How To Recreate Optimal Health

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How To Recreate Optimal Health and Well-Being In Your Physicality

This is a beautifully dynamic and pragmatic program.  The first segment of this program is a facilitation of opening, clearing and purifying the tension and dense levels of debris from the sub-psyche and your physical body.  As William often shares, the sub-psyche is 80% of the mind level where all of the thought forms of doubts, guilt and judgment (archaic debris not of your making) have been held and expressed through your physical body in other than a state of optimum health and well-being.

During the program, William will assist you in opening your awareness to all areas that have been affecting your optimum health and well-being and progress into recognizing, without judgments, the cause, core, records and effects, while experiencing the release of them from the sub-psyche and your physical body and returning the purified expression of you through your physical structure.  It can easily be called a thorough house cleaning – a recreation and re-energizing of you from your higher levels of consciousness into and through your physical form.

Included within this program is a segment of questions and answers relating to improving eyesight, dealing with medications, assisting the body to prepare for and regenerate from medical procedures, enjoying food vs. giving your power away to it, resolving physical conflicts within the body and the absence of you within those areas.

Run Time:  1:55:33

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