Arising Into Harmonic Universal Alignments

Post 100116 Arising Into Harmonic Universal Alignments

Dear Hearts,

What a beautiful time it is with so much moving, changing and blossoming, and also all of the exposures and the intensity of the emotional bodies – the psyche and sub-psyche – that are all coming up to be seen and to be waved goodbye to; goodbye-goodbye-goodbye to all the old unrest that has been taking up space within your physical and mental structures. So right now let’s take a deep breath and bring your consciousness right into and through your heart level, letting your heart level open and open, amplify and activate – radiantly and immanently open. As you’re feeling your beautiful light beingness there, let’s welcome forth your higher levels – the rest of you – that’s now emanating, radiating and emanating through the physical structure. Let’s just let it lighten up and lighten up, liven up and fill up with so much more passion, so much more love and so much more open heartedness. As you’re feeling your self within your physical level, and even watching it, let’s take your consciousness right up through your throat level letting it open, open and open, lighten up and brighten up, emanating and radiating, flowing in perfected harmony with the heart level as both are igniting, amplifying and igniting, just letting them grow and grow, open and open for you and through you, as the beautiful conduits and vortex levels of consciousness that they are.

Now bring your consciousness right up through your pineal pituitary gland, letting it open and open as it’s activating, emanating, radiating and continuously opening, lightening up, brightening up and activating through all the pineal pituitary gland’s initiations, expanding upon itself, activating, radiating and emanating through itself, right through the master cell of consciousness. So let’s give your total permission for the master cell to begin to activate, activate and activate; growing and growing through the youth and vitality chromosomes, the DNA and the RNA, also letting the end caps of the youth and vitality chromosomes begin to be replaced, streaming right down through the cellular structures – the cellular embodiments – opening and opening and opening, more and more and more, initiating, activating and radiating more and more and more; and now, right up through our crown chakra level vortex, starting to feel the pressure on top of the head, letting it open, open and open, spiral and open to give to you, to complement you, to integrate, to stabilize and to amplify right here, right now, right through your crown chakra level vortex, letting it start opening to three feet wide, to 13 feet wide and about 19 feet high, letting it open and open, activating, initiating and amplifying more than ever here, speeding up more and more, giving it the total thumbs up to open and open, expand and expand, spiral, spiral and spiral.

And now from here, let’s take your consciousness all the way through the astral planes of consciousness, all the way through the cosmic lattice works, all the way to the sun, letting it fully embrace you for a moment, letting yourself connect; opening and letting the mental level begin to close down. Now bring our consciousness from the sun through cosmic lattice works and the astral planes of consciousness, all the way around and through your whole body; your crown chakra level vortex, your pineal pituitary gland, your throat and your heart level, letting it move downwardly through the solar plexus, all the way down into and through your creator chakra level vortex, all the way down into and through your root chakra level vortex, down through your upper legs, your lower legs and into the feet.

Now let’s put a light switch right in your sternum and turn that light switch on for your whole body to amplify into total complete particles of light, letting it light up, light up and light up, bringing everything that’s been lingering and wandering – including the perceptional thought forms – up to a head and let’s wave goodbye to it; goodbye-goodbye-goodbye-goodbye to all of the lingering thought forms. And now let’s light up your solar plexus, your creator chakra level vortex, your root chakra level vortex and just let them become wider and wider, becoming lighter and brighter, spiraling and amplifying more than ever; and let all this lightness start to move from your root chakra level vortex, all the way up your vertebraic column, all the way into the crown chakra level vortex and right back down, letting everything start speeding up, speeding up, speeding up – and speeding up.

Let’s even command, right here and now, that the chakra level vortexes within the palms of your hands also start opening and opening, amplifying, activating and radiating more and more, opening up, opening up and opening up. And now, bring your consciousness right back through our heart level, letting it just grow, feeling there within and throughout the heart; feeling all that beautiful, divine, benevolent radiance for you, with you and through you, letting it open, open, open, open and open; amplifying, radiating, emanating exponentially, lighting up and lighting up as you’re feeling your presence growing and growing, emanating, growing and emanating more, and more, and more.

And now, let’s welcome forth your entourage – the angelic, archangelic, ascended host realms and your guidance realms – all around you, to where you can feel them emanating and radiating around you – right into your presence – feeling that beautiful serene-ness of harmoniousness. And, as you’re connecting and communing with these dear ones, let’s let their presence come closer and closer; and can you begin to feel the warmth around your sides, behind you and in front as you’re allowing them to connect with you? Now let’s just let the body take another breath as you look exponentially into the whole world of creation – some things that work and are unfolding and growing so magnificently, some things that are changing and metamorphosizing – and let’s just ask yourself, as creator incarnate, how would you love every thing around you to begin looking, to begin metamorphosizing, to begin opening and growing to best complement yourself and all concerned. And now as creator incarnate, let’s command it so; and can you feel that beautiful, integrated grounded-ness happening right now; not controlling the unfoldments, but yet giving them a direction to start unfolding beautifully, magnificently and benevolently rather than feeling like a fish out of water.

And now, just let everything, right here and now, integrate right into your heart level. Let’s even welcome in the whole Universe as well, to complement you and to give to you. So why don’t we change letting the Universe give to you, to letting the Universe love you? It’s one and the same; letting yourself see physically all around you how beautifully and majestically all of the unfoldments now have a direction to expedite and speed up to complement you, to compliment all of brother humanity and all of creation as a whole. So let’s put the whole planet right in the palm of your hands; and higher levels, creator levels, manifest levels, make me an instrument. And as it is spoken, so it is done.

Now let’s put the right hand above the left hand with the planet right in the middle and welcome in the highest vibratory levels of consciousness, energy and light to emanate and radiate, growing and permeating all the way through your physicality and all the way into the whole planet and planetary matrix. Now; all right body, vibrate faster and faster, because this beautiful vibratory level of energy and consciousness that’s coming in and moving through you is also affecting your physical conduit and instrument. Can you feel everything within the physicality beginning to expand, changing its form, even flushing out any ideal of perceptional odd realities – all the perceptional, colorful, but odd blockages? Can you feel how much lighter and brighter it’s becoming as you’re using it as an instrument and a conduit for the highest and best good of all concerned? Higher levels, creator levels, manifest levels let it unfold for the highest and best good of all concerned. And now let’s hand the whole planet over to the whole Universe right now, to complement, to radiate, to emanate more, and more; radiating, permeating and emanating, as well as feeling that beautiful, pristine, purified vehicle and instrument that you have.

And now, through all these beautiful, intensified times of change with everything being exposed, let’s command the body to speed up. Body, speed up, speed up, and speed up because I’m not a clearing station. I’m an instrument and I am a conduit; so body speed up, speed up, speed up, speed up – speed up – and dissolve the psyche, the sub-psyche and all the emotional conflicts, the ones that have been so lovingly yet colorfully placed upon you and within you that created this interesting thing called a cyclical cycle, called patterns of consciousness. Okay mind, all right body, all right higher levels, take command of all of the above, purify it, divinitize it, clarify it for my highest and best good and all of the beautiful dear ones that I affect daily just by having a body on a planet. And from here, let’s just let your beautiful, benevolent creator conscious flow thoroughly, completely within and throughout your physical body, letting it open up, open up and open up, activating, emanating, radiating and opening up to complement, to stabilize and to integrate right into and through every cell, every molecule, every atomic and subatomic structure of your body to start clearing, purging and divinitizing, to fill it up with all of your radiant, divine presence; your divine radiance, your divine exquisiteness and magnificence, opening up, opening up, opening up and opening up, emanating, radiating, activating and amplifying right here, right now, in hyper-drive -overtime – expending and expanding from 13 feet to 27 feet, to 41 feet all the way to 100 feet exponentially; and letting it all integrate, integrate and integrate right here right now for you, emanating, radiating and emanating. All right creator consciousness, I am no longer willing to have any mask, any shadows or any pockets that are filled with anything that’s not me. So come on in creator levels, come on in; come forth manifest levels and higher levels, come on in Universalis states, opening, and opening, more and more in hyper-drive; radiantly, benevolently, exquisitely and exponentially.

And now let’s all just let your body take a deep breath, pushing your feet gently into the ground as now you’re embodying, you’re integrating and you’re expanding, opening and opening, expanding and expanding exponentially, which in turn is affecting the outcomes and conflicts of the exponential world, and also blasting forth beyond density, to where density no longer has a hold – it literally is no longer a reality – to where now you get to see it all for what it is, inside out and outside in, looking exponentially into and through the exponential world, amplifying and amplifying, yet no longer taking in any debris. It’s so amazing how you’re watching debris, but your automatically dissolving the debris just by your lightness, your benevolence, and your presence in your body on a planet, but now no longer letting anything at all hold you back – and then rockin’ and rollin’ and having a blast radiating and emanating exponentially.

We love you and honor you – Namasté,

William & Mary Linville and the Universalis Team