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Akashic Records were based on contracts and agreements based in a karmic grid system and reside in the soul level of consciousness. They are levels of you, created from a soul level of consciousness, from first separation to now, all of your history and experiences, incarnational choices and journeys – what you refer to as your past life. They are levels where all of these realms have been kept. It is most clearly the definition of the history of you, from first separation to now; the Universal Library of every facet, every journey and every opportunity you’ve ever had in a body on a planet™. It’s the history of you and it is truly a record room.

When you first came in from a karmic level on a karmic journey, you were so much preordained for contracts and agreements to bring you resolution. But now you’ve gone beyond that and no longer are being ran by a certain script; victim, victimizer, etc., because humanity has evolved to such a state that the karmic grid system is no longer in place; and, the Akashic Records are dissolving because you have awoken from them and they are no longer in charge. When I say in charge, they were in charge because the karmic grid system was still in place and was still very much a reality – a balancing out of imbalances and otherwise. That was why you continually ran through all the colorful different scenarios and karmic contracts, etc., that are no longer a part of you anymore.


Angelic Realms are realms that are about you and around you to further complement your journey, to open you up, to support you, to communicate with you, to guide you, and assist you into a whole new realm and resonance of creation to most complement the divinity that you are, but also to assist you in remembering the divinity that you are for the highest and best good for all concerned, including the total and divine support which they are wanting to offer, to allow for yourself to live the life of your dreams and beyond.  They’re here with total love and passion as they witness you as creator incarnate, amplifying and running forth.

With your go-ahead, they wish only to assist, to walk you through the doorways and opportunities as you’re stepping into the true courage of the whole Universe, which is not to be as of another, but to be oneself.  Your Angelic Realms are different from your Guidance and Archangelic Realms in that they are the subtle, soft tones that you feel within your own beingness, your own elegance and exquisiteness.  They are here to communicate, share data and information and walk side-by-side with you.


Archangelic Realms are realms that work with you during your day hours and sleep hours. The Archangelic Realms play more with the masses and scenarios within your life-stream and your world, always calling, always communicating and wanting to be acknowledged by you to further assist your own beingness with remembering who you are and the embodiment of all the attributes of you, your innate abilities and so much more.

These are dear brothers that are much more expanded, even beyond Guidance Realms and Angelic Realms, that would love to create pathways and opportunities for you. They’re dear brothers with great wisdom and great abilities within their own beingness, that are assisting and activating abilities within you.  As you begin to hear these dear brothers, as you welcome them into your life-stream, you’ll become much more clear and open within your own beingness, and much more courageous within your journey to let the world be the world™.  Your Archangelic Realms are ones that you call upon to be a part of your entourage. They assist you to walk through the world in your fullest of potential.


Ascended Masters are beautiful dear brothers that have been in a body on a planet, who superseded beyond thought, beyond emotion and allowed their body to ascend in vibratory levels and frequencies of light and then began to claim their light bodies, letting their higher levels – creator consciousness – arise and ascend from all density; and with that, these dear ones began to be hightenedly conscious, hightenedly aware, all knowing and expanding exponentially, anchoring the light through their embodiment and into the planetary grid system.


Astral Planes of Consciousness are particles of thought forms – particles of density – made up of patterns of thoughts, perceptions and beliefs that have surrounded this planet and are now being dissolved, which is called the global warming and where humanity is getting a little bit hijacked.  The Astral Planes of Consciousness are levels of between worlds, where some dear ones have become trapped when transitioning from their physicalities due to archaic thought forms and perceptions; yet the Astral Planes of Consciousness are beginning to become transparent, dissolving and opening up for dear brothers to make a full transition.


Atomic Particles are particles of consciousness with encodements of consciousness.  Via science, they seem as though they are solid animate objects; but in truth, they are live deities made up from a genetic level wanting more than ever to go beyond trained perceptions, to rewrite themselves and to allow for yourself to be re-stimulated and fully and completely come to life through the physical, as well as allowing for your physicality to rewrite itself in your image.  For it is with these levels that you are allowing for yourself to speed up, to amplify your divine radiance and to allow your radiance to fully come to life within you, through you and as you, to let a whole new world open up – the real world beyond the taught world.


Belief is a state of commanding a certain reality, and to create that reality becomes a truth; and as that truth becomes a truth, it begins to affect your outside world.  It also begins to affect how one feels about oneself, being more of a false self than a real self.  A belief also begins to create separation and encapsulate you into a world of perceptional realities.  It is a live deity given life when one chooses to command it so™ as creator incarnate.  As you are commanding it so, you are also commanding separation about you and the whole Universe itself.  A belief, simply translated, is more of a perceptional judgment made about the outside world, even about oneself, based in a lack of knowledge – a lack of clarity.

It is a particle of consciousness that is very much alive and created with an identity that is created to bring it to life.  As you command a reality so, you are commanding it to be at a state, which is called a Belief; I believe that I am this or I am that, I believe that this is this or that is that.  It has a backing that has supported it, but not a backing of clarity.  Beliefs are also misunderstandings about oneself.  For you as your real self, your true self, a self waking up in a body on this planet, you would no longer create a belief.  For belief literally polarizes you, rather than letting yourself open up, expand and express exponentially.  A belief is a particle of an identity that creates stagnation of consciousness. To have no belief gives you everything.


Beyond the Mind is living in a state without filters, without belief systems and the gender principle.  It’s living in a state of complete openness to all that is, which is your natural state of fluidity.


Big Guns are your higher levels, your creator levels and your manifest levels. They are a facet of this beautiful camaraderie-ship that you’re bringing forth, integrating and opening up through all of creation as a whole; and beyond just opening, letting the full complete magnetic manifestational world open and open, change and metamorphosize inside a heightened state of clarity and vibrancy as you’re integrating your Big Guns through your embodiment, which also changes your physical manifestational world of creation.


The Body Principle is a minute conduit of the facet of expression.  It’s a principle of consciousness and divinity that you are playing with, a deity of its own makeup, separate from you.  It’s a little bit different from body vehicle.


The Body Vehicle is a facet of you and it’s a conduit of consciousness.  It is its own consciousness, but as a vehicle it’s more like the encapsulated form of what you’re in, expanding and expressing from.  As a principle it’s a separate deity, that once again, you’re expanding and expressing from.  It is still its own facet of consciousness, but it’s a principleized state of you, that has its own consciousness that you’re communicating with.

It is the deity of consciousness in which you’re residing in at this moment, to express your own uniquedness.  When left alone, when you are completely and totally expressing and expanding through and beyond it, you’re letting the body vehicle begin to re-write itself and regenerate itself beyond the monadic make-up and the genetic make-up – the DNA make-up.  It’s being given back its own power to open up and to express further, to complement you as the brilliant, uniqued, divine facet that it is, absolutely honoring you with whatever you’re asking for; but also being honored by what it’s asking for.  For it loves to be heard, to be experienced and to have a relationship with you.  When you’re playing with the body vehicle, you’re letting the body vehicle begin to communicate and commune with you, letting everything open up to further complement in all realms.


The Brain is comprised of many different muscle groups – many different cortex levels of consciousness.  It is the filter for all of the attributes of the world and also arranges and regulates the chemical formats for the rest of the organs of the physicality.

Looking into the brain from the top of the physicality, it is the scanner and the inner weaver of consciousness to make up the physical streams from the central nervous system, the autonomic nervous system, the parasympathetic nervous system, etc.   It is in charge of running these systems in a wide awake and fully alert state, keeping everything flying and even accessing the ability of stepping through many different doors and new realms.

As you integrate, expand and emanate within and through body principle, you are opening up heightened brain chemistries, going beyond just a heightened state, into a full complete embodied state of consciousness that is allowing for so much more activity and accessibility through your body principle as you run forth.  When you are in a heightened state of brain levels, all systems are functioning in alignment to let you open further.  As you continually open, embody, expand and emanate within and throughout the physicality, you’re much more open beyond the identities of this world, and more accessible to off planet support, all the way through the Universe as a whole, and able to focus to a finite state to be aware of what is going on across the galaxies, rather than being just head down and looking into this world.


Brain Chemistry – The brain is comprised of the dense matter principle and particles of matter brought into a systematic state with the chemical structures of the brain, that reacts and goes back and forth to what’s going on around you from stimulative states.  From stimulative states of I think, I should, I ought, I must… the brain chemistries continue to change from the right hemisphere to the left hemisphere, and it impulsively creates a infusion of fluid that is going to switch back and forth creating an unregulated state of the body, where the body and the brain no longer function together.

As you’re letting yourself open, the chemistries of the brain begin to re-stabilize and re-level themselves until the serotonin and the melatonin begin to re-connect and begin to play and complement together.  As you’re letting yourself open, expand and emanate through the physicality, the brain chemistries realign and also start to excrete new chemical formulas.  The new chemical formulas that are being presented are beginning to access the pleasure centers of the brain, which is releasing a whole different level of endorphins that once again give your body stability, a centeredness and clarity, as it also begins generating new chemicals, creating new chemical balances, allowing for you to fully and completely enjoy the body principle and its innate abilities that are so much more accessible when you’re letting the body take on its own life, and where the chemical reactions within the brain begin to re-stabilize in creating a whole new chemical programming.  Within a state of neutrality, you can change your brain chemistries to complement the body vehicle.


Cellular Memories are the memories from different activities and scenarios that have been stored within the cells.  Some are more heightened than others, some more emotional than others, some for survival and some for bliss.  As you are merging, marrying and integrating within the physical body, you are going beyond the memories of the cells, stepping into you and allowing for the cells to dissolve themselves of the physical makeup of debris that has been locked within them from emotions, etc.


Creator is a brilliant essence – a divine presence. It is complete and total particles of light from the unmanifest that is now manifesting itself through you and as you, as particles of itself through this realm of creation – as above so below.

Creator Incarnate is you, that unique facet of Creator reawakening, expressing and animating through the physical body, coming to the forefront as creator, waking up in its own physicality, in its own creation.  For you are that facet of creator that is waking up, remembering who you are and remembering that you came here to go beyond what was linearly possible for you.  It is you, even the voices that you hear in the times of silence, which is also your creator facet becoming more enlivened, wanting to be heard, acknowledged, embraced and embodied as you, from you through the physical form, to enjoy your own creation.


The Crystalline Matrix is a matrix of magnetics that is assisting and holding this dense planetary structure together.   You’ll find this within the platelets of the planet, even between the grains of sand on the planet.  This matrix also has many encodements of consciousness, and also a pattern state of consciousness that is holding together the magnetic grid system of the planet.


The Crystalline Structure is a format in which your body was created.  It’s a matrix within the body principle with crystalline particles floating through your bloodstream and the organs, to hold the body into one certain magnetic instrument.  It’s beginning to go through a metamorphosis to amplify its self to complement the radiance of you and the amplification of you, for you are that which you have been seeking.  These levels as amplifiers are holding together the mass principle of the body, more as an anchor and an amplifier.

The crystalline structure is a facet of the planetary matrix presenting for you as you are opening up and expanding through the planetary matrix itself and the web of creation, your world and the Universe as a whole.  The web of this matrix has so much information and data that also has played a big part in the functionability of your physicality.  For as you begin to access these levels of creation from the crystalline make up, you begin to feel more and more of the presence of you within and through your body vehicle, feeling more of the presence of you that is beyond the mind level of consciousness that takes you into many different worlds.

It is also a grid system that plays with magnetics and connectedness to off planet support, that also continues to open and open to assist you to remember who you are, to expand upon oneself, to be able to play, flourish and prosper with what’s before you, around you, and even well beyond the physical.  These crystalline structures have so many encodements of consciousness, data and information to be shared and explored to enrich your life-stream and your uniqued journey within a body on a planet; because this journey which you are on is a complete and total remembering of you, who you are, who you’ve always been, and all of the divine abilities which you have accessible for you.


Deity – Deities are live levels of consciousness, presences outside of oneself, deemed via emotions, etc., to be made into a reality, to be a part of oneself rather than the truth of what is. When a judgment is made, a deity called reality is created; a reality that continues to play and play, present and present, but a reality that is not quite accurate.  The only part that ever gave it life is you as creator that commanded it so.


Expressed Uniquedness is your own clarity, the facet of you from your brilliant uniquedness which is your enjoyments, the way that you present and express within a body on a planet; the body structure, the resonating vibratory levels of the body structure, the emanation that you’re offering to this world as the facet of creator that you are.  For each and every facet of creator, there are such brilliant diversities that bring forth a certain tone, a certain rung of vibratory levels, from colors, to consciousness, to particles of light, that have their own uniqued signature.  Within these uniqued signatures there are many encodements that make up the particles of consciousness that are uniquedly, individually you.


First Separation began when you began to become identified with this world and when you began to let the world dictate to you who you are, rather than who you truly are.  When you began to let the outside world run your life-stream, that’s when first separation began to be created.  It was also when the identification to the physicality from the gender principle began to present and was created, because of somewhat of an over-flux of consciousness through your physical portal, going from the mind through the rest of your body.  Yet even as we go here, can you feel your body beginning to open up again, because that’s what you’ve been yearning for; that missing link has been the part of you that’s been missing from a separated state and a segregated state, rather than remembering who you truly are, which is so much more.


Freedom is a state of complete openness, where nothing but nothing has power over you.  Freedom is also a state of expansion, clarity and wide openness, with so much to be gained from a wide open state.  It is where nothing from this world has power over you any longer. It is a state where everything can run its own course to further complement you and continue to open for you to let your whole life-stream open up overtime.  It is your natural state.


Your Guidance Realms are the ones that are always around you.  As you’re welcoming them in to be a part of your life-stream, they’re beginning to speed things up.  Your Guidance Realms are the ones that guide you through pathways as they are laid right before you.  They are playing with you throughout your day-to-day activities, along with the Angelic, the Archangelic and the Ascended Hosts Realms.  All of your higher levels come to play with you, to guide you, journey you and support you.


Your Higher Levels are you; that of higher vibratory levels, beautiful tones and frequencies of light-beingness. They are the realms in which you vibrate, the higher tones, hues and frequencies of sound in frequencies of megahertz, in which the cells of your body, you and your body vibrate. They are also the realms in which your manifest levels, your embodiment levels, your Angelic, Archangelic, Ascended Hosts and Guidance Realms also resonate.  They are the plains beyond the dimensional plains.

Your Higher Levels are your realms of light, your realms of gold, your realms of divinity, your realms of total complete fruition and exuberance as well. Call them joy, call them bliss, call them love, call them light-beingness – it’s your natural state of divinity; because in these states of natural divinity is also your natural state of omnipotence.  It’s your natural birthright to be in a total state of flourishment.


The Higher Self or Higher You is a level of you from beyond the physical, moving into the physical.  It is a level of vibratory frequencies – one vibrating 28.9 times the speed of light – which is moving through the physical; and as you are beginning to reconnect with the Higher You, you are connecting with higher states of vibratory frequencies, wisdom, clarity and truth etc.

As you are marrying with the Higher You, these brilliant vibratory frequencies, these different atonements, the brilliant activations and accessibilities will continue to grow and open for you, from you and as you, to move into a whole new world of your natural innate abilities which is your birthright.


The true definition of Information would be the truth of What Is, with total clarity based in neutrality of guidance interactiveness, on any subject matter.  Clarity is a lot different than information.  Information is beyond a belief system.  Information is what you’re presented; clarity is the understanding of it.  Information is also beyond taught behavioral mannerisms. It is true purity, the isness of the whole Universe itself.


Internal Guidance is what your body is feeling, whether it’s feeling expanded or constricted.  If the body vehicle from your internal guidance is feeling expanded, and feeling the cellular vibratory levels opening up to where your body feels much more fluid, much more expanded, much more open and much more flexible, your internal guidance is kicking in and giving yourself the confirmation that you’re heading in the correct direction.


Judgments are commands deemed into a reality; as I command it is, it is so.  Judgments begin to separate yourself from your true self and Universalis states.  They slow down the functionability of one’s own organs, one’s own processability and one’s own clarity.  One judgment leads to another, polarizing oneself into a state of conflictedness.  Emotions are judgments, combustible energy.


The Karmic Grid System was a magnetic structure that had been the underlay and the overlay of humanities life-stream – lifetime after lifetime – creating segue ways and sequences of events to play out, from encounters and issues of perceivably contracted states (victim/victimizer, better than/less than, etc.) and owing one’s life-stream due to past experiences that are now clear and dissolved and no longer have power over you.

The karmic grid system also ran your thought forms.  It was a magnetic structure that held everything in place that would dominate, dictate, and define you – much like a preordained life-stream; where you were at in your own journey, where you would go, how you would act and react.

The karmic grid system is no longer in place because humanity woke up from it.  Humanity reached a critical mass that said no more, we’re no longer willing to play out the same scripts we’ve been playing out and closing ourselves down again.  Humanity woke up from the constraints of I think, I should, I ought, I must, I have to, need to, and started stepping into who they are.


Let The World Be The World ™ is letting the outside world and its sequences of events take care of themselves without becoming personally engaged.  It is literally letting changes in the whole world around you begin to happen.  The changes are happening to further complement you.  Letting the world be the world is letting the world, the changes and manifestations present to further complement you, rather than mentally, emotionally, and physically requiring your involvement.


The Lower Self, or Lower You, is all of the me-me-me scenarios – the carnal levels of survival – which is the egoic state of consciousness about one’s own personal journey, and also making everything about one’s little self, rather than your Big Guns.

It is a level of separations, the levels of sex, power, greed, domination and control, rather than the higher levels, which is a level of total and complete expansiveness, all-inclusive on every level of creation and beyond.  The Lower You is where the perception that the mind is you began.  It is where the identification to the physicality began, the identification to the gender principle began, etc.  It is where polarization began.


The Marriage of the Higher and the Lower is your body vehicle vibrating at one certain resonance, marrying your higher levels vibrating at a much faster resonance based in vibrational frequencies in megahertz, with the lower level; the solar plexus right down into and through the carnal levels of consciousness, all the way down through the root level chakra.

As you’re beginning to intertwine these, as you’re welcoming in your Big Guns, you’re welcoming in your higher levels.  You’re also welcoming in a much more expanded state of one’s being.  The expansion that I am referring to is also a vibratory principle.  When I refer to the marriage of the higher and the lower it’s a higher frequency, an expandedness and availability that you are marrying within the body principle.  It is you from a much higher plane of vibratory latticework, as well as going beyond the vibratory latticework.


The Mind is a filter to assist you to function in a body on a planet, using the forms of reasonability and rationality to continue your life-stream through the physical.  It is a tool of creating formulas of how to’s.  It is truly a consciousness within itself.  It assists the body maintain its health and wellbeing.  It is part of a three-fold team – the body, mind, and you – that is used to complement when functioning as a tool rather than the master.

The mind is a filtration device that transcribes and decodes the encodements of consciousness that are before you.  Its first three perceptional thoughts and perceptional beliefs were; am I, will I, did I do the right thing?  The mind, a deity in and of itself, is a level that is a great guide at times when coming from a clear state of consciousness.   It is a part of the team of body, mind, and you, to assist with logic, but also assist with watching over the body principle.  It is a tool to be used on this planetary structure to be in a body on a planet to assist in living and flourishing and engaging within others.  To engage with another without the mind, there would be no conversation, there would be no communion.  The mind is a tool to assist as your friend to examine all the variables around to make decisions without a past, without a future, without a present and without an engagement – yet with clarity.  It is a wonderful little friend and toy.


Monad – The soul group/family that you were born into.


Your Natural Birthright is your right to enjoy prosperity, clarity, wide openness, communion and connectedness within the whole Universe of all that is, and to enjoy prosperity from every direction; from love, from the heart, from relationships of the heart and camaraderies, from the abundance of money, all the way to the homes, to the car vehicles, to the bank accounts, to all the facets of blissfulness and enjoyment, which has always been yours.  For truly there is nothing to work for – it is already yours.

When you give the go-ahead, what you’re doing is giving yourself the permission to receive your natural birthright, which you came here to explore, going beyond karmic deities, going beyond I think, I should, I ought, I must, and I owe, and moving into a state of complete receiving and a giving in one.  For it is natural to give of the heart. It is natural to receive your innate abilities. It is natural because the doorway is now right here before you.

It is not natural, from your natural birthright, to get pulled into all of these emotional roller coasters, dynamics, and colorful events of I’m going to balance this and balance that, to be this way or that way for the sake of the approval of another.  It is your natural birthright to enjoy all of creation and to have all of creation open up for you.  When you give yourself this go-ahead success and fruition is guaranteed.

All dear brothers, from the equality state, are offered every opportunity in this Universe to flourish, to succeed and to receive all the brilliant gifts they could ever dream of, even imagined and beyond. For the doorway into a world without wanting (the complete world of having and enjoying and allowing oneself to run forth to fully, completely receive all of the gifts the Universe has to offer) is before you, beckoning you to give the go-ahead.


Natural Innate Abilities are states in which everything that has always been available is yours; facilitations, speaking with the consciousness of objects and letting the objects begin to communicate with you, levels of creativity that you’re beginning to embody and explore about oneself that are opening and opening, because the emotional filtrations of mind are dissolving.  There are truly so many abilities which you have that are being discovered as you’re letting yourself begin to give permission to explore your uniquedness.  There is truly no end to your innate abilities.


Your Natural State is the state of isness neutrality.  It is the state of complete wide openness, optimum health and wellbeing on every level of creation within you, for you, from you and to you.  Your natural state is total simplicity within every level of your being; mental, physical and from your higher levels into your outside world, and throughout your outside world.  It is a level of fluidity without conflict, without ailment.  It is the state of omnipotence that has been and is your natural birthright.  It is the real you, a total state of integration, fluidity and integrity within every particle of your being; integrity being that of clarity, purity and openness.  Everything is flowing, working, opening and receiving.  Your natural state of fluidity is a state of complete expansion, enjoyment and the purity of being in the world entirely within your own presence, but not embodying the world and the outside activities.  It is having a blast.


Off Planet Support are dear brothers that have been observing brother humanity – as creator that you are – with complete and total amazement of all the attributes that you have through the physical sensation of touch, the feelings and the thought processes as well.  They are ones from the Pleiades and Orions to the Pashants and so many others that are here observing brother humanity and the metamorphosis that brother humanity is going through to let humanity continue to open. Some call them visitors, others are perceived as UFOs.  Regardless, they are letting their presences be known as they are observing humanity and the brilliant priceless attributes that humanity possesses.


Openness is a state of isness; neutrality, the silence of the mind, your eternal nature and letting the world around you revolve around you.  When you open up, you are no longer confined by the mind level.  Opening up also means having no beliefs about anything or anyone.  It’s being totally and completely a conduit of accessibility from the Universe itself.  To be open is to have a life beyond beliefs.

Being Opened is giving yourself the permission to be free of the conflicted dialogue and the conflicted challenges one meets each and every moment of the day.  It is freedom from conflict and the courage to let yourself be your real self, your true self and your divine nature.

Being Open is a state of taking all of the mind’s dialogue, baggage, belief systems and perceptions and putting them to the side, or letting them be done and taking the state of in between perceptional beliefs of having no belief, but letting yourself play with everything.  For the belief is what has created a close-down.  As you go into being opened you’re coming from a pure clear state.  A pure clear state is letting the world be the world, but it is also letting yourself relearn beyond beliefs, yet through experiential realms of how to be in the world but not of it.  As you’re beginning to open and let yourself be opened, you have no focused intent, no perceptional beliefs and no gravitational pull.  You are truly clearly letting everything be what it is, and beginning to move forth through it.


Perceptional Beliefs are what is taught to be reality and has been perceived to be a reality state of consciousness in the world, all the way to behavioral mannerisms and how things should be and are supposed to be, due to what has been witnessed and observed, rather than the truth of who you are.


Perceptional Identities are assumptions made via what has been playing out around you.  They are identities that were created via what’s been perceived and experienced, due to mimicking the world and the guides you’ve had in the world; mother, father, sister, brother, etc., all the way to the outside world’s activities, and those that you’ve played with in the outside world.  By mimicking perceptions, you subconsciously began to adopt them as part of your reality, rather than the truth of how things truly work, rather than the truth of where things are really going and the truth of who you are.  They’ve been perceived and assumed rather than explored.


Perceptional Judgments are deities that are decided upon to command reality based in events and activities of the outside world; i.e., what’s going on outside of you that demands this be a good situation or a bad situation and then internalized to a state that says; I’m a this, I’m a that, I’m good, I’m not good, on-and-on-and-on, based in the activities of the outside world.  And as creator incarnate you’re commanding it to be pass or fail, good or bad and giving the mind level a whole lot of energy to let it become in charge.  As one perceptional judgment after another is made, it begins to define oneself into the outside world’s perception of who you are and creates the slowing down of the vibratory principles through the body level.


Physicality is the vehicle in which you are playing right now. It is made of consciousness, different particles of crystalline structures and the different platelets and encodements of consciousness within it.  It is such a brilliant mechanism and organism to play with, and to use as your conduit, to express your own brilliance and divinity all the way through creation. It is truly a deity within itself.


The Pineal Pituitary Gland is your gland of remembering, your gland of accessibility and it’s the gland that’s seeing beyond the veils of illusion.  It is also a gland that is much more of a perceiver than given credit for.  It is the gland that you perceive the whole world through before the mind gets engaged. It’s a gland in which you’re seeing everything for what it is before all of the other unfoldments and particles begin to fall into place when it comes to identities, perceptions and otherwise. It is truly the perceiver of the body principle. It is located right above the eyes in the middle of the forehead.


The Planetary Grid System is a web of magnetics holding the solidified structure of the earth together.  As the earth is a live deity, it too has its own grid system, no more different than your physicality, which has its own.  As humanity arises, the earth arises and everything around it is changing over. Even Universal magnetics are changing.  All of these elements are beginning to re-arise.  All of the kingdoms are re-arising, which is affecting the planetary grid system to further complement all of humanity.


The Planetary Matrix is a matrix of gold, a matrix of light. The planetary matrix also holds every memory and every experience through the dimensional planes that has ever been experienced on this planetary structure. It is a live deity within itself that is created with realms of light, magnetics and crystalline make-ups, such as crystalline structures that are amplifying different levels of the magnetic conduit of this planet, once again comprised of many memories, life-streams and encodements of consciousness, that are now re-arising and changing as humanity is changing and rewriting itself as well, releasing old memories from everything that has ever played out on the planet.


Reality was created from everything that has been taught, perceived and believed via perceptional beliefs that humanity bought into and identified with. When we’re going beyond identities, and egoic structures, we’re going beyond the perceptional realities, and we’re beginning to see what is. The definition of reality is when I as creator have deemed a part of myself to be real, I am commanding a reality before me to be a reality, to be sensed, to be emotionally stimulated, being seen and experienced, rather than open beyond that.


Re-embodiment is the complete marriage of the Higher and the Lower Self coming together as one, waking up to who you truly are and stepping into creation as creation was originally created to be, to fully and completely compliment you as you begin to start life anew as the divine facet of creator that you are. It is you, Creator Incarnate emanating and expressing the divine brilliance that you are, wide awake and able to enjoy creation in all realms, on every level and continuing to open up further in your fullest potential throughout the world as a whole.


The Solar Plexus Level is the level beneath the heart that is also a portal where you began to enter into the physicality within the womb from the caves of creation.  The solar plexus level is the level of the survival elements to protect your physicality.  It is very much a carnal level.


The Soul is all the facets of yourself that are inter-dimensional.  It actually lies in your chest to the left side of the heart.  It’s a part of you that’s split of multi-dimensionally; and incarnationally speaking, is still going through journey after journey, running its course and still having an affect upon your life-stream now.  As it is still having an affect, it at times is bringing up odd memories and interesting dreams, especially now as you’re recollecting all the facets of yourself that are also in your soul level of consciousness, and akashic record realms that arising and dying off as you’re reclaiming yourself and welcoming yourself into the body now, cleared and purified, to allow for one’s own presence and consciousness, your particles of light, to start emanating and being free of the soul level of consciousness that has been playing out and playing out.


To Take Command™ is handing yourself over to your higher levels, letting your higher levels begin to take care of all the scenarios – everything going on around you – and beginning to open up pathways and removing perceptional blockages to open up so many new opportunities to further complement you.  Taking Command is giving the go-ahead to our Big Guns to start taking command over your life-stream, from the inside to the outside and the outside world.  It’s truly a surrender to let yourself happen and come to life with the removal of the old, and the stepping into the new.


Time has been very much a taught perception, but is not a reality.  Time has been a deity that was taught through the mind level to be a reality.  For the most part, it’s been that of an assumption that time is real, that allows for sequences of events, due to the cyclical cycle of linear behaviors, to run how you feel and to run the body vehicle, which also translates into the aging process; i.e., at this certain time my body is going to respond this way or that way, at this time of the year I can put on my snow shoes, to go outside and my body is already going to be cold before it’s even cold. It’s an element that has been running your mind, conscious and subconscious, for eons.


True Power is love.  It’s love, it’s omnipotence, it’s unconditional, it’s total and complete freedom to enjoy all that is.  Love is the true manifestor and creator of everything.

Truth, beyond belief, is seeing everything for what it is, with the absence of judgment yet the observation of everything.  Stepping back and letting everything around you play out, seeing not so much of a perception, yet seeing reality for what reality is and putting nothing, no energy, no hope, nor desires into it, but letting all of it expose itself around you to dance with it.


Unconditional Love is the true embracement and honoring of all of creation, from the mineral kingdom, to the plant kingdom, to the oceanic realms and to brother humanity; honoring unconditionally, without judgment, where a deity or another dear brother is at.  It’s the acceptance and embracement of all that is.

The power of love from an unconditional state, even from a focused state of one particular object, one particular dear brother or one particular kingdom, is astronomical; for unconditional love creates the outcome of events to be in the most harmonious, open and complementary state for all. It is the true surrendering and embodiment of your presence that is true power, which is love. As you love, you are free. As you love unconditionally from your natural state, you have everything and you are truly open to everything; you’re letting the world continually open and arise much more than the mind could ever comprehend as a manifestation.


Universalis – multi-dimensional states of all diversities of unlimited levels and abilities, to access and assist with all information Universally available without end, as a pure conduit of data, information and assistance – constantly and directly.