Giving and Receiving the Unlimited Presence of You

Post - Giving & Receiving the Unlimited


Dear Ones,

What a beautiful time it is. As all of the many tick-tocks and clocks are collapsing right now, you’re watching so much speed up, transpire and transcend into total complete light, or shall I say total complete love. The key to everything is love. Not love that you make up with your mind, not love within the emotional state, but love of the heart; the heart that transcends through the solar plexus which in turn dissolves the mentality of survival. It is love – the core of love – that is also the core of all healing; the healing of your body, the healing of your relationships, the healing of your mind and also the healing of abundance. The more that you’re emanating love and welcoming in that love, watch how quick your whole world continues to metamorphosize exponentially and speed up as well. Without even trying, you start to receive that love within relationships; the love within camaraderies, the love of being able to resonate with anyone and anything everywhere; the love of letting the whole Universe give to you and the love of receiving more of the heartfelt presence of love within every single particle of your being.

So right now let’s welcome in that love all the way from your crown chakra level vortex through your pineal pituitary gland, through your throat and all the way down through your heart; and for a minute, let’s forget about all the definitions of the heart. Let’s not give love all these definitions as far as love only comes from my heart. Love comes from everywhere. And now welcome that love down through your solar plexus all the way through your creator chakra level vortex, your root level chakra level vortex, all the way through your upper legs, your lower legs, your feet, all the way through your upper arms, your lower arms and into your hands, letting that great lightness of love circulate right back up through the head space that begins dissolving and clearing out the subconscious and soul level journeys that have been so predispositioned from the akashic lattice work and akashic records, as now you’re letting all that love permeate through every cell of your body.

And now, light up with love body. Higher levels, creator levels, manifest levels help me to emanate total complete love and only love. For love is the key of giving and receiving in one. The gifts come in from the love that you emanate. Health and vitality is reclaimed via the love that you’re emanating. Relationships work for there’s no such thing as a difficult relationship, there’s only such a thing as who is going to love and who is not. So now let’s welcome in that love, that beautiful love wash, letting it permeate through every cell of your body to grow even more and more like a beautiful fountain. Let’s let that beautiful love stream throughout every vein, venule, artery and the pericardium of the heart and throughout your whole body as a whole, even permeating the egoic structure. You see, the egoic structure cannot exist with love, so let’s emanate all the way through that to have no blockages, which are perceptional judgments that have created such a stagnation within one’s being. Let’s let that love flow through, circulate through, every particle of your being.

And now, as you’re letting it all circulate and circulate, let’s just take a breath and relax into that love; love without meaning, love without cause, love that is not circumstantial, love that is your natural birthright and love that is the total presence that you emanate everywhere. It’s much like doing energy work, which is you doing love work, bringing love to all areas that are absent of love and watching how much broader, more vast, available, accessible and open you are becoming right now, to let your higher levels, which are love, your manifest levels which are love, every facet of your being which is love, begin to shower upon you more and more, everything in which you’ve been awaiting for; beloved all around you, the beloved of your heart as well as the benevolence of your heart coming in and coming forth, watching nature as nature emanates that love which has been since day-one such a great reminder of what to take seriously and not.

So what is there to take seriously except, I’m ready to be loved, I’m ready to emanate love, I’m ready to let my life-stream change, metamorphosize and open; and for everything that is not of love to run its own course, to take on its own form and to begin to let yourself be more loved than ever; and from there, watching how much light, which in turn is love, comes into your life-stream in every direction. So right now, let’s just sit with this, let’s just feel it. Let’s even look behind us to everything we’ve taken sooo seriously, as if there was even a possibility of something to lose. Let’s look at all of it for that it is right now and ask yourself; I wonder how much more I can love, how much more I can emanate that love? I wonder how much more I can love but yet also be given to? You see the true definition of unlimitedness is that there’s no end to how much love can emanate and soar throughout every ounce of your being. And there’s no limit to how much can and will also come into your life-stream to embrace you, to be given to you, to hold you, to support you on all levels, all directions and every dimension in every way, which in turn opens up a whole flooding through of a connectedness to you and the whole Universe entirely, because all of the constructs are out of the way. And as the constructs are out of the way, you have free flowing-ness; free flowing-ness that needs no protection, free flowing-ness that need not look over one’s shoulder, but truly a free flowing-ness of expressing the giving and receiving in one.

This is the fast track in which you’re on, so let’s just take another breath and let that love grow and grow as it’s coming into you. Can you feel the priceless embracement here, the beautiful loving presence here of absolutely everything coming to pass, coming into form to give to you, to compliment you, to stabilize you, but also to support, to grow, to emanate, to amplify, to expand for you, through you and all around you with such ease, such grace and elegance, that once again is your natural birthright? So when and as you begin to let yourself play here further, watch how everything – and I mean everything – in your whole life-stream, personal and impersonal, starts to change for you to give to you, to compliment you. So if our commitment here is to love and to be loved – more importantly focused more on the commitment of love expressing that love – watch how supported you become without a shadow of a doubt, without any contemplation; because love is not a contemplation, it’s a presence that emanates throughout every cell, every atom and every sub-atom of your being.


We love you.  Namasté and have a blast,

William & Mary Linville and the Universalis Team