Radiating and Amplifying In a Constant State of Openness

Dear Hearts,

What a beautiful unfoldment it is. What a beautiful time it is. What a gorgeous fall marker it is as the trees are changing and all the beautiful benevolence is opening up as if it is fire. The fire being that of the colouresqueness and the brilliance from all of the vegetation, the Plant Kingdome and the Mineral Kingdom that are a reminder of who you are, what you are, where you’re at and how you dance, flow and flourish so brilliantly. As we go here, let’s just go right into the crystalline structures of your full embodiment as the beautiful colouresqueness, frequencies and tones are constantly metamorphosizing and constantly changing to furthermost benefit and complement you in every way, on every level and every dimension with such a beautiful boost of consciousness, much like a crystal where the many colouresquenesses emanate in the multitudes of facets that are opening up, radiating and amplifying lighter, brighter and clearer as you’re continuing to open, emanate, permeate and amplify so radiantly. And through these different colouresquenesses it is so interesting how one minute you’re total gold and vibrancy, or white and gold. Other moments you go into green, the pearl of essence, or red and so forth. And from here, you’re moving, running forth and flourishing so openly and vastly that you change these colors due to your mood or due to judgment. From here, as you’re constantly changing your vibratory principles, what I love so much is that even if you perceive yourself to be going backwards, or stagnated, it is interesting how you still emanate, permeate and radiate through these colouresquenesses, but you cannot go backwards. Once you reach let’s say a frequency of 500,000 megahertz per second – fabulous – then you’ll go to 501,000 – 530,000 – 600,000 and so forth, yet there is no going back to below that number.

When it comes to vibratory levels, the part I look at is how much you’re increasing and increasing, which of course opens up portal after portal. It even opens up the cells, the molecules, the atoms and sub-atoms that are flowing, flourishing and going further and further exponentially and even affecting the lay lines of the whole grid system upon the planet. Vibratory levels are increasing to where you’re in a constant state of openness, fluidity and fruition that is constantly growing; and growing lighter, brighter, clearer, more and more open to where it begins to affect your exponential world and your personal exponential life stream. And as your life stream is opening and emanating within these beautiful planes of light, you can go into your journey uniquedly, which in turn starts to fall into place. Interestingly, it falls into place, but yet at the same time it’s opening, implementing, activating and amplifying faster, lighter and brighter to become so iridescent and so benevolent as a beautiful connectedness to the whole Universe entirely, which is also light and connecting with your physical form through each and every nucleus, molecule and so forth. There’s this beautiful connectedness to all that is; and of course, through this beautiful connectedness you are so much clearer and it’s so much easier to be able to go above all and any of the mass collective that is playing out and going this way, that way and the other way.

On a very physical realm, you’re opening, activating and of course amplifying faster and faster, clearer and clearer and becoming lighter, brighter and more amplified, to where more and more of your physical life stream is opening and you’re no longer getting hung up on any or all of the day to day experiences, unveilments and unfoldments, to where you see them for what they are and go beyond all of it so beautifully. You have such a beautiful overview of all of creation, all of brother humanity for that matter, to where nothing but nothing can really truly affect you. You’re totally out of all the energy games. You’re so quite literally out of the energy games that you hear whatever is going on in the world, you hear whatever is going on within your family monads, relationships and so forth, yet you’re not being pulled by it, or let’s say even controlled by it.

Control is an interesting thing because it has so much to do with action and reaction due to all the energy and consciousness of others; yet you’re able to run forth, flow forth and dance forth in such a beautiful vibrancy and amplifiedness, moving forth and running forth so much more fluidly right in the midst of being in the world, but not of it. And you’re not getting drained due to whatever is happening around you, outside of you and so forth. Isn’t it brilliant to no longer be controlled by other dear ones or what they are experiencing, running through and so forth? Isn’t it brilliant how nothing any longer has the ability to take you down, to break you down and really start to pull and tug on you, and what I would call drain you?

During the holidays when you spend, let’s just say time, with family monads, celebrating your family monad as a whole, the lack of control makes the gatherings so much more fluid, carefree and open, because you get to see through all the interesting colouresquenesses that are happening all around; yet you’re opening, emanating, taking off and amplifying right through it all. You get to see where everyone is at, not so much from a state of judgment – please don’t judge – but from a state of clarity and receptiveness. You get to switch tracks and engage with them where they’re at. They may have issues with stubbornness or frustration; great more power to them, yet nevertheless you’re still emanating that radiance, that presence, that knowingness of you, you’re higher levels, your manifest levels, your creator levels and of course all that beautiful, benevolent love and light-beingness. You’re also creating such a beautiful opportunity for them, but also somewhat of a cocoon for them. You’re activating them from the inside out, some more conscious of it, some very unconscious of it. Nevertheless you’re still lighting them up well beyond the ego, the personality levels and all the emotional hoopla’s, to where you can watch the flickering in their eyes change, or even at times somewhat as if the lights are on but no one’s home, watch the death in the eyes change. You’re sincerely feeling, seeing, watching and opening the door for these dear ones so beautifully and passionately, that when they go off on their own journey, there is a whole new level of consciousness that is now able to be accessed by them. As you’re beginning to be more engaged and more involved within their life streams as an instrument and conduit, you’re now creating opening after opening, within and through these dear ones, right through the egoic arrogance, right through all of their beliefs, personality hang-ups and all this interesting stuff. It’s so beautiful how your higher levels and their higher levels are using those beautiful portals as ways to wake up and remind oneself of who we are.   So happy holidays everyone. We sure love you.

Namasté, and now let’s have a blast!

William & Mary Linville and the Universalis Team