Emanating Your Heart of Hearts

What a wonderful time it is with all of these brilliant markers and amplifiers within you and all around you, all the beautiful fast-paced movement within and throughout your consciousness and within and throughout the exponential world. So right now, just take a breath and bring your consciousness right through your heart, connecting more and more with the heart, going past the superficial layers, even going beyond the physical calibrational latticework and the crystalline structure. Just bring your consciousness more and more, deeper and clearer within the heart level, all the way through your heart of hearts, your true heart, well beyond the physical heart, letting it sink in, grow and fully come into exposure so you can see it, you can feel it and bask in it. Because right here right now, as all facets of the heart beyond the physical are merging within and throughout the physicality, into openness, expressiveness and expansiveness, there is no such thing as energetic duos, no such thing as fight and flight, no such thing of protection or safety. There is the beautiful iridescence of your higher levels merging through your heart of hearts, all the way into and through the physical heart, all the way through the physical flesh into the expression and emanation of and as creator expressing throughout creation.

Sinking further and further into your physical structure through the heart, just take a deeper breath, or shall I say let the body take a deeper breath, until you can start to feel that beautiful iridescence, the radiance of peace and the harmoniousness of peace moving down, moving into and through you, opening and opening, becoming more and more prevalent and constant. Just let that peace fully completely embrace the body, letting the heart embrace the mind, because right now you’re going beyond the soul level, beyond the emotional calibrational latticework, beyond the subconscious and the conscious. You’re going right into and through you. And now just let that beautiful iridescence, the radiance of peace arise into the beautiful openness, the beautiful spontaneous-ness and vibrancy in a constant state of peace, gentleness and iridescence, letting it permeate through the flesh, all the way through the physical heart, all the way through the solar plexus, the creator chakra level vortex and down through the root chakra level vortex. Just let this peace grow with no work or contemplation. It’s definitely your presence arising, comforting your mind and your body. Just allow for it to emanate and amplify clearer and clearer, to where right now all the chitchat that’s been in the mental level can start to become more spacious (more space in between those contemplations or thought forms), to where from underneath the thought forms you’re dissipating them and dissolving all the energy that’s even kept these interesting streams of thought alive. And now taking another breath, let your self become more exposed, gathering more and more clarity, more openness and vibrancy, letting your self open and open to where you start to radiate such a beautiful presence of peace, of love, of light beingness and passion, all in the comfortability and communion with you, the connectedness with you and of course using your body as a brilliant instrument and conduit, letting it emanate more and more, clearer and more open. And now, let it fully overtake your mind, your body and your world, for your specific life-stream within the world. As you are also letting this beautiful peace and harmoniousness flow-flow-flow, you’re also bringing forth more and more of our angelic, archangelic and ascendant host realms all around you and letting them emanate in this beautiful graciousness and unanimousness of the honoring and the celebration of you.

So just let it continue to flow and even watch the thought forms, the thought forms that go this way, that way and really all over the place for offense or defense, for productivity or production, letting them be completely dissolved just for a moment, not to deny production or productivity, but yet not letting them run you or affect you, nor letting all those little chitchats of thought forms be re-internalized to push you harder and harder, to where you take on all that unnecessary buildup and energy that does not complement you by any means. So just take another breath and allow your self to open and emanate. As you’re embodying this beautiful initiation of harmoniousness and peace, and of course communion with all sentient beings including your sentient body principle, it’s now able to re-establish, regain and re-gather itself, re-stabilizing, re-harmonizing, amplifying and regenerating itself faster and faster now that you no longer have any pressures and projections coming at you; but where you have a permanence of openness, divinity and radiance. It’s gathering more and more pure creator consciousness energy that is building, opening up and also feeding this beautiful passionate state. And as you’re embodying this passionate state, you’re emanating and transmuting the physical structure, which no longer feels as if it’s tight, no longer feels as if it’s a cloak for oneself, as you’re watching it transcend and transmute if you will, to where now there are no magnetics inwardly, yet where you’re so easily able to permeate and emanate wider a nd wider, lighter and lighter, which in turn is automatically affecting your physical matrix, your life-stream and everything around as you’re no longer holding it in place. As you’re letting everything flow, more long-term beneficial gifts come into your life stream, bringing so much more exuberance for you to enjoy within and throughout your life-stream.

Now gently let the body take another breath, and pushing your feet into the ground, let the beautiful tones and beautiful frequency of you anchor in more and more, open up, anchor in and amplify more and more as they’re growing, initiating, amplifying and continuing to grow to complement you, also un-writing and rewriting the physical materialistic matrix of your life-stream as well. You’re letting your life-stream become more vibrant. You’re letting your runners, your entourage and the whole Universe open up more and more to you and for you. You’re demagnetizing, becoming more and more clear, more and more astute through your heart of hearts and even through your passions, into and through the internalized state of harmoniousness and peace, because you’re no longer being affected by a this or a that, or having to stay on our toes, or going into fight and flight. You’re just flowing and growing, becoming more and more receptive, emanating, permeating and expressing throughout your life-stream as creator in carnate, the expression of love in a very light state. Now let’s rock and roll and have a blast.

We love you dearly. Namasté,

William & Mary Linville and the Universalis Team