Creator Coming Forth

Post - Creator Coming Forth


Dear Hearts,

Happy new years with new beginnings, new unfoldments and all kinds of wonderful, priceless opportunities to come that are transcending and unfolding all around you. As you take a breath and you look all around, as you feel your presence as you open up so iridescently, so vibrantly and so astronomically, can you feel, can you see, all of the beautiful priceless gifts that are unfolding all around you and for you here; the astronomical-ness, the amplified-ness that is activating, amplifying and radiating all around you to compliment you?

Can you feel all of the divine love, the divine radiance, the beauty and the iridescence that is coming forth; coming all around you to give to you, to support you, to radiantly carry you throughout and beyond all of these wonderful, benevolent unfoldments that are happening, that are occurring, that are unfolding and being given to you to support you – all around you, but yet within you – to give to you so many priceless new beginnings; new beginnings that are so lovingly steering you, journeying you and being given to you; but also so beautifully being embodied within every single facet and particle of your being right now, as these activations and initiations are happening so beautifully within you, throughout you and for you – on every level, every dimension, every portal and every particle of your being – right now.

Isn’t it astronomical as you watch, as you sing, as you play and as you dance right through all of the wonderful, priceless unfoldments that are unfolding and unveiling themselves as the Beautiful Benevolent Gifts of You; the gifts of yourself that are finally coming to life, that are finally arising within you and that are finally-finally being able to come to light and exposure within you and throughout you; no longer being masked by the fear levels of consciousness, no longer being masked by the self-doubt levels of consciousness, no longer being masked by wavering’s of in and out, back and forth; but quite literally and physically here, being shown, being steered, being journeyed, being guided, being opened, being activated and being amplified within and throughout all these diversifications of directions as they are so lovingly and so beautifully unveiling for you. Isn’t it amazing to watch yourself expose yourself, show yourself and be so beautifully and astronomically unveiled for yourself and within yourself; watching yourself unveil yourself throughout creation; and watching creation and the whole Universe as a whole steer you, journey you, guide and support you on every level, in every dimension and in every direction on every level of your life, and every direction within your life to caress you, to carry you, to give to you, to offer you; yet most importantly, to embrace you as the whole Universe as a whole is saying; All is well. All is okay, and all is well. All is divine, and all is well. All is iridescent, and all is well.

Isn’t is just sooo magical how much more alive and how vibrant you are becoming; and how amazing it is to watch yourself from your higher levels throughout your lower levels, throughout the magnetic levels, throughout the mental and emotional levels as you’re being steered, journeyed and being shown all these astronomical gifts that are so lovingly unveiling themselves to you, for you, all around you – and within you – to come forth; to give, to show, to expose and to shine within every single particle of your being, within and throughout all levels of creation – all for you and around you – to give to you and to hand to you these iridescent gifts of the heart, gifts of the physical, the gifts of all these wonderful new beginnings; beginnings that are endless. For there’s only a beginning to them – just as at one time there was a sparking-off as the beginning of yourself. There was an amplification as you – as creator – began to emanate and animate within your own being; as you as creator within your own sole proprietorship of a physical form began animating through a physical form, picking up that form, animating through that form, iridescently emanating through that form; coming to life, coming to light within and throughout all of creation as a whole, as such a beautiful iridescent gift as creator expressing upon itself, as creator learning about itself, as creator expressing upon and about and around itself, opening and opening – opening even more – and continuing to open, welcome and receive about itself.

Isn’t it magical to watch all these beautiful gifts upon and of oneself, about oneself, within and throughout oneself, once again yet as never before, open radiantly and exponentially? These beautiful wonderful gifts that you as creator have let come forth; but yet now, without any battles, any struggles nor any conflicts, as you’re arising as a beautiful, benevolent, radiant gift in which you are with all of these wonderful pinpoints of focuses – regardless of what the focuses are – to begin to emanate, animate and express upon themselves, all of these wonderful diversifications of attributes that you are so beautifully and lovingly letting be known once again; no longer of a construct of boundaries, no longer of a construct of walls, no longer of all these binds and bounds of all these interesting, colorful barriers; but yet, such a beautiful iridescent expansiveness, expressiveness of the whole Universe expressing throughout itself. Or shall I say, creator learning about itself; it’s own innate, finite, immanent, radiant abilities upon and within itself as a whole; emanating, radiating, flourishing within and throughout itself, expressing and emanating all these wonderful facets of creator.

So now, let’s take a breath and welcome in all this wonderful, beautiful priceless-ness of you, within and throughout all of creation as a whole – you without an identity, you as the beautiful, iridescent gift and presence in which you are; you as a beautiful, eminent, omnipotent, radiant, exquisite facet in which you’ve been, in which you always will be, emanating exquisitely, eminently, exponentially within and through a body on a planet; and celebrating that beautiful exquisite facet that you are as creator incarnate. And now, welcoming in all these wonderful unfoldments as a whole new beginning; whole new unfoldments and new journeys beyond journeys, within journeys and throughout journeys, that have never been expressed within and throughout a physicality ever before in a body on a planet, because it’s never been possible. For now it’s a whole new journey within itself for you, to begin to be able to receive the gifts that you’ve been awaiting for.

So now as this beautiful journey unfolds and unveils itself through this wonderful unveilment of two-thousand and sixteen, let’s all rock-n-roll, have a blast and let all of your presences be know more than ever, clearer than ever, more vastly and more vibrant than ever; expressing your uniquedness, your diversities and all of the beauty that you are, without any holding back whatsoever; and then having more fun than ever, and; All right higher levels, creator levels and manifest levels, bring it on let’s go because I am done being held back, I am done being confined. Aaah… Bring It On. Let’s Go. Let’s Go – more than ever, faster than ever, clearer than ever – Let’s Go!


We love and honor you dearly. Let’s have more fun than ever – and so it is.


William & Mary Linville and the Universalis Team