How To Express Your Presence

Audio Prod - How to Express Your Presence


How To Express Your Presence In All Situations and In All Areas of Your Life With Ease and Grace


This is a brilliantly profound and practical program of experiencing, feeling and knowing your true presence within the body physical and expressing the presence that is unique to you in everyday situations, scenarios and encounters, quite honestly with assured ease and grace – whether it be at home with family, in the workplace environment, the grocery store or even a less than chance encounter with a perceivable stranger.

William begins this program with an exercise of guiding you into accessing, directing, feeling and being fully aware of  your innate Creator Level Consciousness within and throughout your physical body.  From this foundation, the program flows into what may easily be called the Art of Agendaless Expression where there is no need of hesitancy and just the exquisiteness of you that is Uniquedly expressing while riding the waves of change as all of the planetary grid systems are switching over to new grid systems.

This is a literal walk through of expressing freely within all facets of everyday life without holding back with ‘how to examples‘ as William addresses topics such as:

  • It seems at times that expression should be limited.  What would that look like?
  • How to address the mind’s perception of being different with people who may think you are a little too far fetched.
  • The difference between your personality and the actual uniqued facets that you are.
  • What’s it like to have nothing to hide?
  • How do I express my presence in all areas when I feel like I’m not connecting to it?
  • How do I walk through the conclusion of a deep-seeded relationship and a heart that still hurts?
  • How can I release the feeling that I’m overbearing and just have conversations?
  • Moving beyond, or at least play with the little tiny thing called a comfort zone, letting it dissipate along with all of the phantom voices that have been playing out in the sub-psyche – even from the soul level – that say remember this, that and the other, remember what the outcome was and stepping out of perceptual outcomes.
  • When others are steering a lot of negativity to us, how best can we stay in our presence?
  • And, much more…

Run Time: 1:43:47

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