Reclaiming Your Light Realms of Benevolence

What a beautiful time it is. What a beautiful marker it is with so much all around transcending and opening up as all of the old density and the old karmic paradigmal levels from all of the past are coming up and leaving. At times even the little remnants from within your life-stream, from your infancy and multitudes of life-streams, are arising to say goodbye to for such a beautiful opportunity to re-decide what is true and what is accurate, even to re-decide and come to terms with who you are versus everything you’ve been told, everything you’ve been taught. It’s coming up so beautifully for yourself to start connecting more and more with your higher levels, your angelic realms, archangelic realms and literally the whole Universe as a whole. And as it’s coming up and as you’re opening up, watch all the brilliance and all the beauty that is coming in and coming forth to be seen, to be shown and to be explored more and more within you, which goes all the way into and through your day-to-day life-stream, all the way into your sleep hours (even at times with the interesting dreams), as well as watching dear ones coming in and out of your life-stream. Nevertheless all of it is transcending, breaking down and metamorphosizing to allow for oneself to come to clarity with a lightness, because the finality of the shift and these changes is where you’re reclaiming your creator consciousness; you’re also reclaiming you light realms of benevolence and your light bodies of benevolence in the absence of any dualistic or polarized emotional state of consciousness, to where you’re no longer having any polarization. You’re coming into a total complete integrated and centric state – centered – which is technically your natural state before the mental level gets involved and it runs into this scenario, that scenario, or this wall, that wall and wanting to fit a square peg in a round hole.

Now you’re stepping into so much more benevolence, radiance and vibrancy to see through it all, to run through it all and to overcome it all with great ease, great love, great omnipotence and great passion. At the same time you’re feeling your physical energy growing, opening up and continuing to grow. Even the stamina of your physical form is starting to speed up, rev up and become more open, more vibrant and more amplified to where you’re really able to connect with, run with, flow and flourish with beautiful pockets and streams of consciousness that are going to flow down into, through and all around you. You’re being presented with more and more data and information that goes beyond all the veils of delusion and all the veils of conflict to remember who you are, to fully be in a radiance where you’re integrating, embodying, activating and allowing for all of the beautiful particles of yourself to start re-connecting, re-integrating and intermeshing with the rest of your beingness/your consciousness, and also starting to see why certain parts of the physicality at times have had conflicts, and then of course, where certain situations and scenarios within our life-stream perceivably keep repeating.

But now you technically, literally, get to see the blueprint as all is arising and becoming unveiled for you. How brilliantly and passionately you get to see through it with great honor, great love and great benevolence to integrate, to emanate and also to exponentially expand through each and every cell, every molecule, every atom and sub-atom all the way through the human genome, expanding so brilliantly and passionately. At the same time, you’re watching all of the beautiful shifts, changes, un-molecularizing and then re-molecularizing of all of your outside world, where everything takes on this course and that course, how it’s flowing and growing more and more to give to you, and of course always to support you and to show you how dance with it, and how you get to run with it and flourish with it as it’s growing and flowing with the in breath and the out breath of the whole Universe; and where now there is not this overbearingness of stress as you’re able to see through it, yet no longer be overtaken by it.

You’re going into much more of a state of integrated-ness, fluidity and fruition, and watching how your whole exponential world is so beyond taken care of when we just let it be, that it really has a life of its own, a mysterious life of its own, a mystical life of its own where you’re welcoming it in. And as you welcoming it in, watch how each and every particle of your being and each and every facet of every manifestation starts to fall into place, starts to open up, starts to emanate and then from there growing lighter, brighter and more mainstream to where you start to overcome what you think. You start to see what is, because now you don’t have any interesting interruptions or exponential influences. Now all is being purified and divinitized as you are diving right into the marriage from the higher to the lower, and stepping up the lower levels to start speeding up, and watching how all of it starts to once again intermesh as a much more powerful amplification that you have, and that you express, to where nothing but nothing in the outside world has any hold, any bearing or any influence from any which way, shape or form that you go. It’s so much fun to step back from it all as you’re doing right now, to see it all for what it is, but yet no longer taking on all the gunk and all the magnetics of “this is what I created so I’ve gotta deal with it and live with it”, so forth and so forth.

Now you’re giving a thumbs up for un-creating and re-creating, to allow for creation and the whole manifest world around you to start taking on such a Universal flow of love, divinity, radiance, vibrancy and beauty all around you because you’re no longer holding on to how things should be from the mental level, yet allowing for all of your natural birthrights and all the gifts the whole Universe has to offer to start taking shape/taking physical form, and going with it and flowing with it, more and more and more.

We sure love you.  Namasté and have a blast,
William & Mary Linville and the Universalis Team