Receiving & Emanating Within New Activations…

Receiving & Emanating Within the New Activations & Openings of 2017


Dear Hearts,

With wonderful opportunities and new beginnings in a new year, what a beautiful evolving time it is to open, to express and to emanate so powerfully, but also so graciously, with all that’s going on and occurring on the whole planet as a whole and throughout the Universe as a whole.   As so much is changing, evolving and opening, and all of humanity as a whole is going through initiations, there is so much benevolent, radiant supportiveness, right here right now, and throughout all of the beautiful portals that are activating and becoming accessible.

What a passionate time it is right now to honor how much throughout the last year that you’ve superseded, overcome, blasted through, opened up into and throughout your beautiful consciousness and beautiful physicality, and how all of the old energies and thought forms of the past are collapsing all around you. All of the old ways of doing things, the old archaic patterns and even behavioral mannerisms are resolving themselves, dying off and breaking down as you’re opening into such a gorgeous unfoldment, integrating and embodying more and more of the benevolent divinity that you are. It’s as if you fell down and are getting up and wiping off your knees, saying goodbye-goodbye to anything and everything that’s played out for you and around you as you’re initiating, activating and beginning to expand even more. Yet beyond just expanding, you’re opening to a new heartfelt receptiveness as you’re gathering data and information. You’re also gathering clarity and wisdom of been there, done that, been over here, been over there and then doing a wonderful, priceless job of carrying out a systems check and clearing out all of the little blemishes that have been lingering and now no longer have that hold upon yourself, nor the internalized cause, core record and effect of anything at all being able to grasp on, nor be internalized as you’re saying goodbye-goodbye-goodbye, and watching how all of that has been and is leaving the archives of the mental sub-psyche and emotional states.

As you’re waving goodbye to all of the old, you’re receiving so much more clarity, data and information here, that’s adding onto and within yourself to integrate, permeate, and of course radiate throughout the whole cellular structure of your physical form.   Just as quickly as you’re saying goodbye to all the old, you’re welcoming in all the brilliance and all the beauty that the whole Universe has to offer and allowing for all of it to open up and open up, faster and faster, clearer than ever and more diverse than ever to emanate, permeate and grow so passionately and of course so beautifully.   For those that say, “Well I don’t have a passion,” so forth and so forth, it’s not what you do; it’s who you are. It’s your natural birthright to be given to. So for a minute, let’s try not to find your passion, let’s let the passion divinely find you and graciously open, activate and emanate as you’re evolving as creator itself, constantly evolving upon itself within each and every journey, each and every twist and every turn in which it flourishes as it’s constantly expanding upon itself.

As you just take a breath and allow your entourage and the whole Universe entirely to give to you, to you support you and to emanate, permeate and radiate down into and through you, you’re opening faster and clearer, more benevolently and more radiantly with such a priceless auspiciousness, that is technically another wave of initiations and amplifications, that especially now, is starting to emanate and permeate so divinely, so radiantly and so graciously. New initiations and amplifications are coming into and permeating through your exponential world, and also coming into and through all realms of consciousness that is being so beautifully handed to you and also opening up within you, through you and all around you to support you. The support is so benevolent because it’s unending to where you get to fully, completely, thoroughly open up and open up to all that you are here, to allow for the whole Universe entirely, including the rest of your creator consciousness to passionately and benevolently give to you, to support you, but also of course to steer you, journey you and show you how much more you truly, thoroughly, completely have right there at your fingertips; and then, moving this around and that around to allow for even so much more to come in to your life-stream, into and throughout all of creation around you, to support you, to complement you, to stabilize and of course re-energize yourself, your embodiment and your whole world. And watch how passionately, how powerfully it all arises and arises, comes to a head and comes to the forefront to give to you, to complement you and of course to be shared and implemented within and throughout your life-stream as a whole.

As you’re watching, as you’re feeling, as you’re connecting with and through yourself, your embodiment and all of creation around you, let’s honor that the Universe doesn’t judge, it doesn’t give into all the colorful stuff; but it is continuing to evolve and evolve and evolve, just as you’re evolving. Because you’re playing back and forth with the whole Universe and what I’m calling your creator consciousness, you as creator as the facet of creator, are emanating, permeating, radiating, accessing and activating within, through and all around you, as you’re expanding and opening up, but also creating such a beautiful silhouette of consciousness. The more you open, the more open-hearted you are (open minded if you will), and the more you emanate and the more you receive, watch how much clearer and vibrantly so much more is so powerfully coming into your life-stream from all directions, supporting you in all ways, shapes and forms, and how much clearer and vibrant so much more is in coming in, radiating and permeating so benevolently and so graciously to support you; and then rockin’ and rollin’ and having a blast.

Namasté, we love you. Happy New Year!

William & Mary Linville and the Universalis Team