Integration Of The Heart

Post - Integration Of The Heart


Dear Hears,

What a beautiful, priceless time it is with all of the divine planetary alignments, the hearts opening and so much coming up through the mental/emotional states; so much being exposed, so much being seen, so much being looked at, so much being processed – overly processed – and the mental level saying, I thought I dealt with that. Well of course you have Dear Hearts. You’ve dealt with it, you’ve looked at it; but yet, even as you’ve done all of the above, if you look at it from a higher level and state of consciousness, there are still these colorful little deities floating around, which has to do with all these magnetic stream playing out that are hooked in and unfolding all around you Dear Ones.

So when you see this, when you’re watching it, even curious about it as it’s still unfolding and coming to heart, coming to mind and seems to be finagling and hassling with all this interesting stuff around it, what you want to do is look at it and say, (whether it’s to yourself of whether it’s out loud – I do highly encourage out loud), what ever the thought, what ever the situation, address it and say; I am free and you are free and all is well. As you do this, you’re breaking a magnetic stream, the cause, the core, the record and effect of it. You’re putting all of it, quite literally, physically, emotionally and magnetically to completion. You’re putting it to rest and completion permanently; no longer having these silent echoes that are playing out from the psyche and the sub-psyche; no longer having any and all of the wonderful unfoldments that seem to be somewhat of a nuisance at times, or somewhat of an overwhelm at times, playing out all around you, wondering; what’s going on with my physical, why is my mental level running and running, why is it not turning off? This is where, right here and now, you’re bringing it to closure, to completion – done deal period – been there done that – done deal permanently. And this is the beautiful part; it never, ever resurfaces again, because now Dear Hearts, it has no power any longer, it has no life any longer, it literally has no say-so any longer. The only thing it has is goodbye, goodbye, and goodbye; and then it becomes pure consciousness once again. It becomes total pure consciousness put to rest, put to completion – permanently. It no longer has the ability to play with you or to toy with you. It’s cleared out of your body magnetically. It is cleared out of the cells, your esoteric states, your light realms, even from the magnetic levels, it’s being completely dissolved; and your saying – Done Deal.

And now, you’re playing with serious freedom; freedom from the phantoms and the deities that seem to linger, and freedom for your body to where it can vibrate faster and faster, clearer and faster; and then the freedom of the mind to where it can arise and be completely in a total neutrality, clear state, in a harmonious state to where it is so much clearer, so much easier to feel your presence, where it’s so much clearer and so much easier to even embody your divine presence, your higher levels, your creator levels, your manifest levels, the ascended host realms, the angelic and archangelic realms – all these realms that you can hear so beautifully, so clearly; because now, you no longer have any of the conflicts and the odd thought forms playing out. You no longer have chaos playing out in your mind, in your head, in your body, even in the emotional states. What you have is total complete purity, clarity and divinity that is unfolding from you through your physical conduit and instrument, that is expressing through every ounce of your being with such love, such purity – such divinity – in every way, shape and form with the beauty that so serenely arises and arises within and throughout every single particle of your being with great love, divinity and radiance, aspiring to compliment you; and now you have so many beautiful priceless gifts and unfoldments.

You see it’s not just about your guidance realms, the angelic, the ascended host and archangelic realms now. They are your priceless entourage to encourage, to assist, to play with you and to compliment you; but now, you also have physical unfoldments. I say physical, because now you have what I’ll call your physical world that is now open, amplifying and changing to furthermost compliment you without any preoccupations. Because as this unfolds, as it’s opens, as it is being handed to you, as it’s changing and metamorphosizing to compliment you, the complimenting is not so much about learning this and learning that as far as many perceive that you’re in school. Now, you’re actually on the unending playground to lighten up and let yourself enjoy a permanent recess. Letting is not a job; it’s your natural state. Being given to is not a job; it’s your natural state. Do you really have to work to take a breath or is it so easy and natural to let your body do it for you? Right now, are your fingers working, are your eyes working, are your salivary glands working and is your heart beating without having to contemplate?

So right now, let’s take a breath and feel your consciousness – your presence – in the body. Can you feel the blood pumping and the heart valves working? Can you feel all that is streaming through your body as you and your presence moving up and down your physicality, because now you are able to feel so much going on in your physical; the realignments and adjustments. So now, just put your fingers on your intestinal track; but before you do, close your eyes and focus on your pineal pituitary gland and let your body take a breath. Now put your fingers right on your intestinal track, and as you put them there, what’s the first thought – the first memory – which is kind of interesting because it’s not really a memory. It’s a dimensional state that’s still going on and that’s affecting your life-stream now. And right there, let that thought know; you’re free and I am free and all is well. Because right there, you just opened a door of a deity that’s interrupting you, that’s still having an impact within your life-stream. Can you see the little child, sometimes a teenager, sometimes a Dear Brother that’s a colleague, sometimes a Dear One that said I do in their first marriage, wondering what am I doing and why am I doing it? Am I doing it for myself to fully embrace and be embraced by the heart of another and the love of another, or am I doing what others want me to do? Am I reliving my mother’s or father’s dream for me, yet not what really calls to me? Why am I doing what I’m doing when I’m doing it? So now as you feeling this memory – this dimensional state, address it. You’re free and I’m free and all is well – goodbye, goodbye.

And now, take another breath and let you – the whole Universe as a whole – fill up that space for you. As you’re merging and moving into your body principle, your creator consciousness as a whole is merging into, moving into and opening up through your beautiful benevolent radiance. Now, you can do this everywhere in your body, including your pineal pituitary gland – put your fingers there. But before you do, take another breath and ask yourself, I wonder what keeps me from seeing all that is? I wonder what keeps me from seeing everything that I know is accessible and available? I wonder what keeps me from being fully, thoroughly able to connect with, to see, to radiate with and through even my guidance realms here? I wonder what keeps me totally, thoroughly out, or even away, from my guidance realms, or the perception of separation from my true family, my entourage? I wonder what keeps me from fully, thoroughly, completely, unanimously connecting with the whole Universe entirely? And now that you’re accessible and available for all that is, now that you’re clear, put your fingers there and watch what is shown so lovingly for yourself, to yourself, about oneself and see the colorful, hidden away in depth states that have kept you from fully, thoroughly embodying yourself. And now, in your beautiful innate abilities, let’s let all of it come to a head and look at it for what it is; because remember, it is your natural birthright to see that no one at all can take you away from you. Isn’t that amazing how beautifully loving that truly is; and once again, you’re free I’m free and all is well; because you are free, you’ve always been free.

So right here, right now, take a breath and welcome the rest of yourself into that area, and with your heart level, let yourself fully be embodied, fully radiate and emanate as an embodiment, putting you hand right on your heart; I wonder what’s kept myself from fully, intimately letting myself into the radiance of my heart level? For some, I wonder what’s kept myself from fully, thoroughly, letting another intimately into my heart level? So take another breath, letting yourself be fully embraced within your heart. Now, let’s fully open your heart. What pictures, what images, what words are surfacing; and now let’s remove them, you’re free and I am free and all is well. Now, let’s let all of those iron walls, those iron doors break down – goodbye, goodbye – you’re free and I am free and all is well. Take another breath and let yourself fully merge in there; and now, welcome in the beloved of your heart. Welcome in all that love through your heart as you’re now able to let your thorough, complete consciousness move in, letting all that beautiful lightness, brightness and vibrancy move in, celebrating Valentine’s Day more than ever, remembering the love that you are, the love that is your natural birthright, the love that is wanting to shower upon you.

Welcome in all that love, letting it wash through every ounce and every particle of your being, for it is your natural birthright; it is your natural state before all of the colouresqueness of what the world has said to you, what has been at times the parents, what has been at times the partners, what has been at times all the interesting stuff has been forced upon you to create a false persona of yourself from all that has been told to you, that now no longer has that power over you. Now, it’s your life-stream that gets to fully, thoroughly play, embody and radiate throughout every ounce of your being that is so beautifully your natural birthright, that you’re accepting, welcoming and letting unfold within every ounce of your being. Let’s have a blast more than ever, singing, dancing, flourishing and celebrating with every particle of creation.

We love you dearly. Namasté,

William and Mary Linville and the Universalis Team