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Mastery Programs are extensive programs.  One could easily call them discovery programs of who you are, what your world truly is and who you have relationships with beyond and within the physical realms.  They unfold over the course of several linear months with interactive exchanges between group participants, William and your entourage.  They are presented in the format of a series of video webcasts, teleconferences and a private Facebook page where participants exchange experiences, ask questions and develop new relationships.  At the conclusion of each program series, full length recordings of the webcasts and teleconferences are made available as download programs, where you may discover and experience yet more of the divinely unique nature of you.

The programs listed below are available as full length downloads.  While each program has a distinctive flavor and personality specific to the program topics, the format in which they are presented is the same.  They unfold over the course of three to nine linear months.  Each program begins with an opening webcast of approximately two hours in duration, followed by a two hour teleconference, followed by a webcast, a teleconference, webcast and teleconference until the conclusion of the program, which is only perceivably a conclusion.

All programs include exercises, specific activities to see what has been and assist in opening to what is now available for you.  You may join the private Facebook page where you may meet and enjoy the camaraderie of the program community as you run forth and flourish within your unique journey.

During the webcast segments of each program, as you look at what you know, or shall we say look at what your mind thinks you know, William assists you to expand beyond the already known, flow beyond judgments and merge evermore into all that you are.  You will find yourself embraced within each segment for they are presented with such clarity and love that you can feel, sense and experience the innate abilities of you that have been awaiting to come fort and flourish.

Teleconference are interactive events in which William provides clarity while addressing the questions of participants regarding the dynamics of family monads, jobs, emotions, the physical changes participants are feeling within their physical bodies as they are embodying more of themselves, and the many diverse feelings unfolding from the preceding webcast and the exercises presented in the webcasts.

Will your mind have questions?  Absolutely – and yet you will be given the tools to enter into a relationship with your mind, as your friend that serves you, as you embody and expand within the iridescently brilliant freedom of you – your natural birthright.

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Which program is the right program for you?  Each Dear Brother on this planet has a life-stream unique unto themselves and the innate inner wisdom of their higher levels, supported by their entourage that will guide, support and lead the way when given the opportunity.  Welcome your entourage, listen to your innate wisdom; for being in a body on a planet now, is a totally new journey of enjoying, flourishing and opening to the you that you’ve been asking for.

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