Letting Yourself Come Forth

Post - Letting Yourself Come Forth



Dear Ones,

What a beautiful remarkable time it is with so many vibrant activations taking place and so many changes occurring energetically and physically.  As your bodies are changing the mental levels are opening and the emotional levels are collapsing.  What a beautiful transitional point and time it is as so much is amplifying and evolving all around you; and as you’re evolving, what a priceless resolutional time it is with all of the dying off of the old, and all the birthing of a new paradigm within you; and the cellular structures, the atomic, subatomic particles are arising, opening, amplifying and radiating so beautifully and so immanently to give to you, to compliment you, to emanate, amplify and radiate throughout you and all around you.

Isn’t it absolutely astounding to watch all of the changes within your body, within your life-stream and within every single particle of your being as the body is arising and arising, and your vibratory levels are soaring and amplifying, and how the mental level is so beautifully changing to become your friend and your beautiful tool rather than the interesting, busy yapper that used to talk-talk-talk and go-go-go and give you thought after thought, with stream after stream of consciousness that used to be so overwhelming and so overbearing upon you?  Isn’t it just amazing as now, you’re connecting with you; you’re feeling you and you’re also watching yourself emanate, radiate and come forth so powerfully, so beautifully; and so iridescently beginning to reconnect, re-embody, re-stabilize and regenerate as a beautiful priceless consciousness – as a beautiful, priceless creator incarnate of the lightness – the light-beingness, the iridescence that you are, that you’ve always been, but now so benevolently and more preciously and purely clear?

As you’re stepping in more as you, you’re becoming more expansive and more vibrant as you’re watching your heart level soar, as your watching your beautiful openness emanate so beautifully, so iridescently and so vibrantly.  Even more than that, your heart level is opening and opening, and expanding so divinely, so eminently; radiating exquisitely, amplifying and growing exponentially on all realms, in all ways and in all directions to give to you, to compliment you, to support you and also to fully give to you all facets of creation so creation can open up all around you, having no barriers, no blockages, no bounds, nothing at all to hold you back, hold you down nor to confine you at all.

So right now, just take a breath and feel your presence within your physical body, right in, right through, beyond all density – all bounds – and marrying throughout the physical as a whole.  Just take a breath and feel You as you’re superseding, as you’re so divinely, iridescently, exquisitely expanding exponentially – opening, emanating and expanding so gorgeously.  Isn’t it just astounding how huge, how giant and how eminent you’re becoming; how lovely, how beautifully light you’re becoming; how the lightness is emanating and growing iridescently; how your benevolent radiance is growing imminently to give to you, to compliment you, to stabilize and to emanate for you?

It is your light-beingness, your radiance, your benevolence that is continuing and continuing to grow, to come in and to come forth from you; emanating through the sub-psyche and through the psyche as you begin to emanate throughout all of creation with the absence of the overwhelming bombardment of emotions, the absence of the overwhelming bombardment of fear, the absence of the overwhelming bombardment of the outside world dominating, dictating and defining your self.  Isn’t it amazing, to see, and to feel, and to know the wide openness, the expansiveness, the expressiveness of the radiant iridescence that you are; emanating, amplifying, coming forth throughout all of creation as a whole; being able to take a breath, open up, flourish and radiate throughout the whole world as a whole, while continuing to open and amplify so benevolently – so iridescently – throughout the world?  Now let’s just let the body take another breath as you start to open up even more to see, to feel, to know and to express your exquisite, divine iridescence – of and as creator in form – throughout form and throughout creation as a whole; and now, watching all that unfolds for you and around you to compliment you – To Bring Into the World You – You and the love that you are.


We love you and we honor you.

Namasté and have a blast,

William & Mary Linville and the Universalis Team