Bringing Forth the Wholeness of All That Is

Dear Hearts,

What a beautiful time and unfoldment it is with all of the divine new energy coming in. With all of the dying away and the death of the old, let’s just take a breath and start to feel and connect with your self; the radiance, the vibrancy and the exquisiteness of your self within yourself, and throughout your whole embodiment as a whole, letting it open up, transcend and supersede all of busyness here; superseding it, transcending it and arising right into, within and throughout all of creation as a whole.

As you’re starting to feel the openness, the spryness, the vibrancy and also the pure consciousness within you, allow yourself the exquisiteness, the benevolence and of course the radiance, to see through all of the colorful stuff that’s playing out all around us. Allow yourself to open up, initiate, activate and of course to amplify so passionately, so powerfully, iridescently and divinely beyond the colorful stuff. Also start to connect with and feel the benevolence of all the new energy that’s flooding and pouring in all around you, supporting you and of course complementing you in each and every way, each and every shape, each and every form of creation as a whole, to give to you, to radiate with you, within you and through you, to allow for oneself to passionately open up, as and within, the whole Universe as a whole.

This new energy is amplifying inside such a beautiful exquisite frequency of benevolence, to so graciously support you, give to you and to so beautifully radiate, amplify and permeate within each and every cell of your physical makeup, allowing for all the particles and all the facets within yourself, through yourself and all around yourself to open up and open up, feeling the beautiful sensation of home; the homeness that you’re bringing here into a body on a planet, the homeness that you’re radiating, that you’re activating and that you’re amplifying more and more with the homeness of lightheartedness, benevolence and radiance, right here, right now, that is constantly and majestically opening here, to so graciously dance with you, give to you to, and emanate pricelessly to put forth its great lightness, its great benevolence within you, through you and around you, with great love, great honor and also great communion, to express-express and express, to flow-flow and flow from within and throughout the whole Universe; the whole Universe which is really what we’re all connecting with right now.

It is the openness, the fruition and also the embracement of the whole Universe as a whole that’s emanating and permeating throughout each and every cell of our physical makeup, within, throughout and around your whole physical makeup as a whole, allowing this priceless communion, this beautiful, priceless exquisiteness to emanate, and of course to amplify so passionately and powerfully all around you to support you and show you how quickly and radiantly your beautiful, perceivably solo journey is flowing as you’re arising and arising within each and every one of your individualized uniquednesses, with your beautiful uniqued frequencies and uniqued tones; the beautiful uniqued presences that together make up the wholeness of your embodiment, but also your life-stream that also brings forth the wholeness of the whole Universe, opening and opening, communicating and activating together, within and throughout the whole Universe here.   For each and everyone of you, as a beautiful majestic facet, as a beautiful majestic presence, is emanating, permeating, activating, and amplifying within and throughout your life-stream, within and throughout the wholeness of benevolence within all of us and through us.

As you’re activating and amplifying so passionately, you’re also assisting other dear brothers, or other dear ones, to arise. Dear brothers or dear ones, it really doesn’t matter, it’s not gender specific; it’s how we affect all the beautiful, benevolent dear ones all around us. As you activate and also are more and more open and receptive to the rest of oneself, one’s clarity, one’s benevolence and one’s radiance as well, you automatically start activating all these other beautiful facets that are all around us; and without a even a word, you start activating them, affecting them and of course, out of great love and great honor, are assisting them, so that now you’re allowing for all to come into alignment, fruition, openness and benevolence, to where we’re all dancing together, connecting and activating all the beautiful dear ones around us to bring forth their specific unique facets that they are of creator – and of and as – the whole Universe as a whole.

As you’re running forth, dancing, flourishing and opening – literally at rocket speed – and letting oneself continue to thrive-thrive-thrive and arise within and throughout the beautiful planetary matrix, within and throughout your whole embodiment, you’re bursting away and blasting away all of the, let’s just say struggling dear ones, that have left the planet, but have not made a full transition and affecting the astral planes of consciousness. As you’re flourishing, opening and arising, you’re affecting, assisting and bursting through it, and amplifying your own consciousness and benevolence so passionately, so powerfully and exponentially. You’re also affecting and assisting the ascended host realms, affecting and assisting the angelic, archangelic and the creator consciousness realms. As you’re re-gathering and re-collecting yourself, as creator re-collecting itself, all literally plays out much quicker, much more smoothly and more fluidly as you’re running forth and dancing more and more with your self, and of course within and throughout the whole Universe entirely that you start activating, amplifying and opening so much lighter, so much brighter and of course so-so-so much more fluidly.

And now, fluidity is where together, we’re all running with, dancing with and flourishing with the whole Universe within us, and also the whole exponential Universe as a whole, to where there is no margin for any distance here; and where you’re continually, completely, thoroughly opening up, activating, emanating, permeating and allowing for yourself as the beautifully uniqued facet that you are, dancing exponentially in a body on a planet; and that right there already goes into how you’re assisting each and every dear one on this whole planet. Because awake or not awake, they are also instruments, conduits and facilitators in their own right; because even within their own right they’re also emanating, permeating and step by step arising and arising with great love, some struggling more than others, but all is well. It is also you, re-collecting all these pieces, all these parts and all these facets of self, as creator and creator consciousness within the beautiful wholeness of all that is, that is waking them up, shaking them up and lightening them up to where from here, we’re coming together inside such a beautiful camaraderie-ship, such a beautiful communion and also within all the above, that each and every facet of light is being lit up.

Of course all these dear ones are on all these different journeys and pathways within their own journey of remembering, awakening and stepping up. And how beautiful it is that each and every facet that has been without light-beingness is being exposed and exposed in each and every system, whether it be government, whether it be banking, whether it be the baker down the street, all of this is arising and arising and being re-collected and re-lit up to where systematically, every facet of ourselves, themselves and all the different structures on this planet are also being lit up, lit up and lit up. All the gunk, all the density – we can call it hypothetical darkness so forth and so forth – is all being exposed and exposed within itself to be lit up as we’re running forth, flourishing and opening up more than ever, within and throughout all of the new energy coming in.

As you’re bringing forth all of you in a body on this planet to initiate, amplify and activate, continuing to re-collect and initiate all of its particles that are only adding to the momentum, the benevolence, the radiance and the spedlyness within and throughout oneself, to run forth and to blast wide open without having any weight holding you down, without any density holding you back, yet with such a beautiful, heightened frequency that’s only arising and arising, coming in and running forth to so graciously complement, but also putting forth all these new and beautifully gorgeous streams of consciousness that is constantly affecting our exponential worlds.

These streams of consciousness are also of course opening, radiating and permeating within and throughout our exponential worlds, which in turn is affecting the magnetic structures within the exponential world to allow for smooth and easy transitions, merges and marriages with your higher levels and your lower levels. With all of the frequencies, tones and vibratory levels, all these facets of oneself that you’re honoring, you’re taken in and re-embodying, look at how beautifully that affects the wholeness of the whole Universe entirely; because let’s not forget, it is you, as a facet of creator that’s dancing, presenting, communing and connecting with all the other facets of the whole Universe of creator incarnate. When just one of us arises as we’re dancing with, running with and inside such a beautiful exquisite harmonious state, and we are saying; “hey man, here I am, all is well”; isn’t it remarkable how you start to dance with and play off others, and so quickly, so beautifully and so divinely start re-collecting all these other facets of oneself; all of the other facets that you’re emanating, permeating and expressing with and through so passionately, that you’re so powerfully opening and opening, more and more which is also bringing forth the wholeness of the Universe together.

Bringing forth this wholeness is part of the beautiful benevolence and radiance that brings forth each and every signature of your divine natural birthright, and it is also the whole uniqued signature of yourself running with, running through and dancing with and through the whole Universe, within your specific consciousness, within your specific uniquedness and brilliance, bringing forth the wholeness of all that is.

And now it’s play time.  We sure love you.   Namasté and have a blast,

William & Mary Linville and the Universalis Team