Post - Metamorphosis

Dear Hearts,

What a beautiful unfoldment it is as so much is changing so rapidly. As the old magnetic grid systems are dissolving, changes are occurring in your body as all of the to-dos that have been overwhelming to-dos are going through a lot of completions, clearing out and cleansing out in a many different ways. Some Dear Ones want to go into a slumber, a deep slumber – and sleeping so much – as the cellular vibratory levels are purging. They’re purging, clearing and dumping out all the debris, the memories, the cause, the core, the record and the effect of them. Other Dear Brothers’ bodies are clearing out in a whole different way, arising and becoming more energetic right now, and many Dear Ones are feeling what I would call somewhat blah; blah being that of a void of being in between worlds, moving out of the old so rapidly and transitioning into the new with a lot of transformations happening all at once, but yet a sense of calm without a lot of to-dos, because all of the to-dos are running their course and losing their steam so rapidly, so clearly and also so beautifully.

So why don’t we all just take a breath together as all of the cleansing is happening to let all of the debris flush through, purge out and dissolve. As you’re taking in a breath, welcome your presence right down into the solar plexus, because all of this is taking place through the solar plexus. Take the breath from the solar plexus right down into and through the carnal levels of consciousness, right down and through the physical instrument to so beautifully, lovingly and so divinely compliment you, to honor you, and at the same time to give to you all sorts of new focal points, new unfoldments, new unveilments, eons of clarities and divine openings, as well to show you, to steer you, to journey you and of course to compliment you – to compliment your life-stream – and also to un-magnetize all the magnetics that have held you inside all these interesting, repetitive tunnel visions of creation.

As so much is dying off right now, let’s just let that beautiful iridescent presence of you come forth and integrate, flowing down through your solar plexus, right through the physical diaphragm as all of your physical levels are arising. Even for the ones that want to just go into a deep slumber, the body is recalculating and recalibrating to simplify the transitions and transformations and removing all the debris all the way through the akashic record realms and all of its effects upon you and your life.

So let’s just take another breath and watch all this stuff that starts to occur down into and through your physical incarnational levels and let it run its course to honor you all the way through the beautiful, radiant process in which you’re unfolding through. And now, let’s take another breath, honoring all that is – all that you are – letting it take place as the lightness and vibrancy is beginning to grow and grow right here, right now, for you and through you. Let’s ask that it be sped up, opened up, radiantly amplified no more and no less than to honor, compliment, steer and journey you into so much more of you, so much more of your vibrancy, eons more of your clarity, letting it all come forth as you’re bringing your consciousness from your heart level all the way down, into and through the solar plexus level, as you’re feeling it, as you’re connecting with it and letting it all merge, open, flourish and integrate within you as it is complimenting for you, absorbing the solar plexus and merging it up through the heart chakra vortex.

Now, how is it beginning to feel, letting your lower levels merge up through your higher levels and taking command of the physical levels, opening, amplifying and integrating all facets of yourself through your physical instrument? Now let’s take another breath and express exponentially through the world, to where now, you’re no longer trying to feel your way through the world, you’re letting yourself open, express and amplify throughout the world so rapidly, so divinely and sooo… exponentially into the world. Isn’t it just absolutely amazing how beautiful, how benevolent and how radiant it’s all beginning to appear? It is all so elatedly occurring to embrace you as you’re being embraced right here – right now.

What a beautiful, priceless gift it is as you’re allowing your heart, your eyes and your whole body become open to fully, completely be embraced within and throughout creation as a whole. So as all these changes are occurring within you and all around you, feel your presence and welcome in your creator levels and say; All right creator levels, you know what you’re doing. I’m not going to struggle with it. I’m not going to fight it. I’m not going to battle it. I’m just going to go with it. Because as you go with it, you have nothing but elated freedom and gifts unfolding and unveiling themselves as you’re simply moving forth and letting yourself be embraced. So now it’s play time, expression time and receptive time by the whole Universe entirely.

We love you. We honor you and cherish you.


William & Mary Linville and the Universalis Team