April Webcast

Welcoming in All of the Love, Embracement and Expression
of Lightness as We Evolve Into Spring
Wednesday | April 12, 2017 | 4:00 p.m. – 5:45 p.m. PDT


Webcasts are presented in two segments (Part 1 & Part 2) of approximately 45 minutes each with an optional intermission between each segment. During Part 1, William incorporates numerous responses to questions received from participants. Part 2 typically begins with a succinct wrap-up of Part 1; and in the balance of Part 2, William addresses specifically unique facets of questions and/or specific questions not addressed in Part 1.

Participants are encouraged to email us with their questions specific to the webcast topic. Please email your questions for the webcast to us prior to 12 p.m. PDT; Friday, April 8th. The email Order Confirmation you receive contains the link and information needed for you to email your question to us for this event.

  • Webcast Recordings of this event are available to all participants of the webcast. Within two business days – typically much sooner – you will be able to download full-length recordings of the webcast in both video and audio file formats.
Webcasts are available for purchase in two ways:
  1. Streaming Webcast which includes full-length video and audio downloads of the event
    1. Video download files are made available to event participants in two formats; High Definition 1280 x 720 and Standard Definition 640 x 360
    2. Audio download files are in .mp3 format
  2. Post-Event download audio recordings of the event are in .mp3 format


Instructions for Attending the Webcast & Accessing the Recordings

Upon purchase, an Order Confirmation will be emailed to you. Please save your Order Confirmation. Within the confirmation are instructions for attending the webcast and accessing Post-Event recordings.

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