Expanding Your Presence Course Being & Becoming Your True Self

Expanding Your Presence Course

Being & Becoming Your True Self

The Integration and the Embodiment of your Higher and Lower Selves in All Areas of You and Your Life

At times in my experience in a body on a planet, the frequencies moving through my body require time and space to integrate. This is one of those times. The course increases my frequencies and because of this, we are delaying the start of the "Expanding Your Presence Course" to a date to be determined for the highest and best good of all concerned.

Namasté and Have a Blast,

William Linville

Have you ever wished you were being in the consciousness of your divine presence throughout your day?

When you step into this course – you are stepping into an understanding beyond your personality, beliefs, and current reality in a body on this planet. You are stepping into embracing, integrating, and embodying your Creator Self (Who You Are). You are making a commitment to yourself to be, remember and embody who you are and who you were meant to be, as well as letting go of who you are not. You are stepping into a life you know is available, and just waiting for your arrival as it is your Natural Birthright (as it is meant to be).  Continued below...

At the End of This Course – You Can Expect:

  • To know and be yourself as a facet of creator consciousness
  • To embody a true vibrational increase through your body and your mind
  • To feel more love and express your radiant presence throughout your day
  • To know what you would love to experience more of
  • To be watching situations occur outside and around you rather than reacting or overreacting to them
  • To expose your misperceptions & bring them into clarity & understanding
  • To be okay with What IS
  • To have more fun than ever
  • To be clearer and more selective to what you are going to give energy to and what deserves your attention
  • To experience how to be in an intimate loving relationship with yourself, your family & friends, & everyone and everything in the world with complimentary outcomes
  • To know and experience divine parenting
  • To alchemize fear & lack into light & abundance
  • And much more...

Alumni Comments

William continues to amaze as he leads, nudges, guides us on this awakening journey of the heart. William is pure gold - his unique wit, expansive playfulness and gentle way makes for an astonishing journey through consciousness! I am blessed indeed that our life-streams crossed. I accepted his invitation to embody and express as my true self and I am loving the freedom, the beauty, the potency of life that his teaching evokes and invokes. I remain deeply grateful for his timely arrival into my world. Thank you, thank you, thank you William and Universalis.

Wanjeri Cornely


I would highly recommend this course to anyone that wants to explore yourself as creator and your own abilities. No matter where you are at on your journey of awakening/realization William is awesome in how he can meet you and assist you to run forth with ease and grace. Into more enjoyment and having fun with it at the same time. His presence and assistance is always uplifting and assists and reminds us all into naturally being and living as our own unique facet of creator.

Thomas Johansen


What a wonderfully thorough experience this Course was! It was exactly what I was looking for - a longer, more involved process to really delve into the remaining density that I was looking for assistance to release and move on from. After completing the Course, I feel so much lighter, brighter, and more aware - yet also calmer, more grounded, and clear. I am so excited to finally start living my life and enjoying all that is being offered to me in each moment! Thank you so much Universalis Team for such a glorious creation!

Mary Am

Your Commitment:

  • Be committed to yourself and walking your walk.
  • Be fully present, engaged without distractions.
  • Each day engage with daily exercises provided.
  • Love, honor & support yourself then all concerned.
  • Be honest & of integrity with yourself.
  • Have a blast and as much fun as you can.

Description continued...

You’re stepping into reclaiming your relationship with yourself as Creator to guide you and share with you throughout all areas of your day-to-day life. You are making a commitment to yourself and the Universe to actively participate and apply the exercises each and every day. You are stepping into a very true and real vibratory increase through Your Body & Mind that also impacts the sort of thoughts that come to mind.

You’re stepping into embodying more of you as your Higher Levels, as you are welcoming in your Big Guns you’re increasing your higher vibrational frequencies in megahertz of light, within you and through your body.

During this course William will be addressing and dimensionally removing physical, mental, emotional, incarnational conflicts and blockages from your light bodies that are also affecting your physical body, your outside world and manifestations. He will be creating a clearer pathway for the rest of you to come in and through you, to replace all the misperceptions and conflicts within you. Replacing all the illusions and delusions with the clarity of You.

General Course Information:

  • Three (3) months in duration: Each month includes two (2) Zoom 3 ½ hour events and one (1) 1-½ hr. Zoom Questions & Answer event.
  • Triads – William will assign you to a Triad with two other unique divine creators in the course. Triads make an equilateral triangle (one of the strongest shapes!) that will provide participants with a foundation for thinking, learning, and practicing together. Your Triad members are selected for you to assist you to move beyond judgments of anyone and anything.
  • All events are accessible via Zoom or phone. A list a phone access numbers is contained in the Order Confirmation.
    • Interactive Zoom Rooms will be used during the events.
  • A video and audio recording of each event will be available for download within two (2) hours of the event conclusion.
  • All course materials with daily exercises and practices included.
  • A course resources library in an online portal, containing a ‘best of’ collection of William’s work, tailored to this course, and .pdf copies of his of his books, Living In a Body on a Planet, and Relationships with Everything and Everyone.
  • A private WhatsApp group for ongoing guidance, assistance, and camaraderie.

Content - Three Months:

  1. Embracing & Becoming Yourself As Creator Incarnate
  2. Reclaiming Yourself - Resolving and Dissolving Misperceptions of Yourself
  3. Accessing & Connecting with your Higher Self, Your Guidance Realms, Your Knowingness



Flexible Payment Plans Tailored To You Are Available

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2024 Expanding Your Presence Course

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