Messages & Notes

Messages & Notes are a beautiful tool for accessing your “Consciousness Refresh Button” or simply taking a breath and feeling You.


Awakening to Self

Dear Hearts, What a beautiful opportunity it is right here, right now, to really feel one’s self, to connect with one’s self and to step out of fear, paranoia, anxiety, and all of the mental emotional what-ifs.  What a brilliant time it is to stop for a minute, take a breath and connect with one’s…


Within a Chapter and Eternity of Love

What a beautiful, beautiful, time it is – the Second Chapter of 2023 – the chapter of February that many identify with Saint Valentine and Valentine’s Day.  It’s a wonderful moment to switch from thinking into feeling and acknowledge all of the Dear Ones in your life, be they your partner, your personal heart connection,…

Milky way galaxy.

Being & Becoming Right Here – Right Now – In the Truth of All that Is

Dear Hearts, What a beautiful time it is; a time to give, a time to receive, and then a time to go beyond, to rise above all of the commercialization, to rise above all of the peer pressure, the family pressure, the pressure of trying get everything thing right, or perfect, a time to rise…