The Mastery of Your Life & Your World


Mastery of Your Life & World

This program of passionate creativity and celebration is for those who intend to be one with the omnipotence of all that is within their personal world, for those who are welcoming in their life as a true journey. It is time for you to let it happen without being in charge nor in control, or being controlled.

How has trying to control your life-stream and the life-stream of others around you been working for you?  Any attempt to control your life or others begins to shut out the rest of the world and the Universe. Attempting to control anything makes your world confined, conflicted and limited. This program is for those who are called to transcend all beliefs, judgments, fears and emotions that are controlling your life, and then welcoming in you, and your higher levels to lead you to your complete fulfillment and full expression of your uniquedness through all of this world and so much more.

Your higher levels are the levels of you that have always been offering to you the full overview of all of creation. These levels are you from your Creator Consciousness speaking with you as your own omnipotence and uniquedness. Your higher levels will never lead you astray.  It is the voice that you have been hearing, that is now becoming louder and louder for you.  Your higher levels will only lead you into new opportunities and pathways to allow for yourself to flourish, to become vibrant and one with yourself and your world.

So many are so overtaken by the emotional component and survival and they must clear this and clear that and they are so trapped in their head space about clearing, that they have forgotten to live and have a blast with life. And these dear brothers have forgotten how to explore as well as how much more is accessible.  One question continues to be asked from the masses; What’s wrong with me?  What’s wrong with me?  What’s wrong with me?

These thoughts and questions are all from the head level, the emotional level, the mind and the egoic structure and are so menial in comparison to you, but yet seem so important and real.  The highs and the lows that are being experienced is such an underlying and overlying theme for so many dear brothers; i.e., everything was flowing and then wham what happened?  Dear brothers then got wrapped up again exponentially and became internalized again with something the head level was doing or you were doing.  Then the physical started to slow down and became very dense and a whole different journey began to unfold and everything became back to me, me, me and what should I do, what shouldn’t I do and so forth from the mind.

During this Mastery of Your Life & Your World Program, William will assist you in opening, clearing, cleansing, remembering, expanding and embodying all of you, your creator presence and letting your life become more expressive and enjoyable and inclusive and exclusively run forth with what is in your life and coming forth into your life from all around you on the planet within the Universe and so much more.

Program Topics

Throughout this program William walks side-by-side with you throughout the many facets of these topics.

  • Your Higher Levels ~ Clarity about your higher levels including why and how they were created, what they are, how to marry with your higher levels, how they are unique to you and much, much more.
  • Heightening Your Senses & Clarity & Intuitive Knowingness ~William will assist you in heightening the intuition and knowingness with all of you, with those around you and with all that is. This will assist you to have a blast throughout your day rather than playing the mental guessing game.
  • late afternoon sun reflects on the water on an oregon beachThe Human Genome ~ Clarity on why the Human Genome was created, what the human genome is,  how illness occurs and how healing occurs, how clarity about the human genome can set you free to let optimum health and well-being take place for you and your body.
  • Pure Passionate Creativity & Creation With All That You Are & So Much More ~ William will assist you to awaken within yourself your passionate creativity, allowing your uniquedness to flourish and for you to feel and become vibrant and one with yourself, how to let your vibrant creativity be accessed and come to life.
  • Celebrating In The Midst Of All Of Humanity ~ Clarity on what humanity is, beyond we are all one, dancing with everything and everyone, being more accessible than ever to play with your journey and everyone’s journey with love, honor, passion and mastery.
  • Thoughts ~ Clarity on when and how the first thought was created, what type of thought was the first thought, what a thought is, what thoughts mean to you and how thoughts affect you.


We invite you to welcome in your life as a true journey of passionate creativity and celebration.


The Mastery of Your Life & Your World consists of six video download segments and six audio download segments.  Video files are in high definition 720 x 480 format.  Audio files are in .mp3 format.  Please visit the Mastery Programs Page for information regarding the presentation format of all Mastery Programs.

You will receive an email confirmation when ordering this program.  Please save your Order Confirmation.  It contains the link you will use to download the program files.
$359.00 USD


What can I say… I feel so EMPOWERED by the gifts he has given us.  But even more important I am in this space of PEACE now that always seemed to be “just out of my reach”.  Everything I have learned or think I know, somehow no longer matters.  I really have learned to “dance with life” as a natural part of my Beingness.  All I have to do is show up.  ~  Namasté & great thanks ~ Sandy Baillie