Podcast: The Relevance of Now


This podcast has been created to assist you with walking through your lifestream and into the true power of you that is constantly unfolding within yourself and through the whole Universe.

Your true power is a presence that emanates from and through the heart. The heart that is expansive, eternal and is that knowing that nothing has any true influence over you nor your life. You are opening and taking this journey into your true life – full of integrity, sincerity and the passion that you have been waiting for; as right now you are awakening into the emanation of your beauty, your exquisite brilliance, your benevolence and the infinite Creator Light Being you have always been.

To think outside the box is to explore ideas that are not limited or controlled by rules or tradition; and so unfold the discussions in THE RELEVANCE OF NOW with William Linville and host Michael Connell. Explore the many facets of Yourself, Your Heart, Your Thoughts, Your Emotions, Your Beliefs Systems and Your True Identity, while looking at “What Is” with clarity; letting yourself expand beyond thought and experience, into the uniquely divine presence you bring forth, within The Relevance Of Now.

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