Perceived Geopolitical Chaos

Diving Into Perceived Geopolitical Chaos with Fruition and Success


A bit of background information.  This program was recorded several weeks following the inauguration of the new President of the United States.

The topic for this program was presented as Diving Into Fruition and Success and New Openings in 2017; yet the program evolved into one of wonderment about how to participate in creating complimentary change while living within the obvious awareness, highlighted by the most recent dynamics of the US political system, that it’s time for beneficial change.

There is levity and conversation among participants of the group with banter back and forth;  …We love Canada.  …You have the cool Prime Minister.  …Maybe we can share your Prime Minister.  …Maybe William can tell us something about what’s going on,  where upon William enters the conversation, continuing in the levity of the conversation while transitioning and flowing into opening vast new perspectives and awareness of what truly is occurring.

To be sure, this program is a straight up, brilliantly compelling program of the the Universal and dynamic unfoldments in consciousness occurring globally and beyond – and the role of Creator Incarnate within and throughout the whole of it.  We invite you to dive into this conversation and discover the exquisitely graceful yet magnificently powerful and uniqued player you are in the creation of change, absolutely within fruition and success – and the new openings of 2017.


MP3 Download – Run Time: 01:51:52  –  Dive In and Float.

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