Allowing Your Self to Open and See Through the Heart of the Universe

Dear Hearts,

With all that is occurring and all of the mental and analytical levels of creation and mass collective that is unfolding, let’s go ahead and take a deep breath and fully detach, disengage, clear out and open up, feeling and connecting with your divine light-beingness, feeling the openness, the radiance and amplifiedness that continues to swirl and of course grow and light up through your heart level – through your beautiful creator consciousness. Feel the radiance, and of course benevolence, that is occurring and that is also merging in, expanding and expressing to best serve and complement you on every level and every realm, and of course within and throughout your exponential world as a whole. Take another breath and feel it as it is amplifying and becoming more stable, and more solidified as you once again open up, clear out and disengage from all the go-go-go, all the busy-ness and all of the perceivable situations and scenarios of survival, even the whole perception of survival, for it was completely manmade.

Survival becomes very overwhelming, very draining and very taxing. When you feel the body stiffening up and tightening up, take a breath and follow all those spaces and places that have been lingering and that have been wavering and that have been so much on edge. Take a breath all the way through those places and feel your radiance. Feel yourself activating, initiating and amplifying, more and more, lighter and clearer, becoming more present with your presence.   Allow all of that beautiful light, all that beautiful love, to grow, to emanate, to amplify and to increase with such priceless radiance – such priceless benevolence – that is growing, opening and becoming more and more clear as it’s permeating, emanating and amplifying within you, through and all around yourself. It’s such a beautiful cocoon that is so beautifully unaffectable, unchallengeable and untaintable within you and through you. It’s regenerating upon itself to where there are no bounds, no barriers, no personal me-me-me persona. There’s no wavering, no worries, no concerns, no doubts. Most importantly, there is a beautiful openness and benevolence of the heart, a beautiful love that is growing and flowing for you to feel being so beautifully embraced as you’re activating and initiating, really feeling what it’s like to have no cusp, no borders nor ends. It’s thoroughly and completely a perfected embracement of love, a perfected stabilization with the embracement of the whole Universe that is giving to you and endlessly supporting you.

It doesn’t matter where you’ve perceivably come from, what you’ve done, haven’t done, so forth and so forth; nor do incarnational realms really matter, because you’re no longer, let’s just say confined, trapped and overtaken by all of the interesting, colorful identificational realms. You’re opening, you’re amplifying and of course flowing clearer and clearer, lighter and lighter, to where no thing, no action, no word nor deed, no belief nor perception has any sort of say-so or power upon you. You’re becoming more and more radiant, continuing to grow exponentially. As you’re amplifying and growing exponentially, you’re also dissolving every situation and circumstance of all the colorful barriers and conflicts that have lingered, to where all of the situations, scenarios, barriers and conflicts are losing their grasp and their perceivable hold as you’re letting it all dissolve, move out and die off.

You’re amplifying and really moving more into a clear slate of consciousness, a clear state of love and vibrancy, to where you’re continually activating. You’re also being steered and journeyed beyond any perceptionally complicated and complex manmade situation, to where nothing but nothing can have an effect upon you, where nothing has any ability to drag you down, or have its way with you.   Even the cause, the core, the record and affect, and of course the memory and energy of what has been, is losing its hold and identifications as you’re opening, becoming more astute, and of course receiving more and more clarity, more and more vibrancy, more and more of what you would call optimum health and well-being in a perfected alignment with the rest of your self.

As you’re opening, as you’re activating and initiating, you’re affecting the plant kingdom, the mineral kingdom and each and every dear one on the planet throughout humanity’s kingdom. You have nothing to offend, nothing to defend, but you do have total, complete iridescence; total, complete light beingness that’s amplifying and permeating so passionately and powerfully. It’s constantly feeding you as you’re growing and lighting up, literally blazing the trail to where nothing but nothing, and no one has the ability to interfere, overtake or hijack you. You can feel and watch how creation outside of you and all around you is flowing; yet where now you need not take it by the reins, you need not try to change it, manipulate it and control it. You need not go into hunkering down, locking up or into battle mode.   Quite literally you get to move with it, dance with it and flow right through it with so much more ease and so much more grace. You can more fully feel your entourage, your beautiful family that you’re activating with, amplifying with and of course opening to, and becoming more and more stabilized and supported as you’re rocking and rolling. You’re jamming and flourishing with all this beautiful endless support; because from here, you know the number one guide, the number one communion and connectedness is so totally and completely the heart, and all of its permeable radiance that is constantly flexible.

You’re flourishing and really having no constraints. You’re unaffectable by any and all of the lower levels of consciousness, to where you’re in a constant state of heightened-ness, vibrancy and benevolence, and allowing for that to continue to activate, amplify and radiate so much more integratedly. You’re opening and activating faster and clearer, going direct with the whole Universe as a whole, emanating and dancing with the whole Universe. You’re being honored by the whole Universe as a whole, to where you start to watch the trajectories of your life stream metamorphosizing and changing within and through your physical life stream, where no one, no thing at all could have a hold nor barrier upon you; where no thing, no one can effect how you feel, where you go or how you go. You’re feeling more and more energy coming in and flowing through you, feeling more healthy whole and complete, to where none of the, let’s say little stuff, has the ability to have you cringe or go on defense; and where right here, right now, you have no hang-ups and no hold-ups, no defects and no necessity for offense. You’re just constantly opening up, moving and dancing so much lighter, brighter, powerfully and passionately, without feeling any sort of lack or obligation.

In this beautiful dance with the Universe, you’re welcoming in more and more lightheartedness, and of course vibrancy, with so much more to explore, that you get to move with, get to dance with and be complemented by; because this is where you’re allowing for so much more of the heart, so much more of the vibrancy of the heart, you’re clarity, optimum health, well-being and so forth, to arise and arise and to be stepped up. You’re welcoming in so much more to flow and flourish faster, yet having no statutes or levels of pulling back and holding on, and no levels of let’s just say colorful expectations; but yet where you’re still emanating, permeating and of course amplifying and becoming larger and more and more receptive, to where your heart level is continually opening and opening. It’s funny how the more you open the heart, the more that you let’s just say follow the heart, the lighter and brighter you are, and more you start feeling such a beautiful, radiant benevolence that just continues to grow and grow, that really has no end.

The more you open the heart, the more you’re able to really see everything for what it is, and to see through everything for what it is. You’re not taking it in, not taking it on, not taking it personally with all of these interesting definitions; but seeing everything in a state of let’s say stillness, oneness and communion with the whole Universe, and of course with your higher levels, your creator levels, your manifest levels and your entourage that you have a great opportunity to move with and meld with; integrating and really letting in the rest of you to activate, amplify and of course continue to gather momentum and to gather ground as you’re becoming clearer, stronger, lighter and more and more of a constant that continues to grow upon itself.   You’re also able to see, or feel and sense, all of the interesting unveilments and interesting unfoldments all around you, yet where there is no holding back, and you’re able to see through the heart of the Universe that is growing and growing to compliment you.

We love and honor you dearly.

William & Mary Linville and the Universalis Team