Riding the Waves of Magnetic Change


Post - Riding the Waves of Magnetic Change

Dear Hearts,

What beautiful times of changes we’re going through at this point as all of the planetary grid systems are switching over to new grid systems, and where the emotions are coming up so powerfully and flinging and flying. As you’re watching and feeling within you, all of the old archaic debris is moving out. It is moving out, moving out and moving out permanently, which is the beautiful part. So let’s all step back and feel your own presence. Let’s wave goodbye-goodbye to everything that’s ever been experienced in a body on a planet for yourself as you’re waving goodbye to all of the archaic debris. Let’s also watch how your body is responding to all of the overlaying density of emotions that have been having such an interesting toll upon your physical body, the mind level and the sub-psyche level as you’re waving goodbye, and watch how the sub-psyche is also being cleared out, for the sub-psyche is where all these decisions about one’s self have been made and stored.

Let’s just take a breath and let all of it begin to arise and arise as you’re feeling your presence; all the visions, all the pictures and all the thought forms – goodbye-goodbye as you’re no longer getting re-engaged with them, no longer even being attached to them as an identity. Let’s just let all of the identities leave with grace and ease, as you’re the one moving them out as you’re moving in. It is your presence, it’s your divinity that’s moving in to fully, completely embody within your physical manifestational state. Watch how much more energetic the body is becoming. For many going through times of feeling tired and overwhelmed, just feel your presence as the body is also regaining its stamina to arise, re-arise and arise, as once again, you’re waving goodbye. It need not make any sense. Let’s not try to make sense of it. It’s just magnetic changes on the planet, of the planetary grid systems switching from the old to the new, which is happening so powerfully in waves, because there are three more waves in this year of 2016 that are going to occur, that are complimentary – that are divinity.

As you’re waving goodbye to all of the old, let’s say all right higher levels come on in, all right creator manifestational levels come on in; and now, let’s just feel your presence, let’s just connect with it. Let’s even watch how much lighter, how much brighter you’re becoming and your body is becoming; because right now, as you’re feeling yourself merging and integrating in, you’re fully, completely disengaged from the magnetic grid system. You’re letting all the magnetics disengage and breakdown to where they no longer have a hold upon you. And as the magnetics have no hold upon you, you have nothing but freedom now; freedom to explore without any memory to perceive that it’s got to be like this, it’s got to be like that for my own comfortability. Now you’re truly experiencing the beauty, the love, the radiance and the lightness that you really are, that you truly are; no longer having any tainted cover-ups of the mental level attempting to put things in a box. You’re living in a totally free box-less state which in turn opens you up to be fully, completely receptive to receive; receiving the gifts the whole Universe has to offer and more because one gift leads to another gift, leads to another gift and the next gifts. Gifts come in so many funny ways, yet they come, number one, in love, because love is the core of the manifestational world. It is the core of the manifestations and all of the particles of all the vibratory levels within it.

So now, let’s see what it’s like to let yourself be given to, to receive, to be fully completely opened up as you take a breath, feeling your own presence right through your heart level, watching how quickly the whole Universe is able to give to you. And as you’re letting yourself receive, what does it feel like to have no barriers, no bounds, no blockages and no perceptions of how things should be, must be or have to be, just feeling the total complete wide open freedom to let your presence be the beautiful gift that it is, the unlimited – limitless – gifts that are opening up as if it’s like particles of air. You don’t think about breathing, you just breathe. You don’t hold your breath that often, you just breathe. So now, let’s breathe in all the beautiful particles of light, all the particles and gifts of the whole Universe. As you breathe, hold that breath, and then exhale all of the interesting particles of light as you’re letting your body light up and light up; opening up, lighting up and amplifying because this is much like the manifestational realms. You’re breathing in gifts and you’re expanding and expressing with these gifts. Now you’re able to enjoy. You’re able to flourish. You’re able to embody your presence and watch how quick, how open and how vibrant you just became, because you’re not counting the gifts you’re just letting them be what they are and come in faster and faster, clearer and clearer to compliment you, which there is no end to, there’s only a beginning. There’s only a beginning of how many gifts the whole Universe will give to you, how many gifts your manifest levels will give to you and the gifts your creator levels are bringing into form for you.

So let’s take one more breath – a breath of elation and vibrancy – to let so much more come in, come in and come in to give to you, to support you, to honor you and to embrace you from the whole Universe entirely; because you are the gift that you’ve been seeking for. And now, as you let all the rest flow, come in and express and expand, you are the giving and receiving in one; and Rockin’ N’ Rollin’ and having a blast.

We love you dearly.


William & Mary Linville and the Universalis Team