Bringing On the New Without the Old


Bringing On the New Without the Old – the Party’s Just Beginning


Dear Hearts,

What a beautiful time it is moving into beloved March, where heightened, brilliant states of consciousness are coming through – more and more – in benevolent vibrancy that’s arising and lighting up so much quicker and also so much smoother. You’re moving into a whole other segue way of journeys within the 2018 levels – most importantly out of space and time – arising, moving, growing and flourishing with all of nature.

The intense segregation and separation is dissolving to where even the brilliant consciousness of the planet is also arising. The unveilments and unfoldments are growing and moving to where you can feel and sense – even at times hear – your multidimensional planes of consciousness that are arising and arising as if there are no veils. You’re becoming more astute to your consciousness, more clear with it, and of course more vibrant, that’s bringing forth so much of pure light consciousness that is also pure creator consciousness, activating and amplifying within you and throughout you; your body, your mind, your sub-psyche and emotional levels entirely.

Now you’re taking off all the blinders and dropping all the barriers of the interesting, confining constraints of all the different multitudes of pathways that you’ve been through, and ran through, of all of the old paradigmal energies and old paradigmal patterning’s that have gone this way, that way and the other way. You’re letting all of your mental, emotional and egoic boxes literally crash down – collapsing and collapsing – to where you’re allowing your beautiful brilliance, your divinitization and your natural birthright come forth, come in and come through so much lighter, so much brighter and clearer.

It’s so beautiful because all of the filters – all of your old perceptional beliefs, experiences and so forth from your past incarnational journeys before this journey, from before the womb and to the womb, all the way through your akashic record realms and your soul level of consciousness – are all being shown and also breaking down and collapsing, to where all of it physically, mentally, emotionally or even magnetically, no longer has any overbearing amount of interference within your current life-stream. It’s so brilliant how all the lights are coming on, to where the party is really just beginning. You’re saying goodbye to all of the old soul groups that you’ve been in and that you’ve been a part of, all their impact, and at times the grasps that they have had upon you; and now, you’re overcoming, superseding and moving beyond and all of the cause, the record and effects that are now fleeting away.

So take a breath and know all is well; and then all right, bring on the new without the old. Bringing on the new with ease and grace, beautiful brilliance and delight, because you’re saying goodbye-goodbye-goodbye to all of the old identities and personas, even in your current life-stream, because they no longer in any way, shape or form have that hold upon you anymore. As you take a deep breath in through your nose and hold for a moment, and then breath out through our mouth, just bringing your consciousness through the heart as well as the solar plexus, it’s interesting how much more arisen, expressive and amplified you’re becoming.

You’re no longer attempting to fit in to a body – or a world – on a planet; but yet, it’s so beautiful how you’re expanding and expressing through it, to where you no longer have any heaviness or really any density about you. How beautifully you’re opening up, you’re amplifying, you’re merging and permeating lighter, brighter and clearer with so much more ease and grace. So please have a wonderful blast in this place of March, and watch how much arises, comes in and opens up for you, through you, and literally all around you, to show you how loved you are.

Namasté and Have A Blast,
William & Mary Linville and the Universalis Team