Mastering Creator Consciousness


This 90 day program began in February. You may still register and receive video and audio recordings of previous events and exercises.

Tuesday, April 10th; 4 p.m PDT is the final live webcast. Tuesday, May 1st; 4 p.m. PDT is the closing live teleconference. Throughout the program, a private Facebook page is used to facilitate ongoing interactions and exercises. Download video and .mp3 recordings of each webcast and teleconference are available for all program participants.

Come watch and feel yourself opening and expanding further into your natural state… Mastering Creator Consciousness




Clarity & Guidance – Ask William

William is creating time in his schedule each month to answer a question you have about your life stream; be it an issue with the physical body, connecting to higher levels, parenting, relationships, abundance, the family monad, etc.; and should you have an issue arise for which you would like William’s assistance and yet you don’t have a private appointment scheduled in the near future, this is a wonderful avenue to receive more immediate assistance.   Read More


Monthly Raffle

LOLA LogoEach month, in support of the Animal Kingdom, William sets aside an opening within his personal calendar to facilitate a free one-hour Private Phone Appointment plus an Hour of Energy Work (value $450) for the winning ticket holder of the Monthly Raffle – Honoring the Animal Kingdom. The cost of each raffle ticket is $10.00.

The No Animal Left Behind image, is your link to where you may purchase tickets, with all proceeds honoring the love for all animals within the Animal Kingdom; and your opportunity to have a chance of winning a free appointment with William. While William’s Private Appointment calendar for the marker of 2018 is completely booked, there’s no waiting in line for an appointment cancellation – the appointment space is already reserved.