The Mastery of Fruition & Success

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The Mastery of Fruition & Success is all about you opening, integrating and growing in every way and in every direction, yet having no limiting singularity of a confining focal point, nor busy unnecessary work to be done.  It is a thorough, complete honoring and integration of you, throughout creation, divinely held in the constant supportiveness of your higher levels within the midst of your entourage.  It is about you being able to enjoy the beautiful flourishment as and of creator in a physical form, letting creation and creator, as and within the physical form, step into creation; watching creation flourish and open up all around you without any I think, I ought, I have to, I should do.

This program of Fruition & Success is an ever expanding, never ending flow of your radiant, benevolent creator consciousness, presenting opportunity upon opportunity, in every direction through the physical form throughout your life-stream, which is your natural birthright.  It is about mastering a clear two way communication and relationship with your entourage within and throughout your life-stream; and beyond seeing your entourage, beyond feeling your entourage and beyond hearing your entourage, you will feel and know how to play with your entourage in a fruitionary state and to let them into your life-stream, to work with you and assist your constant evolvement and expansion.

Many Dear Ones are elated when they begin connecting with their entourage and this is fabulous; but yet, it is also where many become stagnated.  They love communicating and playing with their entourage and forget about their day-to-day life-stream, and yet they forget about letting their entourage into their outside world and all of the events that are unfolding all around them.  They are not letting their entourage start to play with the fruition and expansion of their exponential world and all of the exquisite gifts of the physical world.


MP Fruition and Success ThumbnailWithin and throughout the program of The Mastery of Fruition & Success, you are going to be assisted in many diverse areas within your life-stream as an honoring of your divine benevolence, as you continuously open and expand within what many may call the marriage of “spirituality” and the physical form, as creation was and is created to be. William and your higher levels, your entourage, will guide you and walk with you through its many facets to assist you to dissolve all debris and open into all of the Fruition & Success of:  Business ~ Abundance ~ Parenting ~ Creating ~ Expressing ~ Physical Stamina ~ Constant Connectedness & Clarity ~ Confidence & Self Assurance ~ Receiving Directiveness & Guidance to Assist & Compliment You ~ Constant Opening ~ Into & Through Opportunities Without End ~ Being In Your Natural Flow Continuously Without End~ & Enjoying & Creating with Fruition & Success within all Relationship of All Kinds & All Diversities with Physical & Material Results.


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Fruition & Success is about moving beyond the mind’s perceptions; the mental judgments, the box of all of the definitions of what success means to your mental and emotional levels, and letting yourself become free to be in a fruitionary state to feel and know the embodiment of constant enjoyment as you flow throughout creation and your life, beyond judging oneself about where you are and are not a success, nor judging the sequences of events that are occurring for you to compliment you.



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During this program you will find and watch yourself open more and more as you will be shown so much more of your radiant benevolence that has been calling to you and awaiting you to open, blossom and flourish, as the constant fruition from all directions begins and continues to activate and open within your physical form and your physical world continuously and endlessly, within and throughout the physical world, the Universe and beyond.



What You Can Expect During & After This Program
  • Mastering your relationships with your entourage to let them work with and for you
  • Moving beyond your mind’s boxes of success and allowing everything to expand in constant fruition
  • Feeling and knowing you are equal with the world around you
  • Bridging the gap between the physical world and the higher levels of you
  • Creating and watching countless, endless outcomes take place that do not take so much work nor intense focus or force
  • Receiving love from all directions of the Universe and humanity
  • Feeling and knowing you are continually being supported by the Universe and sooo… much more
  • Creating constant, vibrant physical stamina with simplicity
  • Constant, evolving expansion and clarity with divine physical outcomes
  • And sooo… much more



The Mastery of Fruition & Success consists of three video download segments and three audio download segments.  Video files for this program are available for download in two formats; high definition 1280 x 720 and standard definition 640 x 360.  Audio files are in .mp3 audio format.  Please visit the Mastery Programs Page for information regarding the presentation format of all Mastery Programs.

When ordering this program, you will receive an email Order Confirmation.  Please save your Order Confirmation.  It contains the link you will use to download the program files.
$260.00 USD