Maintain Steady In Your Heart Level


Post - Maintain Steady In Your Heart Level

Dear Hearts,

Through these beautiful times of change, these beautiful times of metamorphosis, isn’t it amazing to watch how much is changing and how much beauty is arising; the changes in your body, the changes in your mind, the changes in your consciousness and the beautiful iridescence that is arising and coming forth. Isn’t it astounding to watch so much unfolding, so much going on and so much fruition playing out that’s only growing upon its self. Globally, as the grid systems are lighting up you’re watching all this fun stuff happening; debris, conflicts, disagreements, all coming to a head, taking place and all the clutter is fully, completely, thoroughly being removed for you to compliment you. As you’re watching all this unfold, you’re also watching what used to be a trigger or an issue, coming up this way, that way and the other way. You’re watching how beautifully, and so brilliantly, changes are happening within you; or shall I say the arisement, or the awakenment, or the Universe speaking through you, coming to you and supporting you. It’s all really one in the same. It’s all one in the same because you are coming forth, arising and coming forth even more. You can even feel it with the physical changes as your light bodies are also integrating, coming in and coming forth to where even your physical vision is changing in how you see the exponential world, and how you’re beginning to let yourself expand and also come to terms with what even matters for you, letting it all unfold and unravel for you, to compliment and support you.

You see the supportiveness is happening throughout the whole Universe. It’s happening through your embodiment. It’s happening in your outside world. That’s why it’s so important not to get caught up in all the colorful stuff. The colorful stuff is metamorphosizing. The colorful stuff is changing. The colorful stuff is also leaving the planet, and leaving your life-stream. As this is occurring, let’s just all take a breath, bringing your consciousness from your heart level, opening up your heart, all the way through your throat and all the way through your pineal pituitary gland as you look out and about through all of creation right here, separated from all the to do’s, must do’s have to do’s and all this interesting stuff. Let’s look at it all for what it is through your heart level, through the eyes of Creator Incarnate here. Let’s see it all for what it is; how all the beautiful, priceless unfoldments are coming to light, coming to life to show you, to steer you, to journey you and also of course to support you in every way, embraced within beautiful hands of light, beautiful hands of gold that are embracing you right now. These beautiful embracements are happening to remind you of just how big, huge you are, how gifted you are and what a beautiful priceless unfoldment it is as you’re watching your Entourage and the whole Universe coming forth and coming in to give to you, to show you, to offer you new pathways to run through, to walk through, to dance through and of course to compliment you in every way.

For these complimentary states are also going to continue to open up your life-stream, opening up your consciousness, and opening up opportunities. That’s why when you look through the eyes of Creator right now, you see only that of beauty, of love, of iridescence and all these beautiful facets of Creator around you. And then from here, watch all these beautiful dilemmas and conflicts arise and die off, for there is so much coming up for you, but also through you to say goodbye-goodbye to in every shape, form and every direction. And then wow, watch how blessed you are as you’re arising, as all of the debris that has had so much weight upon you is collapsing, dying off, moving out and allowing for your higher levels to begin to animate through the physical to bring your consciousness and so much more expressive and expansive states to you, no longer in a state of confinement, because the confinements are collapsing all around you. That’s why it’s so important that you not get wrapped up into it. You’re running with it, you’re dancing with it, you’re taking off with it, you’re going into hyper-drive with it and then watching how the whole Universe is saying we’ve got you covered, just maintain steady in your heart level, because the heart level is the answer to any and all manifestations.

The heart level is also the answer to the search in which you’ve been seeking. The heart level is also going to fully thoroughly completely rebuild, regenerate and open up the body principle as a whole. Because let’s remember, the heart level is also you, Creator Consciousness emanating, radiating and opening up to give to you so much more. And when I say give to you, it’s that of a beautiful, benevolent, radiant embrace to where there are no concerns, to where there is no thing that even deserves your getting worked up about; and then watch how quick this constant metamorphosis arises and arises within you and through you. For from the heart level, you’re seeing through everything within creation and everything upon the planet, and no longer letting it have any hold upon you and now you’re free. You’re running forth, you’re jamming, you’re opening up, you’re flourishing and arising even that much more, because no thing any longer has a hold upon you.

And as no thing has a hold upon you, you’re reclaiming your freedom. The freedom as the beloved, the freedom of the benevolent, the freedom as Creator expressing through creation; Creator no longer internalizing, no longer getting wrapped up and hijacked within the mental/emotional states that have been the cause of what has kept so much around you away from you. It’s from the heart level where you’re opening up, taking off and continuing to flourish and open up to allow for creation as a whole to begin animating, moving and magnetically changing for you. Watch how beautifully your body, your clarity, your intuitiveness, which I call knowingness, starts to arise so powerfully, so radiantly and so absolutely benevolently. For there is truly nothing here to seek, to search or to battle for, nor to try to accomplish, to clear, so forth and so forth. You’re letting it all take on a life of its own and dissolve on its own, because once you have given the total compete permission and go-ahead, watch how fast everything starts collapsing, even at times the body going through an easy and gentle detox for you; detoxification of every thought that has ever been bought into and every perceptional belief, you’re even letting that die off because as you go unto you, you’re allowing the whole Universe to grow all around you, and for you of course, without any holding back, without any resistance, without any reluctancy at all, and letting yourself be honored, letting yourself be Beloved, which is being love and being loved in every way. This is not about a job. The job was getting your own attention and waking up from it. Now as you tune into everyone on the planet and seeing nothing but creator within every physical kingdom and animated form, you see so much love, you see so much lightness within and throughout creation as a whole, which in turn let’s creation start to run forth, open up and flourish for you, to compliment you in every way. Now we’re talking about true freedom, true benevolence and true receptiveness of all that is.

We love you, we honor you and we wish you only the most enjoyable of journeys, as well as the quickest of journeys, with all these unfoldments, all these beautiful gifts coming about, coming forth and then all of your natural state taking on a life of its own. So as we wish this for you, it is that we have total faith in you and that we know full well that you’re well on your way to letting the whole Universe give to you with love, benevolence and honor. Let’s all have a blast, taking nothing serious, but letting everything around you take on all these beautiful benevolent lives that want to come in, that want to be given and shown, that want to be expressed and also received, that also goes with the reception of your Entourage, the reception of the data and information and clarities from your Entourage that’s opening up; opening up and literally yearning to share with you, once again not from a job – it’s your natural state. Now let’s welcome in your Entourage, the whole Universe entirely to begin to steer you, journey you and show you so much more. It is not outside of you. It is you opening up through it.

We love you. We honor you. Have a Blast!

William & Mary Linville and the Universalis Team