Video Programs

Video Programs

Titles of video download programs are the tip of the iceberg so to speak. They are simply a place from which to begin. William brings expansive Universal consciousness fully into play when presenting a topic, through which a wide variety of unique perspectives and clarity unfold from the very core of a perceived topic and its many facets.

When ordering video programs, please save your email Order Confirmation. The Order Confirmation contains the link necessary to download the program files in any or all of three formats;

High Definition 1280 x 720 Video ~ Standard Definition 640 x 360 Video ~ Audio Only .mp3


Video Programs ThumbnailAssisting Children

Assisting Children, the third program in a new series of Inner Journeys with William Linville is now available. Read More


Video Programs ThumbnailAngels

Angels, the second program in a new series of Inner Journeys with William Linville is now available.  Stay tuned for Assisting Children.Read More


Video Programs ThumbnailThe Planet

The Planet, the first program in a new series of Inner Journeys with William Linville is now available.  Stay tuned for Angles & Assisting Children.Read More


Video Programs Thumbnail How To Let You and The Universe Express Through You…

This program is a beautifully insightful dance of letting go and allowing the whole Universe to flow through you, and all around, as you express your brilliant presence as the giving and receiving in one. It is a program of you…Read More


Video Programs ThumbnailExpressing Your Individual Uniquedness Beyond…

This is such a heart-felt program in which William walks with you to see and feel the truly uniqued expression of you beyond lingering perceptional fears, doubts and judgements. Using the Strainer of Gold Light is just one small example…Read More


Video Programs ThumbnailExpressing and Receiving Love In All Ways

This beautiful program of love, lightness and expression begins with a quick paced review of the consciousness of humanity where it has been and where it is going as it reawakens into its exquisite brilliance to receive and express love…Read More


Video Programs ThumbnailBecoming the Vortex and Universal Portal of Light…

Becoming the Vortex and Universal portal of Light That you Are & Watching All that Occurs Around You begins with an overview of the emotional levels of the psyche/sub-psyche; thoughts that have been held in alignment…Read More


Video Programs ThumbnailThe Transcendence of Fears Into Fruition and Lightness

This program is an honestly refreshing perspective of what fears are, how they were created and how to easily transcend them. Tools for guiding and assisting young ones to live fearlessly, yet guided by wisdom, are included in this program…Read More