Mastering Creator Consciousness

Mastering Creator Consciousness is embodying and expressing the beautiful vibratory levels, frequencies and benevolence of the divine facet of creator that you are, throughout your physical form. You, living beyond emotional responses, without any filtrations of polarized belief systems. It’s going beyond being owned by the mind and letting the mind and body catch up with you, where you’re playing with a full embodiment of Creator Consciousness with, into and throughout your physical form. It’s you, bringing forth new energies in a new paradigm. It’s you, your own uniquedness and unique wisdom, emanating and expressing through a physical form.

This program is brought forward in a recorded series of interactive webinars and teleconferences, in which William presents clarity, fresh perspective, activations and assistance for a host of topics and questions (more on those in a moment). Yet more significantly, throughout each phase of this program, William guides us through exercises of feeling, acknowledging, opening, receiving and expressing Creator Consciousness throughout our physical form, which in turn opens each of us ever more to the ease and grace of fully receiving, maintaining and expressing the benevolent flow of Creator Consciousness throughout all facets of our life stream.

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A Sampling of the Program Flow & Topics

As you’re guided into embodying your unique frequencies, tones, vibratory levels, divine wisdom and clarity in Mastering Creator Consciousness:

  • Opening to receive in a new state of knowingness, amplification and radiance to where there are zero bounds, barriers nor blockages around you
  • Stepping out of space and time to connect with your unique creator consciousness
  • Truly hearing your higher levels of guidance
  • Letting go of the body to let it do what it does best
  • Discovering your strength as you become stronger and stronger
  • Clearing the pathway of connecting with your creator levels and addressing what really matters to you
  • Experiencing your life as you are seeing the world and everything in it through the heart
  • Decompressing combustible energy that is just waiting for the top to blow off
  • Moving forth from a higher vibratory level and watching your body change within a new paradigm, constantly evolving and growing, even starting to feel your creator source intelligence
  • Redeciding what is true about you and the whole world without any sort of influence
  • Actualizing everyday creator consciousness and being the difference in the world as you light up the whole matrix around you that starts to affect everyone around you

Questions Addressed Within the Program:

  • How do we stay outside the fray of the world around us as we’re watching the changes, transitions, transcendences within our minds, bodies and our physical world?
  • How do we release ourselves from past actions, words and deeds when we feel we’ve bought into them?
  • What does surrender really mean?
  • How do we release the tail end of the debris around judgment?
  • How do we best recognize what needs to be addressed when feeling unraveled?
  • What do we do when thoughts and emotions are running us?
  • How do we transmute conflicted states of consciousness into clear states of consciousness?
  • What is the best way to communicate with our ascended host realms, angelic and archangelic realms even when the connection is not feeling like a strong connection?
  • Could you give us an activation or clearing to bind out any physical, emotional, mental and spiritual interferences and reconnect us with all of ourselves?
  • With all of the amazing things I have learned and am still learning, what would be a good way to integrate all the new information gained?

This program is a series of three (3) webinars, with each webinar being followed by a teleconference, making up a complete program series of eleven (11) hours of video and audio downloads. Video files are available for download in two formats; high definition 1280 x 720 and standard definition 640 x 360. Audio files are in .mp3 audio format.

When ordering this program, you will receive an email Order Confirmation. Please save your Order Confirmation. It contains the link you will use to download the program files.


Mastering Creator Consciousness