Embodying and Emanating Your Creator Consciousness


Dear Hearts,

What a beautiful, amazing opportunity you have now, to open and open as the veils are becoming lighter and lighter, pretty much see-through and feel-through. So right now, just take a breath. Take a breath all the way down into your solar plexus, letting the solar plexus drop, open and do its job, pulling down the lower lobes of the lungs to suck in all those beautiful particles of light, particles of clarity and oxygenation. Take another breath, this time all the way down into your navel, to where you can actually feel the beautiful particles of light, the beautiful particles of clarity, the beautiful particles of oxygenation filling up and boosting each and every cell within the body principle, permeating and radiating to where it starts to go right into the brain chemistry. For some it will be very subtle. For some you might have a little bit of dizziness or lightheadedness as the beautiful particles are moving right up into the frontal lobe of the brain, the midbrain and the back of the brain, opening all those beautiful neural pathways, also starting to access and activate the neurotransmitters; opening and affecting them as they’re opening up, firing, amplifying and radiating as you’re growing, emanating, radiating and growing more and more.

Now take a deeper breath, all the way into the creator chakra level vortex, just letting it lightly, easily, smoothly open up and open up as you’re bringing forth all these beautiful particles of light, particles of consciousness, down into and throughout the physical form, letting it open to emanate and radiate more and more; opening, purifying and filling up with all these beautiful little particles of light that are activating and even being accessed more and more. Take another deep breath, letting the creator chakra level vortex open and open, activate, emanate, radiate and open more to support you, to give to you and also of course to emanate, permeate and amplify more and more.

Now bring your consciousness right into and through the heart chakra level vortex, letting the beautiful vortex of consciousness start emanating and permeating, letting it open to your creator consciousness, your benevolence and your radiance to all that is; letting it open all the way down into and through your embodiment, letting it start to come together and merge together more and more. Now take a breath and start to open up the heart so powerfully, that for some you can virtually start to see through it brighter and brighter. For some you’re going to feel it more than see it. It doesn’t really matter; what matters though is that you’re starting to look through the heart. You’re starting to connect more and more within your heart level, letting it open up, emanate, permeate, radiate and open up more. So now just feel the heart level opening; just start to let the heart expand beyond all common, logical reasoning’s, beyond the mental level’s filters, beyond the psyche, the sub-psyche and the emotional states of consciousness.

And now, take a breath and start to look at the whole world, or feel the whole world, through the heart; for some looking and feeling at the same time. What do you see going on? What does it look like? What does it feel like? What is it beginning to project as and like? What is happening, growing and opening, radiating and beginning to happen for you? What does it feel like when you take a breath and let your beautiful pineal pituitary gland start to emanate within and throughout the heart, into and throughout the exponential world; seeing it, feeling it and watching it, as there are
so many shifting’s going on right now within yourself, but also within and throughout the exponential world? So now just let your consciousness expand and expand through the heart level, going exponentially into the exponential world, letting it grow-grow-grow and grow, open and open.

Now let’s bring anyone you would like to, or are called to, or who unfolds for you, or comes to mind for you, and bring them right in front of you. As you’re bringing them right in front of you, what do you see, what do you feel, what’s beginning to occur for you? What’s going on physically and very astutely within your physicality, within your presence, within your clarity and within and throughout all that radiant, benevolent love? Now let’s welcome in your higher levels, your creator levels, your manifest levels – your total complete creator consciousness to show you more. Just take a breath and without judging it just go with it. Can you see within that dear one in front of you, the purity of its beautiful little child? Taking another breath, letting yourself emanate so passionately and powerfully, can you see the innocence of this beautiful offspring, that beautiful little innocent one, that beautiful little pure one in front of you before all of the interesting ideals, ideological-ness and experiences added on and added on, shaping this dear one into being a personality level taking in and taking on all this debris to feed an egoic structure and the creation of an egoic structure? Can you feel beyond all the gruffness, all the stuff that they may stand for, or what they do and how they do it? Let’s go way beyond that, to where you can really see them, feel them, connect with the real them; all of them as the beautiful, innocent, pure creator consciousness that they are, that they’ve always been, yet just somewhat has gone hiding away or even running and hiding from themselves and at times hiding from how they really feel. Let’s bring that beautiful pure innocent dear one closer and closer. Let’s ask them who they really are, because you know they’re not the mind, you know they’re definitely not the ego and the emotional state of consciousness that this beautiful dear one in front of you has taken in and taken on for survival.

Isn’t it amazing when you start to see, you start to feel, the beautiful dear one, the beautiful innocent and pure dear one right there in front of you before they took on all this interesting, colorful debris, colorful identities, colorful personalities and colorful egoic structures? So let’s just sit with that beautiful little one and take another breath until you can start to feel such a beautiful, passionate love coming to you from that pure little one and from the whole Universe entirely, to where you can start to feel your own purity and innocence here, to where you can start to feel such a beautiful heartfelt and physical filling up and wholeness within yourself. So just take another breath, opening up and opening up, more and more to emanate, to permeate, to radiate and also to start receiving all of your purity, all of your innocence, your love and the love of the whole Universe entirely that’s opening and opening to amplify, purify, clarify and obviously of course to support you, to embrace you, and to show you and offer you so much more of the reflection, even within your exponential world, of your purity and innocence.

Just take another breath to where you can even feel more and more wholeness, fulfillment, clarity, divinity and benevolence all around you, down into and within you, that’s opening, opening and opening, more and more even as you’re reading this, even as you’re connecting, emanating and permeating so powerfully and exponentially. As all the beautiful, gorgeous streams of consciousness are handed to you, let yourself start to feel that beautiful hand of light that’s beneath you, all around you and embracing you. For it’s the hand of light of the whole Universe supporting you because now you have no walls up, you have no barriers up, you have no conflicts nor overwhelming burdens. You have nothing to defend and nothing to offend. You have nothing-nothing-nothing that you need to grasp on to, to protect and project into the exponential world except all the benevolent love, all the benevolent radiance that you have flowing and flourishing through you from the whole Universe; the whole Universe that is wanting more than ever to shower you with benevolent gifts, even assisting overtime times a trillion, to let everything-everything-everything you could ever enjoy, be showered upon you and right into your life-stream.

The whole Universe is assisting overtime to bring forth a beautiful camaraderie of fulfillment; a beautiful, benevolent camaraderie of heightened-ness and vibrancy; that beautiful complementary-ness and vibrancy of your entourage, your creator consciousness, your benevolence and your radiance that’s opening and opening, more and more to immanently radiate all the way down into and through you, to give-give-give, support and stabilize more for you, through you and all around you, taking command of your whole exponential world to begin and continue to bring forth beautiful presences, beautiful radiances of supportiveness, exquisiteness, omnipotent and benevolence to come to you, through you and for you, from all directions to show you and to remind you how embraced, loved and supported you are on all levels, all dimensions, within every cell of your physicality, to purify and divinitize so lovingly and exquisitely, to remove all the colorful, odd memories that are technically still going on dimensionally, but yet where you’re recollecting and reclaiming all of your self, all of your divinity and all of your benevolence inside and out, outside in. And as you’re running forth and taking heart, watch how all these beautiful, benevolent situations, circumstances and radiances come forth with all of the beautiful clarity, the beautiful camaraderie-ness that’s opening and opening, singing, dancing, flourishing and opening within you, through you and all around you to show you how loved, how embraced and how supported you are; and also how steered, journeyed and guided you are, down into, within and throughout the physical form.

So right now just take another breath and continue to welcome forth all of the camaraderie-ness, all of the supportiveness, all of that beautiful emanation of love, benevolence, lightness and radiance emanating exponentially throughout your heart level, which in turn is affecting your optimal health and well being and homeostasis within the physicality, that’s also now purifying, divinitizing and clearing out all the ruckus and all the debris. Let’s not make it a job to go process and process. Let’s really take a breath and let the whole Universe, all of your higher levels, your creator levels, your manifest levels and all of the sweetness and embracement to flourish down into and throughout your physical form as a whole, to give to you, to support you, to complement you and also to bring forth your wholeness. Even start repeating to yourself sometimes; I am healthy whole and complete, I am a creator of one, I am always connected to my higher levels – my creator consciousness. Because let’s remember, your heart level is your communion and connectedness to the whole Universe and even more. As you start seeing as creator through the eyes of creator, your consciousness, your benevolence and your radiance is opening more and more, to activate, amplify, radiate and permeate so powerfully to give to you, to support you and to complement you in all ways, shapes and forms, continuing to open up more and more as such a beautiful creation of embracement, supportiveness and clarity, because the larger the heart becomes, the more expansive and vibrant your exponential world becomes.

We love you and honor you dearly.

William & Mary Linville and the Universalis Team