Assisting Children

Assisting Children – Crystals, Rainbows, Indigoes and Stars – is a discussion about the wave of divinely unique children coming forth within and for brother humanity, their individually unique qualities and influences as amplifiers of clarity, openness and change.

Topics within this program:

  • When the Universe began creating Crystals, Rainbows, Indigoes and Stars
  • The unique aspects of these new groups of children
  • Ways of parenting as guides and flowing with these children
  • Misunderstood Indigoes
  • Why more children are being home schooled
  • Which type of schooling is most complimentary for each type of child
  • Bringing forth advanced DNA structures
  • Shifts in systems as these children mature and lead

This program is a single video download with a run time of ~50 minutes.

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