Claiming Your Space…

Post110116 Claiming Your Space

Claiming Your Space Within & Throughout The Embodiment of You

Dear Hearts,

What a beautiful time it is with so much arising and being exposed, from the systems to governments, all the way through cultures, colors, creeds and countries and also Universally. As the Universe is chiming up and the veils are so translucent, what a beautiful time and priceless opportunity it is to embody and integrate more than ever, clearer than ever, more benevolently and radiantly than ever, to allow for your higher levels and your creator levels to integrate, to merge and embody right down into and through you.

What a priceless unfoldment it is as your physicality is vibrating faster and faster with those beautiful particles of light – particles of light consciousness – as the particles and facets of your light bodies are opening, activating, radiating, emanating and continuing to open to support you, to support your embodiment; to rebuild, regenerate, re-stabilize, activate and amplify down into and through your embodiment that is growing and growing, activating, amplifying and emanating so beautifully – so preciously.

So right now let’s bring your consciousness right through the heart level, even putting your hand there if you wish, to allow for it to grow and open, to emanate and to radiate right here for you and through you with the embodiment of you; the embodiment of light, the embodiment of love, iridescence, benevolence and radiance that is growing, emanating, radiating, permeating and continuing to speed up the cells, the molecules, atoms and the sub-atoms of your physicality and creating spaciousness between every cell, every molecule, atom and sub-atom.

As the heart level, which is your passageway through the dimensional planes and the whole Universe entirely, is amplifying, growing, integrating and stabilizing for you, feel and look at how light and how bright everything is occurring for you to support you, but also to intermesh with you; intermeshing all the way down into and through the physical embodiment to support the physical embeddedness and embodiment of you as you’re growing and amplifying so much brighter in higher frequencies, right down into and through you and your embodiment to make room for more and more of you. The beautiful intermeshing of these benevolent particles of gold – particles of light – are intermeshing down into and through your embodiment to grow-grow-grow and grow, open-open-open and open to add, to complement, to emanate and purify your consciousness; purifying the embodiment that’s growing, emanating, radiating, permeating and growing; opening beautiful streams and portals of consciousness of light particles, all the way through the psyche, the sub-psyche and all the way through the soul level of consciousness, letting it permeate through the mental level (cognitive thinking as well) to where you’re creating hole after hole after hole in all of the interesting thought forms as you’re becoming lighter and brighter and claiming your life-stream as your life-stream now; not a life-stream of actions and reactions, no longer a life-stream of this is true or that’s true about oneself from the mental level, but the total presence of you that is embodying, intermeshing and clearing out the gunk, clearing out all the debris that no longer begets you, that no longer supports you; all the mistruths of oneself that one has taken in, taken on and claimed to be a part of oneself; but yet now breaking it down and also starting to re-contemplate and see the truth; the true reality of the truth within you, through you and for you.

As all of this is occurring and as you’re watching it, even observing the interesting thought forms losing all their steam, losing all of their power and the underlying emotional power they were once given and commanded into becoming a reality about oneself, let’s look at what is truth and reality for you. You’re not your job, you’re not your relationship, you’re not a male, nor a female; you have a gender in the form, but no longer is it dictating, dominating or overtaking your actions, words and deeds, nor are behavioral mannerisms overpowering all of the unfoldments that are happening within you, through you all around you. No longer are colorful thought forms having a toll, taking a toll and draining your beautiful embodiment of minerals and vitamins.

Let’s just take a physical breath and begin feeling even more of you as you’re intermeshing, as you’re integrating, as you’re activating and opening up more and more – right here, right now – right into and through your beautiful, gorgeous, benevolent physical form; free of emotion, free of all the perceptional judgments with energy that’s been stagnated underneath all the perceptional judgments (or we can call them decisions made about oneself), for you as creator are saying; No, no more. You’re saying goodbye-goodbye to all of the interesting unfoldments that have unfolded all around you, within you and within your exponential world.   So now let’s just take another physical breath to allow yourself to integrate, radiate and permeate even more; opening up, activating and emanating so powerfully as you’re opening, radiating and permeating all the way through your embodiment, feeling that beautiful lightness, vibrancy, benevolence and radiance that’s permeating and intermeshing so much more.

And now as you’re remembering, as you’re integrating, as you’re permeating exponentially, let’s look at all the beautiful truth and clarity of the whole Universe entirely, through the Universal libraries, from the whole unfoldment of creator expressing through creation, remembering and learning about itself, expanding, growing and emanating in all ways, shapes, forms and directions within your life-stream. As you’re opening, activating, permeating and opening more, let’s even look at the beautiful, pristine streams of clarity and consciousness that flow right through you now that you’re now no longer overly identified and ran by the mass collective, to where you so beautifully get to radiate and permeate exponentially down into and through your embodiment as your frequencies, your tones and your beautiful, benevolent heartfelt clarities are streaming through you. And let’s allow for your heart level to continue to open, emanate, permeate and move downwardly all the way through the solar plexus, through your creator chakra level vortex, through the root chakra level vortex; all the way up through your throat chakra level vortex, through the pineal pituitary gland and the crown chakra level vortex, watching it arise, arise and emanate; and taking another physical breath, letting it travel down into your arms, through your hands, down the upper legs, lower legs and into the feet.

And now take another physical breath all the way through the skin, the flesh, all of the cells, the molecules, atomic and sub-atomic structures of the physicality as you’re looking at all of creation for what it is, to where now it no longer has a constant bombardment and effect, even from the mental and the sub-psyche levels, where you’re able to see absolutely everything for what it is, how it is and where it is as you’re emanating and permeating so powerfully – exponentially – in every way, shape and form, on every level and every dimension, because now you’re no longer being affected by the mass collective thought forms. You’re claiming your space and your place in a body on a planet; and now it’s playtime.

We love you, cherish you and honor you.


William & Mary Linville and the Universalis Team