Becoming Fearless…

Dear Hearts,

As we evolve into spring, what a beautiful opportunity it is to step into the freedom of being fearless within all of creation. Right here, right now, bring your consciousness into your solar plexus, letting your solar plexus being to express and also re-stabilize. Now, move your consciousness down into, within and throughout your beautiful creator chakra level vortex, through your root chakra level vortex, down your upper legs and your lower legs, into the feet but not out the feet; and then, bringing your consciousness from your feet all the way through your calves, all the way through your thighs, right back into the pelvic girdle, letting it light up and open up. Now from here, bring your consciousness from your pelvic girdle all the way through your creator chakra level vortex, all the way up-up-up through the solar plexus, allowing for your whole solar plexus level to open, emanate and expand, becoming lighter and lighter, brighter and lighter. Now just hold your consciousness right there for a moment, looking out the solar plexus, feeling everything that’s going on around, unfolding, exposing itself, expressing itself; everything-everything-everything that you’re being shown, presented with and dancing with, to see it all.

And now, bring your consciousness up through your heart level. Let it open and open, more and more, and from your beautiful heart chakra level, looking from the inside to the outside, let yourself see everything that’s all around you that you’re emanating and permeating through, absolutely everything, right here right now that you have the great honor and the great privilege to see with great clarity, great expansiveness and great expressiveness as creator looking upon all of its miraculous, benevolent creations. As you open up more and more here, to see with so much more lightness, so much more vibrancy and so much more clarity, also see how you’re being supported, how you’re being so beautifully danced with and complemented within and throughout all of creation as a whole, in a total complete communion with your creator consciousness. Within this beautiful dance, look at all the new birthing’s, the new amplifications and all of the heightenedness that you see around you that you’re running with, dancing with and flourishing with as you’re arising and expanding from your solar plexus and from your heart level, watching and seeing the miraculous-ness of what you as creator have created to be; the whole perceptional reality all around you, to where you get to see it for what it is and see through it as well, but also having free flow benevolence, free flow openness and seeing all of the beautiful facets of creation that are unfolding and unveiling.

Now, looking at it from this angle and in this state, look at how creation is not so serious anymore. You’re not panicking and basically doing this and doing that from heightened adrenals. You’re not doing this and doing that based upon the mental level of fight and flight, to where quite literally, you are able to move through it all, dance through it all and then see it all specifically for what it is as you as creator are opening up, emanating and expressing upon creation, and now becoming a lot more clear with what you’re willing to give power to and not willing to give power to, and where nothing but nothing, right here right now, has a charge upon you. Because right now you’re looking at absolutely everyone, even into the star systems and nebulas, for specifically what they are and as they are, and now asking your self; “What am I willing to become focused on? What am I willing to engage with? What best complements? What doesn’t complement?”

Now from here, you’re really starting to address the psyche, the sub-psyche, the emotional calibration lattice work, but most importantly all of that combustible energy that drives you; driving you here and driving you there, having you do this, having you do that. You really get to expose all the underlying force to find and to see – is it love, is it fear – not that you have to do anything with it except see it for what it is, and make new decisions on what best complements, what best is going to add to creation and add to your life-stream rather than fend away, trying to survive, trying to make a name for yourself and yada-yada-yada, rather than who you really are, and letting that start to expose and express as you’re emanating, permeating and amplifying all of that from your heart level, through your solar plexus level, through the whole physical anatomy and then watching how you become so fearless, you become so free of fear, which is truly what freedom is.

Freedom is freedom from fear, and taking a breath and looking upon creation as creator looking upon its creation and saying, “I’ve created it and it is brilliant,” rather than saying “I’ve created it and why am I creating this?” More importantly, freedom is looking upon creation for what it is, seeing right through it for what it is, to allow oneself the freedom and the acknowledgment of creation, but also redirecting and dancing with creation and as creator expressing through carnate; but no longer letting creation overtake you with whatever, including weather patterns, so forth and so forth; no longer letting dear ones’ egoic structures overtake you whether there are conflicts or issues or whatever, but now you are able to recollect your self, seeing absolutely everything for what it is and now coming to total, complete clarity, benevolence and radiance within and throughout yourself, to allow oneself to open – re-expressing and re-creating creation to best complement you.

We sure love you and honor you.


Namasté – Have a Blast and Happy Easter.

William & Mary Linville and the Universalis Team