Living in a Body on a Planet: Your Divine Abilities

Living In A Body On A Planet – Your Divine Abilities is a partial response to to that interesting question of why are we here and a few more. It is a setting aside for a moment, that which we’ve been taught, trained and so brilliantly conditioned to live; and an opportunity to listen to, indeed to begin to live within and throughout the innate, divine abilities of you; to look upon creation through the eyes of creator.


Chapter 1 – Where Did we Come From? ~ Before we begin to talk about your abilities, let’s speak about where humanity has been and how humanity’s journey is changing. You are all creatures of boundless magnificence, yet few of you recognize this… For many thousands of years the presence of karma was so strong it was inescapable for all but a very few masters…

Chapter 2 – Where Are We Going? ~ It may assist to speak about God. The God that we are referring to within this book is the facet of Creator essence that you are… call it your higher levels, call it your presence… You have the right to hear your own voice and learn what you want rather than accepting as necessary all of these metaphoric levels of achievement… When you open yourself to explore and question further, you’ll start to find your own facet, your own remembering of God and what God means to you… You have the ability to re-create a communion with your angelic realms, your archangelic realms and the ascended host realms.

Chapter 3 – What Is A True Relationship & How Can You Have One? ~ Before we begin to examine your ability to enjoy the most wonderful, loving relationships, it might assist to talk about what creates those not-so-wonderful ones… We’ve already talked about the dissolving of the karmic grid, and the dissolving of karma along with it. So if karma is dissolved, then why do so many dear brothers still seem to be locked in karmic struggles? (As with most of the chapters within this book, Chapter 3 concludes with an exercise, or meditation if you prefer, to practice and feel your consciousness; (A Mediation On True Relationships)

Chapter 4 – Rebuilding Your DNA & Raising Your Vibratory Structures ~ We’ve spoken about your ability to enjoy the most brilliant relationships by losing belief, emotion and judgment, by living in a world where the mind does not control you, but functions with you as your friend. In this chapter we’ll talk about letting your body become your friend. I call this “letting the body be the body.” You have the ability to rebuild your DNA, to raise your vibratory levels, and live in optimum health and well being… How do beliefs and emotions work on the body?… (Meditation On Rebuilding The DNA)

Chapter 5 – Playing with Higher States of Consciousness & Your Guidance Realms? ~ When things happen that can’t be explained with science and accepted logic, brother humanity likes to call them miracles… Although humanity tends to call these events miraculous, I just call them natural. You see, your natural state allows for miracles… Your higher levels are what connect you to the Universe. When you are in touch with this higher self, you are in touch with all Consciousness. This is your ever-expanding Creator essence. (Meditation on Playing with Higher States of Consciousness)

Chapter 6 – Communicating with Angelic & Archangelic Presences & Ascended Host Realms ~ Now we’re going to take things further in this chapter. You are unified with your higher and lower selves. Your angelic, archangelic and ascended host realms. These other realms constantly are communicating with you. …You can free yourself to be open, continuing to grow… really enjoying being in a body on a planet. So let’s start playing with your external guidance realms. (Meditation on Your Angelic, Archangelic & Ascended Host Realms)

Chapter 7 – Communicating with All of The Kingdoms ~ You are constantly communicating with the other kingdoms, including the animal, oceanic, plant and mineral realms. As you open yourself up to these kingdoms, your communication continues to grow. …What is the point of having a conversation with a dog, or a tree or a rock? You have the ability to speak to them directly and receive wisdom back from them… (Meditation on Communication with All of the Kingdoms)

Chapter 8 – Living In A Clear State ~ Now we’ve come to the final chapter of this book. You are beginning to acknowledge your wonderful gifts as Creator Incarnate, waking up to All That Is. So where do you go from here? What lies ahead for you? This is the time to speak about what lies beyond recognizing your abilities. Living in a clear state is about acknowledging those abilities, using those abilities and living in neutrality. This is your “I AM” presence of neutrality, openness, fluidity and expression… Your natural state is one of “Is-Ness”… (Meditation on Living In A Clear State)

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