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Library Page

The Library is a place to share video and audio clips (referred to as Gems by Team Universalis), excerpted from William’s events. It’s also a tool box of exercises to assist you – and your body – to integrate as you animate and express the beautiful divinity of you.


Tools & Exercises

Following is a list of Tools & Exercises contained within this page. By clicking on any of the following topics, the screen will automatically scroll to that specific topic. To quickly return to the top of this page, click the upward point arrow [∧] on the bottom right-hand corner of the page.



The Embodiment of You Within Your Physical Form

This tool of the embodiment of you within your physical form is excerpted from the video program download Becoming the Vortex and Universal Portal of Light That You Are & Watching All that Occurs Around You.



Breaking Energy – How To & Why

Breaking Energy facilitates clarity about what’s you and not you. This clip is a walk through on how to Break Energy with Mass Consciousness. It also includes information about the Figure 8, the Astral Planes of Consciousness, the Cosmic Lattice Works and Universal Portals.



Realigning the Atlas & Axis Vertebrate

So many Atlas and Axis Vertebrae are going out of alignment due to emotional overwhelm as all sorts of physical changes going on with the youth and vitality chromosomes that are going through activations as all of the emotional levels are dying off/dissolving, from whence they were first created and where they were stored. Now, as all of this is unfolding (rapidly, very spedily) with so much coming up for re-examination for so many right now (with so many changes within their family life, their work life, their day-to-day unfoldments), and the emotional levels are trying to hold on and make sure that everything is safe, as well as the mental level trying to keep up, and at times attempting to hold on to what has been to make sure it is all going to be safe (and everything is safe).

Well as all of this is happening, it’s creating what we’ll call a Universal Whiplash within the emotional and mental levels, and affecting the Atlas and the Axis Vertebrae that start to go snap-crackle-pop, and having the Atlas and the Axis snap right out of alignment, to where your mental level and your emotional level is going completely dyslexic and acting, reacting, over-reacting – and there you are, scattered and asking; what the heck just happened, as if you just went through a jolt and a whiplash because of the heightened sensitivities right now that are only making things seem SO overwhelming.

So that’s why we want to keep these areas in alignment, because we don’t want a lot of actions, over-reactions and dyslexia. We want to keep you more integrated, embodied and grounded as you’re stepping up, stepping forth, flying/flourishing more than ever within your total complete pristine clarity, clearer than ever, more vibrantly astute, aligned, amplified and stabilized more open than ever, but yet without the emotional and mental levels taking you for a long, confusing ride.

This is about you coming through the physical with all of the changes going on within you, through you and all around you; because you as a whole, are coming through the physical/manifestational realms as Creator within Carnate, as you’re coming into alignment, stepping up, stepping in, flourishing through pristine clarity, so now you can enjoy within your total complete embodiment, integration, and amplifiedness exponentially, in every way within a total complete integrated alignment with all that is.


Circuit Balancing for the Body Principle

As you are in this world yet not of it, your body is your vehicle, a conduit through which you express. In this video, William with assistance of Lilou Mace, demonstrate a series of exercises to assist in the circuit balancing of your physicality, realignment and integration of you as the divine instrument that you are, expressing and emanating through your body principle.



None of these exercises are rituals. Following is a summary of benefit of each of the exercises presented in Circuit Balancing.

  • Stimulating Behind the Ears ~ Remarrying the right and left sides of the brain, removing dyslexia and thought forms that are not yours, creating you as a clear conduit bringing your higher levels through the lower levels.
  • Stimulating the Area of the Clavicle Bone ~ Opening up the kidneys, letting the body vehicle integrate downwardly and upward, stimulating the organs, breaking energy with the outside world, creating clarity and the absence of emotion allowing you to emanate exponentially without embodying what’s going on around you in your outside picturing world.
  • Stimulating Above Upper & Lower Lip ~ Connecting the front and back of your physicality all the way down the vertabraec column and back up, creating a complete conduit, opening up the vertabraec column, including giving the organs a boost and letting the body re-purify its self, connecting with and feeling your physicality without emotions.
  • Stimulating Underneath the Coccyx (Tailbone) ~ From the coccyx down, opening from the lower body downward and up through the brain chemistry of the upper body and back down, letting your whole body marry as a full complete conduit rather than being split off and separated as upper and lower bodies.
  • Cross Crawl ~ Connecting the right side of the body and the left side of the body, removing the polarization of the masculine and feminine.
  • Opposite Arm & Leg Reach ~ Front to Back: Letting the body vehicle as a whole connect and align its self magnetically, with the whole core of the physicality becoming much more fluid and all of the chakra level vortexes moving upward without polarization. Side to Side: Opening, amplifying and aligning the energy of the whole body vehicle – letting the whole torso amplify, keeping the brain chemistries in alignment, letting the outside world dissipate while creating more room for you.


Using the Strainer of Gold Light

The Strainer of Gold Light is a tool of clearing overwhelming emotions and fears; primal fears, core fears and thought-form fears that take the adrenals into fight and flight, shutting the physical body down rather than letting you exquisitely animate, emanate and express the priceless, bejeweled presence that you are – the uniqued gift that you and you alone are.