences of events, all of the build up, the emotional debris, the old belief systems and the old akashic records that had created eons of conflicts stored within the crystalline matrix of the physical body were permanently dissolved and cleared through the rebuilding and regeneration of the physical structure.

My business was how best to assist and letting the body release the old debris that the body had been carrying for eons; from guilt, from anger, from frustration, resentment, overwhelm. That was what my journey was about; and then when I stepped out of the wheelchair my true journey as who I am began to take off.

William’s journey took off in a continuing series of sequences of events, fluidly unfolding with one doorway after another opening before him that guided him into message therapy and to his first speaking engagement in Las Vegas; the engagement where he met Mary; the one William calls his Angel, the beloved of his heart who had repeatedly been presenting to him through her light realms, which is a whole other journey in its self, and one which William and Mary have shared in William’s book Relationships with Everything and Everyone.  Mary and William Linville, walking side-by-side in How best can we assist, which leads to the question;



So now, just for a moment, let’s turn the question of Who Are We full circle and set aside everything you’ve ever been taught about who you are, what you should be, must be, can do or cannot do, whether you’re lovable or not lovable enough and wonder; wonder about Who You Are, as creation is now so radiantly and vibrantly expanding and opening more to you and for you as never before possible, within and throughout all of creation as a whole. What is available that your mental levels have no prior reference nor awareness of – the exuberance, the benevolence and magnitude of all of the beautiful, amazing gifts the Universe has to offer and so much more – your natural birthright.

Namasté & Let’s have a blast!