Opening & Emanating Within Arising Consciousness

Dear Hearts,

Within all of the changes happening within you and the exponential world, what a beautiful time it is and what a beautiful marker it is as you’re watching so much around you transcend and go in so many different directions, with ups and downs, beautiful changes and metamorphoses. As you walk through it, as you dance in it and travel through it looking at all the stuff that’s being flung this way, that way and the other way, let’s remember to bring your consciousness fully centered in the heart level. Centered being that of the openness, the brilliance, the divinity and the omnipotence of your heart level that is opening up, continuing to blossom and come to life for you so that you are able to run and dance with the exponential world, yet being able to feel and be more than the chaos and more than all the calamities happening around. Being centered in the heart is being that of the openness where you’re able to feel more and more of your heart level opening up, emanating, permeating and continuing to grow; because as it’s growing, as you’re checking in, as you’re tuning in and connecting with your higher levels, you’re going to be feeling more and more lightness coming in. Because what’s going on right now is a beautiful transition from the densest of dense as the light grids are activating and bringing up all this archaic gunk being acted out by so many dear ones. Yet look at how brilliant and how clear you’re becoming as you’re opening and also beginning to emanate so much more passion and so much more from your heart level. As you’re centered in the heart level, even with all of the calamities happening around, you’re in it but not of it. And look at how powerfully divine and radiant your consciousness is growing and opening to furthermost give to you, complement you and support you, because you’re emanating so powerfully and so brilliantly that it’s also expediting all the calamities that have been happening exponentially.

As you’re watching so many beautiful dear ones acting out and trying on these shoes and those shoes, well all of it really is an attempt to find a place of comfort. Yet, as so much more is arising and transitioning, a place of comfort seems kind of elusive for them because they’re attempting and trying so hard to influence their will upon other dear brothers and so forth. Watching all of the acting out so passionately starts to break them down more and more; and rather than being overtaken or being hijacked by them, you’re arising right in the midst of all of creation to support, to light up and to brighten up all these beautiful journeyers, all these beautiful situations and scenarios, because the more that you’re lighting up the more you’re brightening your world that in turn is affecting the whole of humanity and creation. Look at how much more vast, much clearer, more radiant and benevolent it’s becoming, because you’re soothing it out, letting all of the density arise, come out, float away and fly away as you’re pre-paving a way here for all these beautiful dear ones, our loved ones and all of humanity, who are technically our loved ones

All of the beautiful, benevolent changes that you are watching happen within creation, even the political dear ones and those scenarios, are playing out and bringing up more and more heightened vibratory level of consciousness and also exposing all the density, the secrecies and so forth as they are all coming up for humanity as a whole to re-decide what’s true for them, even for you to decide what’s true for you rather than giving your power away to these dear ones. We can go into finances, we can go into relationships and so forth; but yet while you’re standing up and emanating so passionately and powerfully – some more vocally, some more internalized, it really doesn’t matter – what matters is that you have such a brilliant frequency, such a brilliant radiance that you’re emanating, that you’re so passionately amplifying and expressing exponentially, to where you’re flowing with it and going with it and affecting the whole. From here you’re opening and opening more than ever, clearer than ever but also more vibrantly and affecting all creation in your creator consciousness.

As you’re embodying and integrating more and more of your higher levels of consciousness that are coming forth, coming in and coming through you, you’re also lighting up your own embodiments, and also stepping into and stepping through a whole other state of divinity, a whole other state of true power; the power of love – not the man-made egoic powers. You’re emanating and permeating so graciously, opening and opening, which in turn is also affecting the esoteric realms. It’s affecting the astral planes of consciousness. It’s also affecting the atmospheric realms and the ecological realms, including the whole perceptual global warming scenario, to where you’re consciousness is also shifting over and starting to wake up matter, and metamorphosizing matter to be inside such a beautiful fluid state; because as consciousness is arising, it is altering matter, and of course the arisement of the consciousness here is also affecting the weather patterns. As you’re activating, amplifying and continuing to permeate so passionately and powerfully – sometimes vocally sometimes not vocally, it really doesn’t matter – that presence you’re emanating it’s also affecting each and every dear brother in a body on a planet to open up more and more and more.

Beyond just emanating, you’re also receiving and allowing for yourselves to grow and grow, lighter and lighter, brighter and lighter to express so much more enrichingly, and more powerfully; and again, affecting the global consciousness so beautifully, activating and initiating all these beautiful dear ones all around you and within all the exponential world. Your consciousness is even affecting those on the opposite side of the planet because you’re emanating and you’re permeating so graciously and divinely to support the consciousness of all of brotherhood humanity. You’re emanating within all the creator consciousness that is lighting up so passionately and powerfully through the grid systems and the light grids that it’s so beautifully embracing everyone within itself, and upon itself, as it’s also re-collecting, divinitizing and purifying all these facets of creator that have split themselves off and perceived that the world revolves around them.

As the whole of perceptional time is speeding and the marker of May starts unfolding so rapidly, it’s Rock and Roll Time and having blast. And watch how quickly, beautifully and how brilliantly you are able to run forth and dance while your also receiving at the same time, taking a breath to allow for yourselves to be fully, completely supported all the way through and within all of the changes happening within you and the exponential world.

We sure love you. Namasté,
William & Mary Linville and the Universalis Team