At present, William has published two books: Living in a Body on a PlanetYour Divine Abilities (available in hard copy and Kindle) and Relationships with Everything & Everyone (available in hard copy, Kindle, and audio).

Both books are unique and insightful in that they present perspectives not typically expressed about being human, which appropriately enough, William calls “Being in a body on a planet”, and our relationships, many of which we have yet to explore.

As humans we have been taught, trained, conditioned, and learned about who and what we are by our parents, friends, religions, social communities, spiritual guru’s, institutions of higher learning, scientists, and everything we’ve encountered along our many journeys.

Yet to be certain, humanity has reached a new consciousness that is now opening unto itself and asking, seeking, and inquiring of what and who we are, beyond all that we’ve learned, for we sense so much more as we wonder about life, ourselves and ask, “Why are we here”?