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Since the last Mastery Program I feel more alive then ever. Every day appears to get better, I feel more joyful and happy I greet my mornings with delight and old anxieties are less and less. Sometimes they show up and I am able to leave them, resolve them have clarity more then ever before. My relationship with my husband has gotten more loving and kind. Things that where at one time an issue, bothersome or cause of an argument, are not even there anymore. I have for the first time in my entire life a relationship a blossoming friendship with my body! I love it! There are aspects I still don’t understand, and at the same time there is a feeling toward my body I never had before. I am so happy and please with that as I have wanted that for a very long time! How wonderful this all is. Much Love, ~ Elisabeth

Thank you all so much for a truly transformational event… I continue to feel so deeply blessed by my connection to you all and really feel that I am part of a family, one that deeply celebrates and honours who I truly am. Love & Aloha to you all. ~ Eleana

…The amount of relief and appreciation I feel for finally connecting in the physical with one who is in clarity, love and honor for real, going and staying direct 24/7 with no agendas whatsoever, I mean really beyond words. And to come into more and more clarity of what this “ascension” truly is as a marriage of higher and lower levels, about embodying True, Real Me and coming home and fully transitioning in a body, wow! And to not just become clear, but for it to actually be happening, embodying and anchoring in more and more and arising through it all more and more all the time, I mean what a celebration! The unfolding of clear loving two-way relationships with entourage, plant and animal kingdoms, inanimate objects, etc., has really opened up my life-stream immensely. I also love the connections, camaraderies and sharing through the group Facebook page, thank you for making that available as well. With so much love and appreciation to and for Will and all of Universalis, ~ Holee

Soaking in the Mastery series, so grateful, thanks to the whole team xxxx, ~ Lynne

Hi! I just wanted to express to everyone at Universalis how much I appreciate and feel gratitude for the Mastery series and all of the other monthly webcasts and telecasts. They have assisted me beyond words. I “go direct” so much of the time now. I still have my periods of doubt and angst, yet they do not have the power they once had. The Mastery class has really helped me to journey through those times with more ease and a lesser level of hijacking. …Thank you so much for assisting me to get “over the heavy hump”. This may sound a little corny…you have all been such loving and supportive Angels for me! I am really looking forward to expanding further with all of you! Love, ~ Holly

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