Opening Into the Freedom of You


Post - Opening Into the Freedom of You

Dear Hearts,

What a beautiful time of change it is with so much happening around you and within you. All the old energies, old thought forms, emotional states and all of the calamities that have been holding you in such a tight vice grip are being released and dissolved. But most importantly, it’s how you take a breath through it without giving into it, without buying into it – just taking a breath through it and seeing it for what it is. So right now, let’s take a breath. Let’s put your mind right in front of you and outside of you, and let’s put the egoic structure (the part that’s collapsing and dying off that you’re not acting and reacting to, although it is so easy to act and react) outside of you; because putting these in front of you right now compliments so beautifully and so iridescently for you to see them for what they are – to see so much, to see it all for what it is.

As you’re seeing everything for what it is, let’s watch all of the beautiful transitions playing out all around you. Let’s look at how powerful the ego has been; yet separate from you, separate from your mind. Your mind is just the part that scans things and makes assumptions or judgments based in the egoic structure. So right now, let’s have a chat with the mind; Mind, you’re my friend, you’re my tool, you’re my conduit; a conduit of filtration to filter out all the deeds, actions and words of the exponential world, for me to see the world with you – and you with me – to express; and Mind, for you to translate everything that’s being shown here. What a beautiful, priceless relationship it is because we’re translating; but Mind, we no longer judge something to be real or unreal about one’s self. So Mind, let’s look at it all outside of us, beyond everything you’ve ever been taught, everything you’ve ever bought into, everything that you’ve seen as a reality in a body on a planet.

Mind let’s even look at the ego. It’s not a part of us. It’s outside of us. It’s a facet that is way over there that we’re now seeing – right in the eyes – for what it is; it’s a lot of thoughts, perceptions, judgments and identifications made about the physical realms. It’s been a part of what’s possible, impossible, limited, confining or unlimited and open. So Mind, as we look at the ego, look at all these stories that it’s been telling you or trying to tell you, that set you up, to put you in all these situations and scenarios that no longer compliment you, no longer compliment us; all these deities, all these facets, all the surreal-ness that we’re stepping into yet saying goodbye to all the anchored-in-concrete ego. So Ego, now that I’m starving you of all this power, now that I’m taking myself away from you and you away from my self, show me what’s been going on, show me where you’re coming from. Show me also, all that buildup of emotional states of consciousness that had all these holds upon you, holds upon me. Who ever taught you Ego, to judge and to become so confining and also to try to confine my mind and also to try and confine my self?

Isn’t it interesting how the ego has been trying and trying to have the last word, and have The Word for that matter; because it is a live deity. Now from all the live deities that it is, from every thought you’ve ever thought, every assumption you’ve ever assumed to be a part of you, now it’s being starved. It’s losing its power. So right now, let’s feel your presence right down in your solar plexus; taking a deep breath, placing the right hand on the right side of your ribcage and the left hand on the left side of your ribcage, and taking a giant deep breath let all of that tension and buildup break down. For here, this is where you start to expand and open up but not get all worked up by all this stuff that’s dying off and dying off. You see, as you start to come to terms with, or even a realization with the ego as the interesting wolf that it is – there are pretty wolfs and there are big overbearing wolfs – well let’s just look at them for what they are. They’re tiny little puppy dogs that we’re not putting all this power into any more. And magnetically speaking, you’re demagnetizing and undualizing all these identities that have been told and taught. Wow, isn’t it amazing to now reclaim your freedom – your life-stream – but no longer with or within any scenarios that no longer serve you?

And now as we’re here and you start to feel your presence through your solar plexus, right up through your heart level, through your throat, through your pineal pituitary gland and all the way up through your crown chakra level vortex, you’re starting to un-polarize, undualize and letting the whole Universe come in to compliment you; letting your entourage come in to compliment you. Isn’t it amazing what it’s like when you let the Universe as a whole come in and give to you, serve you and honor you because you’re becoming disidentified with all the perceptual judgments that were placed upon you and of course, taken to be reality about one’s self? You see, you’re moving into a very selfless state, which is the absence of the little self beyond the ego. You’re playing with fruition, simplicity, ease and grace with all of the beautiful, priceless unfoldments to now run forth, take heart and flourish for you from the whole Universe entirely, from your higher levels entirely, to unfold for you, to compliment you and to give to you all the beautiful gifts that you’ve been awaiting for and asking for.

We love you. Namasté and have a blast.

William & Mary Linville and the Universalis Team