Mastering Creator Consciousness

An Open State of Receptiveness and Expression of Universal Love

This program is one of ease and grace within an accelerated transcendence and opening beyond the potentiality of perceived possibilities and outcomes. It is a 90 day program of developing and maintaining an active awareness of receiving and expressing – every day, in every way – as the higher level of consciousness that you are; Creator Consciousness, rebirthing and continually opening, expanding and expressing through a physical structure – your body.

The program will be presented through live, interactive webcasts, teleconferences, tools and exercises.   It is specifically designed for you to see and feel where you are right here and right now at the onset of the program; and then watch and feel yourself opening and expanding further into your natural state, which is constant evolvement, constant movement and fruition; receiving, embodying and expressing your unique tones, frequencies, vibratory levels and so much more – Your Uniqued Signature – with new levels of clarity, awareness and vibrancy.

This program began in February.  You may register at any time and receive the recordings of any previous events.

Mastering Creator Consciousness is a fine tuning of Your Uniqued Signature within a physical embodiment that unfolds throughout a supporting system of topics within this program that includes:





An integral facet of this program is a Private Facebook Page facilitated by Mike Connell.   It is an area of ongoing engagement, exercises and reflections.


Dates & Times for the Webcasts [WC] & Teleconferences [TC]
All times are US Pacific


This program may be purchased with a single payment or three equal monthly payments.


Upon purchase, an Order Confirmation will be emailed to you.  Please save your Order Confirmation.  Within the confirmation are instructions for attending webcasts and teleconferences, in addition to accessing recordings of each program event.



Within this beautiful unveilment of 2018, come watch and feel yourself opening and expanding further into your natural state; receiving, embodying and expressing your uniqued tones, frequencies, and vibratory levels...