Purification & Integration

Post - Purification & Integration


Dear Ones,

What a beautiful, wonderful time it is as all of the unfoldments are increasing so vibrantly and so brilliantly, so brightly and lightly. There are so many changes, so many openings and so many beautiful radiant unfoldments happening for you and all around you, to compliment you, to re-stabilize, to integrate and to emanate for you. They’re happening to add to your life-stream, to compliment your life-stream, to open, flourish, radiate and emanate through all of the facets of you.

All facets of yourself and your life-stream are becoming realigned and re-stabilized for you, bringing forth such a beautiful, integrated fluidity; an integrated level for you to enjoy, to be fully, completely and thoroughly open and flourishing. For as you’re going through this, as you’re running forth here – as you’re blazing forth here – let’s just simply remember, it is such a majestic unfoldment for you; because as this is happening, it’s the heart that is so beautifully opening up from all of the old, heavy archaic debris. And these old, archaic, priceless, incarnational states are dissolving so divinely, so beautifully, to stabilize, to integrate and also to assist you as this is unfolding. It’s allowing for your heart, your wonderful benevolence, your wonderful radiance, to intimately and infinitely open and open all around you, becoming clear of all of the old and breathing in the new, as well as re-collecting and divinitizing all these pieces and parts that have been split and scattered. It is such a priceless unfoldment as you continue to run forth into all of the beautiful openings and opportunities within your life-stream that you’ve been waiting for, asking for, that you’ve been calling for – that you’ve been yearning for.   As you can see even now, they are starting to open up, starting to speed up and also starting to come forth for you and to you. Everything that you’ve been awaiting, yet struggling with, is also clearing out and has been dissolving so radiantly and so beautifully to allow for your heart to open up; and as the heart is opening up so beautifully and so powerfully, it is allowing for your wholeness to become fully integrated and embodied. This is the radiance of the heart that is reopening and re-birthing through you on all levels; mental, physical, lower and higher, that is allowing for the full complete embodiment and the benevolence of every facet of you, on all these planes that you’ve been working out, playing out, running through, and attempting to figure out for yourself.

This has all been unfolding so majestically to bring forth such a priceless light-beingness, such a priceless benevolence, that has been coming forth full force, that has been coming into your life-stream to give, to embrace, to embody, to incarnate and to go through all these wonderful diverse journeys, which is part of why you’ve been feeling so many different, what we’ll call vacillations; one minute, yes bring it on; the next minute, oh my goodness what have I asked for; the next moment, out with the old in with the new; and the next moment, oh my goodness why is so much happening; and then, oh my goodness who am I going to be, what am I going to be without all these old archaic unfoldments that no longer serve you. And it makes it seem really confusing and challenging at times, because there’s so much occurring and happening all at once; but yet, let’s all remember, it is happening to embrace you, to compliment you, to serve you, to honor you, to bless you and to re-stabilize you; but most importantly to show you how blessedly benevolent and beloved you are.

These are all wonderful, priceless gifts for you, that are occurring so powerfully for you; and they’re occurring so powerfully to remind you of what a pristine, majestic, magnificent, omnipotent gift and radiant conduit of light you are, of what a radiant, passionate conduit of love that you’ve always been, that you’re even becoming more of; and then from here, welcoming in the majestic-ness, the radiance – welcoming in all the magic if you will – which is the new energy, the new passion of creation as a whole – your life-stream as a whole – which is now opening up more than ever all around you, for you; and also so exquisitely flourishing and growing so much more for you, with so much more to show you all around you. So much is occurring so powerfully for you that the mind wants so dearly, so passionately and compassionately to make sense of everything, and it becomes afraid when it cannot; and it cannot figure out the Universe, because the Universe is way to vast for the mind to try and figure out what’s going on.

But yet, how blessed you are to see it all for what it is, all around you. To see it all for what it is as it is occurring right there for you. To see it all for what it is, enjoying the show, enjoying the beauty, enjoying the radiance of all the benevolent, majestic gifts that are occurring for you, that are occurring all around you – taking it well beyond intending. So what about if you intend on Not Intending, and you just say; Creator levels, Universe as a whole, my Majestic-ness and Radiance as a whole, show me so much more of what is now accessible vs. what was accessible three weeks ago. Show me so much more of what is now accessible, then what was even accessible 20 minutes ago. Show me now, what’s accessible vs. all of this stuff that wasn’t accessible three linear moments ago. Show me the beauty, benevolence and radiance that I can fully relax and rest my physical head into the pillow and feel so divinely, benevolently, radiantly embraced within, supported within, caressed within the beautiful hands of light, the Universe of so much vibrancy, passion and compassion of the mind, the emotions and the freedom of all of the above, with no battles, no conflicts, no bounds; but yet, such a priceless benevolent embracement that is happening so powerfully and passionately for you, even as you read right here and now.

We love you and honor you dearly.


William and Mary Linville and the Universalis Team