Being & Becoming Right Here – Right Now – In the Truth of All that Is

Dear Hearts,

What a beautiful time it is; a time to give, a time to receive, and then a time to go beyond, to rise above all of the commercialization, to rise above all of the peer pressure, the family pressure, the pressure of trying get everything thing right, or perfect, a time to rise above all of the misperceptions around December, the Christmas holiday, and even the marker of the new year beginning in January.

But right now, take a moment and really step back into your heart.  Just close your eyes and really feel your heart, right here – right now.  If it makes it easier, put your hand on your heart.  Now just let your heart open up and open up.  Feel more, and more, and more of your heart opening and opening.  Now welcome in the crystallis-state of consciousness, the pure light-beingness of the crystalline structure, pure gold, to come all the way into your crown, through your third eye, through the frontal lobe of the brain, the midbrain, the back of the brain, the right and left sides of the brain, through the atlas and axis vertebrae, the cervical vertebrae, all the way through the front, middle, and back of your throat chakra level vortex, all the way through the your shoulders, the upper arms, the lower arms, into the palms of the hands, each and every finger, all the way through your sternum, through the thoracic vertebrae, all the way into within and through your heart.

Once again, let your heart light up and fill up with more and more of you, with your pristineness, pure gold, pure light, your pure presence, letting the heart open up, and speed up, more and more.   Now just let it overflow, letting the pure consciousness, pure gold, pure crystallis-state of conscious flow all the way down through your thoracic vertebrae, into within and through each and every organ, the diaphragm, and the solar plexus.  Taking a nice, slow, deep breath and just let yourself relax, on the exhale “aah…”  Let that pure gold, pure crystallis-state of consciousness flow all the way down through your sacrum, through your pelvic girdle, and the gender principle, letting it all become purified, divinitized, cleared and purified; and now, through your upper legs, your lower legs, into the feet; and just ask that it speed up and speed up.

Now, even with your eyes closed, look out into the exponential world, and remember that at the core of all consciousness, at the core of all energy, at the core of every thought form, it’s all still pure light, pure light-beingness consciousness, purity and clarity, pure knowingness, radiance, and omnipotence – until of course – it’s become encrusted by definitions.  So right now, just be here with no definitions.  Be right here – right now – looking, feeling, and experiencing what it’s like – what you’re like – of and as Creator, right here – right now – overseeing all of creation, overseeing all solidified creation, overseeing all perceptions that have been taught, that have been bought into; right and wrong, good and bad, rich and poor, worthy and not worthy, all of the polarized, dualistic states that you have been taught.  Just be right here – right now – without a preference; positive or negative, good or bad, right or wrong.

Just for a moment, take a breath and remember for yourself, that at the source, at the core of each and every particle of everything as it was created and still is, all is pure consciousness, pure creator-light, pure creator-consciousness, until once again, it was given an overlay.  For eons it has been polarized, encrusted, and become heavier and denser.  Because you’ve got to remember, every box that you create, like comfort zones (Pain is bad.  Comfort is good.  The point of life is to be undisturbed.) every perceptional belief and identity (“I am lighter than light” – although it may be true, it’s still another belief), all gather weight, and take up space within your consciousness.

So now as you go into the holiday, whether you connect with your family monad, loved ones or friends, for a moment, just take a breath before you meet with them, become that light-beingness that you are, and that you always have been.  Open the eyes, look out through all of creation and at all of the Dear Ones around you, and really focus on; “Show me the core essence of light.  “Show me the core essence of all these other facets of Creator. “Show me the purity and innocence of mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, every Dear One I encounter.”  It’s interesting, because now as you just see them as the light-beingness within and whom they are, you’re looking right through all the filters of the ego to really see them.  It’s not good.  It’s not bad.  But what a huge honoring it is for you to recognize Creator – the truth of all these Dear Ones.  Wherever it may be, whether it be at a dinner table, in a living room, at restaurant or coffee shop, be in the now, of right here – right now.  Be in the now where nothing else exists except you, as that light-beingness, admiring their light-beingness.

This beingness is more about a lifelong state rather than just a seasonal thing, or about a day.  “Show me the light. “Show me the love. “Show me the truth of what is,” is not an analytical truth.  It’s a feeling.  It’s a presence.  It’s a knowingness that all is truly well within you and within all these other Creators in form, that are just not aware that they’re Creator in form.  What matters is you are right here – right now – seeing, expressing, and acknowledging all the beautiful gifts, of the whole Universe, that you get to receive – by seeing the truth of all that is.

We wish you merriest, happiest of holidays, and the beginnings of moving into the new unfoldments and excitement of the new year.  We love you.  We honor you.

Namasté and Happy Holidays,
William & Mary Linville and the Universalis Team