Integrating & Anchoring Your Opening Consciousness

Dear Hearts,


What a beautiful unfoldment it is with so much occurring and so much happening within you, within your physical structure, your mental level and also your psyche and sub-psyche, even the cellular and molecular levels within your physicality. What a beautiful crux it is that you’re transcending and opening up through to move forth, dance forth and of course to flourish forth within and throughout your life-stream.

Even with all of the to do’s – chop wood, carry water – your bringing so much more to form as you’re prepping for fall, watching this beautiful transformation from summer to fall and just really taking a breath, clearing out and starting to admire all of the beauty and also how your body is starting to go through so many different shifts in preparation for fall and then winter. It’s interesting because in an old way, an old paradigm, the body would start pulling in and prepping for scarcity; but in this case, you’re so beautifully emanating, permeating, opening, amplifying and radiating through the beautiful changes because they are occurring throughout your physicality, the psyche and the sub-psyche, with the emotional level dissolving, breaking down, and also at this time losing all of its power and all of its gumption to no longer have any sort of say-so or hold upon you.

As you’re here, as you’re opening, emanating, permeating and amplifying so much more beautifully, you’re not allowing for anything at all to have any sort of effect nor any sort of say-so upon your self as you’re so brilliantly able to run with it and dance with it; yet most importantly, flowing right through it all with speedliness; opening, expanding, emanating, radiating and becoming larger and larger. You’re flowing and also opening within and through your creator consciousness with great benevolence that’s optimally amplifying to support you and your life-stream, regardless of the exponential world, regardless of what weather patterns look like and so forth. You’re amplifying, integrating and emanating with such radiance, such power, such clarity and optimum health and well-being.

You’re emanating, permeating and growing more and more. I’ll say clearer and more direct, to also add to your buoyancy and your physical stamina and energy; because even right now, you’re about to go through a beautiful portal that’s only going to increase your stamina rather than all that’s been, let’s just say, day to day cycles of the old paradigm that at one time have had such hold upon you. The Universal unfoldments are here to support you and to dance with you. As you’re becoming more expressive and integrating more of your divine essence, watch how your physical abilities start to step up; yet the most important part here is to not contemplate what should make you tired or not make you tired and do this or that. And from here, watch how you’re no longer being ran by the mind or emotions. You’re actually going direct into the whole Universe from your heart, up through your throat, through your pineal and pituitary gland, all the way through your chakra level vortex and beyond the astral planes of consciousness, beyond the group collective consciousness and up into your creator consciousness that is growing and growing. You’re connecting with the central sun and even beyond the sun into the whole Universe, into your beautiful, uniqued, creator conscious intelligence that’s growing faster, clearer and more amplified.

And now, bring that brilliant vortex of creator source intelligence from the Universe all the way through the physical sun, through the cosmic latticework, through the astral planes of consciousness all the way into the group collective consciousness, down into and through your crown chakra level vortex, all the way through your pineal and pituitary gland, through the frontal lobe of the brain, the midbrain, the back of the brain, down into and your throat and right back into and through your sternum and your heart chakra level vortex. Feel the spryness, feel the energy; that consciousness opening and integrating eminently down into, within and throughout the rest of your physical beingness now blasting through the solar plexus, your creator chakra level vortex, all the way through the pelvic girdle, through the upper legs, lower legs, down into the feet and also through the upper arms, lower arms and into the chakra level vortexes in the palms of your hands. Watch how beautifully, how brilliantly, how radiantly it continues to open and open, clearer and clearer, and of course more amplified.

Now, push your hands together, almost like a praying position, just pushing your palms together, and push your feet into the ground, allowing for this new level of vibrancy, stamina and amplifiedness to integrate and anchor in. As you’re pushing your palms together and pushing your feet into the ground, allow for everything to integrate, amplify and continue to flow iridescently without any thought forms necessary, in a constant state and fruition, of openness and radiance overtime.


We sure love you.


William & Mary Linville and the Universalis Team