Emanating Through All Realms of Creation

What a beautiful time and beautiful unfoldment it is as so much is re-stabilizing, re-integrating and also prepping within and throughout the grid systems to activate, to emanate and open up more and more. As all of you are emanating, initiating and amplifying as your own individualized, creator-incarnate consciousnesses, you’re also, from a holistic state, coming together and affecting the cosmic latticework grid system and the planetary grid system, opening it up and bringing it into a state of arisement, a state of openness, fluidity and fruition – continually opening activating and amplifying more and more and more.

What a beautiful emanation – let’s also call it amplifier – that you are, lighting up all the way through the whole planetary grid and of course, your families, your friends and all of your loved ones. As you can see all around you, beautiful realms of gold – realms of light – are opening and opening, moving around, opening, activating and also initiating all of the beautiful dear ones around you; your beautiful family monads, your loved ones and so forth. It’s so interesting because you’re lighting them up; but then that’s just one part, because it expands into opening all the dear ones that they’re lighting up, going further and further exponentially. And then before you know it, you’re creating a whole other web, a whole other matrix of divinitization that’s continually branching out. It’s such a blast, because isn’t it amazing when you, from a very integrated amplified level, walk into a room or when you walk into work or wherever, you’re affecting everything and everyone within your presence?

Isn’t it interesting when you just take a moment and allow for your presence, your consciousness to open up, you’re seeing everything around you for what it is, seeing through it for what it is; but nevertheless lighting it up and brightening it up more and more? As you’re emanating, as you’re activating, as you’re amplifying more speedily – more and more heightendly – you’re amplifying and opening up so many different uniqued and vibrant vortexes of consciousness. It’s so interesting how you’re moving forth, you’re amplifying, opening and permeating more and more to affect all of the beautiful streams of consciousness and all the beautiful dear ones that you’re lighting up and brightening up; and then watching the beautiful aftermath of how even their behavioral mannerisms begin to change, how everything around you begins to open and flow so much free-er and so much clearer to continue to grow with the whole Universe as a whole. And then as you stop for a moment, just take a deep breath and allow for your heart level to open up even more. Open up really from the inside, feeling all those levels of yourself integrating, amplifying and merging more and more, faster and clearer to where you start to feel the heart level opening up even more of your light realms and the full and complete facet of creator that you are, that’s emanating and moving through the physicality, all the way through your light realms and your light bodies as well.

What a beautiful privilege to see through absolutely anything and everything going on around you, and then of course opening lighter, brighter and clearer to complement the whole; but also beyond complementing the whole, watching how each and every facet of yourself is going through initiation after initiation and amplification. And now, take a deep breath, press the feet into the ground to integrate, to ground and embody, to move forth, open up and flourish, to complement you and of course all of the manifestational worlds; and of course, watch how much larger and fuller your beautiful heart level is becoming.

For everyone here, through August and even through September let’s start bringing your presence and your beautiful light bodies and light benevolences into all the different levels of creation – all the way through the different realms of creation – as you’re opening up, emanating and amplifying overtime.

We sure love you and have a blast.


William & Mary Linville and The Universalis Team