My Message to You

My Message Page

You are such a divine, iridescent presence; a presence that is so uniqued with your own frequencies, tones and colouresqueness that goes well beyond the aura of a body. It is a true presence of lightness, vibrancy and iridescence that there is only you; you of such a beautiful, brilliant uniquedness; you of how you experience, you of how you see; you of your own beautiful, sensory neurons that vibrate at such a beautiful rate, you of such an exquisite colouresqueness, such beautiful uniquedness; your uniqued tones and frequencies that so divinely and uniquedly express exponentially.

You’re such a beautiful facet of creator incarnate that expresses so beautifully throughout the whole Universe.  For without you, the Universe would not be whole; and if we skip all of the worthiness, the good enoughness, the loveableness, and we look at you for you, it is that beautiful uniquedness that there is only one of you that you watch, that you see and that most importantly you feel. You are the beautiful, uniqued frequencies and tones that you can actually hear (your higher levels, your creator levels – which I will call the rest of you) as you begin to welcome your entourage with all of their beautiful support all around you, and as you start to welcome them forward to be more predominantly a part of your life-stream, and begin to ask them; I want to know what I look like, I want to know what I feel like, and beginning to let them show you to remind you what you feel like, what you look like and what you sound like, using your body as a brilliant instrument and conduit of the whole Universe, but more so as of you; a conduit of you, the tones and frequencies of you that is well beyond all of the I think’s, I should’s, I ought’s, I have to’s, I must do’s to survive.

If for a moment, you skip all of the survivals, or step out of all of the survivals of letting anyone, everyone or the world dictate to you what you must do, have to do and should do to survive, and you just feel you, connect with you and embody you without any of those trivial voices running around, controlling you, dominating you and at times even manipulating you, you begin to feel only you. You as the uniqued, brilliant, benevolent radiance of you and as you; and watch how quickly – literally with lightening speed – your whole world begins to metamorphosize, no longer having a deity of fear of change, but yet letting the change embrace you and feeling such a beautiful sensation, which is a real sensation of this beautiful, interesting embracement, as if there’s a hand of gold, a hand of light, around you and underneath you, a beautiful wash of love all the way through your embodiment, throughout every cell on every level, in every way, holding you, caressing you, embracing you within a beautiful state that says all is well; this beautiful state of your angelic, archangelic and ascended host realms supporting you and reminding you that there’s so much here that we would love to show you. Yet beyond that, watch all of the metamorphosizes and transcendences that happen even in your physical world; the sensation of peace, harmoniousness and fluidity within your embodiment and within your world, where you just take a breath and let the changes happen around you. For remember, it is happening for you, not to you, to caress you and to get you to open up your whole world around you, welcoming forth that beautiful love wash; the wash of surrender, but yet the wash of being given to, embraced by, caressed by and embodied with.

And now as you begin to welcome that wash of love, so it IS; and watch how quickly it begins to occur for you and all around you; for it is also your whole outside world having that same wash, that same purification to let yourself open up, expand into so much more and beginning to receive so much more – much more than the mind can contemplate. Without contemplation, you’re receiving surprises every day that are over joyful surprises, that are wonderful divine surprises that are not expected, that the mind cannot even contemplate as a reality; but yet there it is, because the mind cannot deny when it is right there occurring in the physical. For here, this is where you’re physically regenerating. Your cells are purifying, your outside world is metamorphosizing and your heart is opening. You see your heart opening, you feel it opening; you’re seeing complimentary, beneficial changes happening all around you to give to you, to support you and also to be embraced by you. And now the outside world is no longer your mirror. It is just that of a place to express and to enjoy – as I often say, to play – because now it’s no longer serious. It is a place for your heart to open and the solar plexus to no longer be locked up in survival and protection. Now it is truly a place to expand upon, to open up through and enjoy. And we send you endless love, with a beautiful embracement as we love you, we honor you and we adore you.

Namasté – Let’s all have a blast.