Opening Into the Resurrection of the Heart

Dear Hearts,

What a beautiful time it is with so much blooming, blossoming and opening, the iridescence and the radiance of your heart activating and amplifying as the planetary matrix, the flowers and really all of the foliage is opening up, becoming lighter, brighter and stronger. It’s becoming so much more radiant, expansive and vibrant to give to your consciousness, as well as affecting your life stream as a whole. As you move through it and dance through it, what a blessing and how beautiful it is to watch as you are no longer caught up nor preoccupied with all of the old, archaic levels of energy – archaic levels of consciousness – that no longer have all the say-so, the space within, nor upon you. You’re able to see through all the old energies, all the old patterns and paradigms as well as behavioral mannerisms, actions and reactions. You have the great privilege of looking at all of it from a more heightened state with so much more clarity. As the overview continues to open up, becoming more clear and purified, it is your knowingness of your individuality and independence, within and throughout the openness of the Universe as a whole, that is continuing to move forth to support and compliment you.

If you take your heart into that of the whole, let’s just say perception of spring, where all of the beauty, with all of the vibrancy and aliveness coming up and continuing to activate, what a beautiful dance it is. The skies are changing, the weather is changing; and it’s so interesting, because your self, as well as winter that at times can seem like the mass collectiveness, is opening and arising through all of the interesting colorful density that no longer has any hold, any space nor place to grasp on to. You’re able to emanate, permeate and germinate so passionately and powerfully through it all, removing that whole perceivable umbrella of the dense levels of consciousness.

So right now, as you open up your heart further, letting it expand and expand, it’s affecting your life stream as a whole, as well as all realms and all dimensions, every cell of our body and every molecule of the physicality that is also rewriting the genetics and rewriting the atoms, to where you’re in a constant state of blossoming. You’re also expanding with so much more ease, so much more lightness and grace to where you start feeling more of the clarity and openness within yourself and within your life stream. You’re also letting your consciousness amplify more and more, allowing it to step up, to stabilize, to re-energize and also fill with so much more of you, so much more light and your beautiful creator benevolence.

You’re allowing your self to open more, activating and amplifying in a wonderful state and level of communion that you’re moving with and dancing with, being able to let our body, including the rest of the world, metamorphosize all around you. As your heart is opening, as you’re bringing forth more liveliness and more light, your clarity and our mind are opening to where you no longer have any constant parallels that have any say-so. From here, you’re allowing for the rest of your self, that goes beyond any sort of identifications, that goes well beyond any sort of containment nor confinement, to be able to move forth, continuing of course to activate, to open and emanate, to where your whole exponential world becomes much lighter, much more fluid and much more awake, to where there’s nothing able to preoccupy you, nor hold you down.

As you’re bringing forth so much more vibrant, levels of consciousness, more liveliness and light, you have no unsettlement and no particle of your being that has all of the underlying sub-psyche, emotional levels of consciousness interfering with your life stream; because now you’re inside such a beautiful, open vibrantness that’s in a constant state of fluidity and fruition. It’s the rest of your creator consciousness and the rest of pure divine, un-manifest consciousness that is coming in, moving through yourself, and of course your life stream as a whole, to continue to activate, amplify and once again, to totally and completely support you and your life stream. Your whole journey, your consciousness and your benevolence are becoming much stronger and so much more powerful. All is becoming lighter and clearer in so many multitudes of majestic waves.

The beautiful plants, trees and that whole kingdom, even the whole planetary matrix for that matter, is constantly welcoming, opening up and also being totally fulfilled and re-energized on a continuous basis, just as you are, with all the light and love that is untaintable, untouchable and really unaffectable. As you’re continuing to open with all of the beautiful light – all of the beautiful love – you’re moving, jamming and flourishing right into and through the rest of creation. You have no mental, emotional, psyche, sub-psyche, physical or genetic blockages. You’re just continuing and continuing to open, and of course being constantly honored and constantly embraced. You’re moving to where there are no holds and zero blockages, because now there is no space, nor any place to start, let’s just say, affecting your life stream.

There is no place, no space to weigh you down, to where now, with clarity, ease and grace, you trust the process, jump right in and open and open and open with so much more ease, caressment, embracement and love, rather than having to make something a certain way, that is this way, that way or the other way, which makes it so much more fun, alive and vibrant because you’re moving with the flow – dancing with the flow – while at the same time you’re so beautifully letting your heart continually open in such a vibrantly heightened benevolence. And of course, your whole life starts making sense and falling into alignment, falling into place to the furthermost give to you, support you and of course complement you in so many ways, shapes and forms that are so much more beneficial.

I use the word surrender here; but what you’re surrendering to is your higher levels merging and marrying with the lower levels, to where through all of these multitudes of different frequencies, you’re allowing your self to open up, emanate, permeate and radiate with so much more light, so much more vibrancy – and rockin’ and rollin’ overtime. So happy spring and happy Easter, because it’s beautiful to watch your own personal resurrection of the heart, rather than a person per se; because it’s your heart that’s coming out of all of those old, archaic ways, shapes, forms and directions and coming into perfected optimum health, wellbeing and alignment to give to you, support you, and walk with you side by side.

Namasté and have a blast,
William &Mary Linville and the Universalis Team